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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Mhairi Bowe (Info) Nottingham Trent University, UK (PsychTree) Social Identity, Place Identity, Collective Continuity, Well-being MBowe 2019‑06‑24
Pieremanuele Canepa (Info) National Univeristy of Singapore (Chemistry Tree) pcanepa2 2019‑06‑24
Andreas Phanopoulos (Info) Oxford (Chemistry Tree) Organometallic, catalysis, inorganic andreasphanopoulos 2019‑06‑24
Troy Vargason (Info) RPI (MathTree) juergenhahn 2019‑06‑23
Clement Aussignargues (Info) Michigan State (Microtree) connectingresearchers 2019‑06‑23
Howard L Weiner (Info) Harvard Medical School - Brigham and Women's Hospital Multiple Sclerosis jimitola 2019‑06‑23
Johayra Simithy (Info) University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Chemistry Tree) bagarcia 2019‑06‑22
Yunlong Xiao (Info) University of Calgary (Physics Tree) barrycsanders 2019‑06‑22
Grayson Badgley (Info) Stanford (Terrestrial Ecology Tree) badgley 2019‑06‑20
Hyunwoo Kim (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) Organometallics, Organic Chemistry, Electrocatalysis khw7373 2019‑06‑24
Alireza Sedighi (Info) Henry Ford Health System (Biomechanics Tree) Human movement, Gait, Cognition, Motor Control alireza_Sdg 2019‑07‑02
Conor M. Haney (Info) UNC Wilmington (Chemistry Tree) ejpetersson 2019‑07‑01
Andre Clayborne (Info) Howard University, Washington D.C. (Chemistry Tree) Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Physics, Computational Nanoscience claybor 2019‑07‑01
Guy Guelachvili (Info) CNRS université Paris-Sud (Physics Tree) fourier 2019‑06‑28
Stéphanie ROSSIGNOL (Info) Université Paris Est Créteil (Chemistry Tree) JFDoussin 2019‑06‑28
Philip Russ Fine (Info) University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine (PsychTree) Lechtreck 2019‑06‑27
William Walker (Info) Duke (BME Tree) david.bradway 2019‑06‑27
Jennifer Drabble (Info) Sheffield Hallam University (PsychTree) personality, personality disorders, psychopathology DrJD 2019‑06‑25
Samantha Wellington (Info) Harvard (Microtree) princepeach 2019‑07‑03
Amy Cristine Lossie (Info) Beautiful You MRKH Foundation (DevTree) Genetics, rare diseases, development, substance use disorders, epigenetics Ilovepigenetics 2019‑06‑17
Cheng Liu (Info) Rochester Institute of Technology (E-Tree) ntansu 2019‑05‑29
Gustavo Quirino (Info) Ribeirao Preto Medical School (ID Tree) Immunology; Microbiology; Infectious Diseases gfsquirino 2019‑05‑29
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