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Alexander Aivazidis (Info) Wellcome Sanger Institute krash 2019‑10‑20
Omer Ali A. Bayraktar (Info) UCSF Neural stem cells oab 2009‑09‑20
Carlos Cruchaga (Info) Washington University School of Medicine Alzheimer's, genetics, genomics, quantitative traits, WES, WGS, proteomics ccrugom 2018‑01‑23
Vitalii Kleshchevnikov (Info) Wellcome Sanger Institute krash 2019‑10‑20
Jenny Lord (Info) Wellcome Sanger Institute ccrugom 2018‑01‑24
Kenny Roberts (Info) Wellcome Sanger Institute spatial transcriptomics krash 2019‑10‑20
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