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Gerry T.M. Altmann (Info) University of York Psycholinguistics rtunney 2010‑07‑28
Nikolaos Andreadis (Info) University of York nks4277 2009‑06‑16
Jim Austin (Info) University of York computer vision, neural networks, computer architectures biswa 2006‑12‑02
Patric Bach (Info) University of Plymouth social perception, mirror neurons, action cognition, predictive processing, intentional action PatricBach 2018‑10‑26
Alan Baddeley (Info) University of York working memory muncapher 2007‑10‑16
Daniel H. Baker (Info) University of York, UK Binocular vision, spatial vision lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Anna Barnard (Info) Imperial College London Chemical Biology AnnaBarnard 2019‑11‑02
Nick E. Barraclough (Info) University of York Visual system, action perception, motion, multisensory integration nebarraclough 2007‑08‑30
Heidi A. Baseler (Info) University of York Visual system, neuroimaging hbaseler 2012‑09‑26
Andrew Paul Bayliss (Info) University of Wales, Bangor Psychology, Visual Cognition, Attention pss03d 2007‑09‑05
Robin J. Blagg (Info) University of York, University of Bristol, University of Sussex, University of Manchester, University of East Anglia Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry ClimbingChemist 2015‑06‑24
Pam Blundell (Info) University of Leeds psychology pamblundell 2013‑11‑21
William J. Brackenbury (Info) University of York (UK) DavidJMiller 2015‑07‑06
Oliver J. Braddick (Info) Oxford jaspell 2007‑04‑18
Kevin R. Brooks (Info) Macquarie University Vision, Psychophysics 2008‑06‑29
Helen Brown (Info) University of Warwick 2012‑06‑01
Sangeeta Chawla (Info) University of York brianlamx 2017‑08‑01
Sandie Cleland (Info) University of Aberdeen 2012‑06‑01
Eleanor Jane Cole (Info) University of York Vision, Action perception, mirror neuron system, mentalizing system, TMS, EEG, fMRI nebarraclough 2018‑12‑14
Colin John Courtney (Info) University of York (UK) timpatterson 2017‑01‑08
Matt Craddock (Info) University of Leipzig object recognition craddm 2011‑10‑03
Michael D. Crossland (Info) UCL Institute of Ophthalmology Vision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience mikecrossland 2007‑08‑13
Anna Maria Di Betta (Info) University of Derby 2012‑06‑01
Mustafa B. Djamgoz (Info) Imperial College retina, electrophysiology rory 2009‑01‑08
Nicolas Dumay (Info) BCBL, Spain 2012‑06‑01
Chris Dunning (Info) University of York redox 2010‑04‑19
Gareth J.O Evans (Info) University of York Neuronal kinase signalling shubhag82 2009‑03‑07
Hans Jurgen Eysenck (Info) Institute of Psychiatry 2007‑04‑10
M. Gareth Gaskell (Info) University of York Speech, Language, Memory, Sleep MattDavis 2008‑12‑10
Giuliano Emerenciano Ginani (Info) UNIFESP Working memory, Executive functioning, Emotion, Sleep deprivation ginanig 2014‑01‑14
Darren Goffin (Info) University of York (UK) 2017‑11‑03
Gary Green (Info) University of York Neuroimaging ,Non-linear Dynamics ,Signal Processing ,Contrast enhancement agents biswa 2006‑12‑02
Koen V. Haak (Info) UMN Visual Neuroscience koenhaak 2012‑11‑25
David M. Halliday (Info) University of York Theoretical Neuroscience biswa 2007‑02‑17
Tom Hartley (Info) University of York spatial cognition, memory, fMRI, computational modelling tomatosquid 2011‑10‑03
Emma Hayiou-Thomas (Info) University of York language acquisition/genetics dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Lisa Henderson (Info) University of York 2012‑06‑01
Graham Hitch (Info) University of York memory dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Emma Holmes (Info) UCL Auditory perception, attention, cognitive neuroscience eholmes 2018‑02‑14
