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Andrew Paul Bayliss (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Psychology, Visual Cognition, Attention pss03d 2007‑09‑05
Janet Bultitude (Info) Oxford, University of Bath alexlist 2007‑05‑15
Andrés Catena (Info) Universidad de Granada Attention davcr 2007‑11‑04
Annie Chan (Info) NIMH cibaker 2007‑04‑24
David Contreras Ros (Info) Universidad de Granada Emotion and decision-making davcr 2007‑11‑04
Paul Edward Downing (Info) Bangor University cognitive neuroscience nkanwisher 2006‑10‑01
Alexandra Frischen (Info) University of Guelph guelph 2013‑01‑23
James Matthew Intriligator (Info) University of Wales, Bangor, Tufts Visual system jameseye 2006‑04‑03
Stephen R. Jackson (Info) Nottingham Motor control, fMRI cptjackson1981 2007‑05‑15
Heather Jordan (Info) York University Visual attention heatherj 2008‑06‑23
Nancy Kanwisher (Info) MIT Ventral stream kathleen 2005‑02‑14
Alexandra List (Info) Hamilton College vision, audition neuroz 2006‑06‑30
Paloma Marí-Beffa (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Attention, Cognitive control davcr 2007‑11‑04
Roger W. Newport (Info) Nottingham cptjackson1981 2007‑05‑15
John A. Parkinson (Info) Bangor University Motivation, stimulus-induced behaviour johnparkinson 2007‑09‑03
Nicholas Adam Peatfield (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Consumer psychology. Loyalty. davcr 2007‑12‑01
Marius V. Peelen (Info) Princeton Perception, Attention, Vision, Emotion, fMRI, Social Neuroscience mariuspeelen 2007‑09‑11
Robert Rafal (Info) Bangor University hayden 2005‑02‑26
Stephen P. Tipper (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Experimental Psychology heatherj 2008‑06‑23
Anne Treisman (Info) Princeton visual attention, object perception and memory AdrianeSeiffert 2006‑04‑03
Martijn van Koningsbruggen (Info) University of Wales, Bangor alexlist 2007‑05‑15
Simon J. Watt (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Visual perception martybanks 2008‑05‑28
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