Yanbo (Helen) Hu (Info) Active vision, Emotion Regulation, Working memory, Internet addict, Cerebellum froukehe 2008‑10‑21
Jasmina N Jovanovic (Info) UCL School of Pharmacy inhibitory synapses, GABAA receptor trafficking and phosphorylation, GABA signalling in health and disease 2017‑11‑03
Daniel Kaiser (Info) University of York danielkaiser 2016‑07‑15
Bruce Keefe (Info) University of York Binocular vision, virtual reality nebarraclough 2011‑03‑08
Sarah Keenan (Info) University of York redox 2010‑04‑19
Simon Killcross (Info) Cardiff University michizo 2006‑02‑11
Verner Knott (Info) University of Ottawa Nicotine, ERPs, EEG, Schizophrenia, Cognition, Clinical Psychology derekfisher 2014‑05‑21
Brian Y Lam (Info) Cambridge Genomics brianlamx 2017‑08‑01
Alexandra T. Levine (Info) The University of York vision atl507 2014‑05‑12
Shane Lindsay (Info) University of Dundee 2012‑06‑01
Freya Lygo (Info) University of York, UK lpyudhb 2016‑11‑09
Christopher B. Macklin (Info) Mercer University Music cmacklin 2011‑05‑31
Euan MacPhail (Info) University of York comparative psychology balleine 2007‑09‑27
Anthony B. Morland (Info) Royal Holloway Vision kathleen 2005‑12‑11
Martin O'Neill (Info) Cambridge Neurophysiology of Reward raymundo 2007‑06‑12
Roy Timothy (Tim) Patterson (Info) Carleton University micropaleontology, paleoceanography, paleolimnology, paleoclimatology timpatterson 2017‑01‑08
Adar Pelah (Info) University of York Visual system, motor systems, medical devices apelah 2011‑12‑05
David Pitcher (Info) University of York Visual System dpitcher 2009‑05‑31
John Potter (Info) University of York cmacklin 2011‑05‑31
Catherine Preston (Info) Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Karolinska, University of York (UK) Body Representation cptjackson1981 2007‑05‑15
Philip T. Quinlan (Info) University of York nks4277 2009‑06‑16
Adrian Raine (Info) Penn violence and pathology semiconscious 2005‑10‑03
Steve Reilly (Info) University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) jarthurs 2016‑03‑03
Bruno Richard (Info) Concordia Vision, Psychology, Psychophysics brichard 2014‑11‑24
Leanne Sedin (Info) University of York 2012‑06‑01
Biswa Sengupta (Info) UCL Metabolic efficiency, Bayesian Statistics, PDEs biswa 2006‑08‑06
Edward H. Silson (Info) National Institutes of Mental Health Visual System, Functional Organization edsilson 2014‑05‑12
Anika Smith (Info) University of York, UK lpyudhb 2016‑11‑09
Natalie Snoeren (Info) CNRS LIMSI 2012‑06‑01
Robert F Stone (Info) University of York (UK) lithosyork 2018‑10‑04
Quentin Summerfield (Info) University of York david 2020‑01‑25
Jakke Tamminen (Info) Royal Holloway, University of London 2012‑06‑01
Peter Thompson (Info) University of York Visual psychophysics obraddick 2008‑06‑23
Steven P. Tipper (Info) University of York (UK) merryndconstable 2016‑09‑16
Peter H. Venables (Info) University of York Schizophrenia, Schizotypal personality, psychophysiology yugao 2009‑04‑07
Greta Vilidaite (Info) University of York Visual perception in autism lpyudhb 2015‑02‑15
Alex R. Wade (Info) University of York Vision kathleen 2005‑10‑04
Alexander R. Weiss (Info) Oxford, Johns Hopkins Medical School, National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke Brain machine interfacing, neurophysiology, electrophysiology, cognitive neurophysiology exet3506 2015‑09‑08
Miles A. Whittington (Info) Newcastle University Neural networks, neuronal oscillations, epilepsy, schizophrenia michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Ming Alan Yang (Info) University of York (UK) DavidJMiller 2015‑07‑06
Andy Young (Info) University of York/University of Lancaster jandh 2009‑11‑11
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