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Molecular Neuroscience

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2016 Penner MR, Parrish RR, Hoang LT, Roth TL, Lubin FD, Barnes CA. Age-related changes in Egr1 transcription and DNA methylation within the hippocampus. Hippocampus. PMID 26972614 DOI: 10.1002/hipo.22583  0.64
2015 Parrish RR, Buckingham SC, Mascia KL, Johnson JJ, Matyjasik MM, Lockhart RM, Lubin FD. Methionine increases BDNF DNA methylation and improves memory in epilepsy. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. 2: 401-16. PMID 25909085 DOI: 10.1002/acn3.183  0.64
2015 Lane LS, Cecile MP, Gehrels GE, Kos’Ko MK, Layer PW, Parrish RR. Geochronology and structural setting of latest devonian – early carboniferous magmatic rocks, cape kiber, Northeast Russia Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 52: 147-160. DOI: 10.1139/cjes-2013-0184  0.4
2015 Chan GHN, Aitchison JC, Crowley QG, Horstwood MSA, Searle MP, Parrish RR, Chan JSL. U-Pb zircon ages for Yarlung Tsangpo suture zone ophiolites, southwestern Tibet and their tectonic implications Gondwana Research. 27: 719-732. DOI: 10.1016/  0.4
2015 Bracciali L, Najman Y, Parrish RR, Akhter SH, Millar I. The Brahmaputra tale of tectonics and erosion: Early Miocene river capture in the Eastern Himalaya Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 415: 25-37. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2015.01.022  0.4
2015 Mottram CM, Parrish RR, Regis D, Warren CJ, Argles TW, Harris NBW, Roberts NMW. Using U-Th-Pb petrochronology to determine rates of ductile thrusting: Time windows into the Main Central Thrust, Sikkim Himalaya Tectonics. DOI: 10.1002/2014TC003743  0.4
2015 Cooper FJ, Hodges KV, Parrish RR, Roberts NMW, Horstwood MSA. Synchronous N-S and E-W extension at the Tibet-to-Himalaya transition in NW Bhutan Tectonics. DOI: 10.1002/2014TC003712  0.4
2014 Mottram CM, Argles TW, Harris NBW, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA, Warren CJ, Gupta S. Tectonic interleaving along the Main Central Thrust, Sikkim Himalaya Journal of the Geological Society. 171: 255-268. DOI: 10.1144/jgs2013-064  0.4
2014 Stübner K, Grujic D, Parrish RR, Roberts NMW, Kronz A, Wooden J, Ahmad T. Monazite geochronology unravels the timing of crustal thickening in NW Himalaya Lithos. 210: 111-128. DOI: 10.1016/j.lithos.2014.09.024  0.4
2014 Palin RM, Searle MP, St-Onge MR, Waters DJ, Roberts NMW, Horstwood MSA, Parrish RR, Weller OM. Two-stage cooling history of pelitic and semi-pelitic mylonite (sensu lato) from the Dongjiu-Milin shear zone, northwest flank of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis Gondwana Research. DOI: 10.1016/  0.4
2014 Robinson RAJ, Brezina CA, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA, Nay Win Oo, Bird MI, Myint Thein, Walters AS, Oliver GJH, Zaw K. Large rivers and orogens: The evolution of the Yarlung Tsangpo-Irrawaddy system and the eastern Himalayan syntaxis Gondwana Research. 26: 112-121. DOI: 10.1016/  0.4
2014 Palin RM, Searle MP, St-Onge MR, Waters DJ, Roberts NMW, Horstwood MSA, Parrish RR, Weller OM, Chen S, Yang J. Monazite geochronology and petrology of kyanite- and sillimanite-grade migmatites from the northwestern flank of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis Gondwana Research. 26: 323-347. DOI: 10.1016/  0.4
2014 Smye AJ, Roberts NMW, Condon DJ, Horstwood MSA, Parrish RR. Characterising the U-Th-Pb systematics of allanite by ID and LA-ICPMS: Implications for geochronology Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 135: 1-28. DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2014.03.021  0.4
2014 Mottram CM, Warren CJ, Regis D, Roberts NMW, Harris NBW, Argles TW, Parrish RR. Developing an inverted barrovian sequence; insights from monazite petrochronology Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 403: 418-431. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2014.07.006  0.4
2014 Li Q, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA, McArthur JM. U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites Chemical Geology. 376: 76-83. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2014.03.020  0.4
2013 Small D, Parrish RR, Austin WEN, Cawood PA, Rinterknecht V. Provenance of North Atlantic ice-rafted debris during the last deglaciation-A new application of U-Pb rutile and zircon geochronology Geology. 41: 155-158. DOI: 10.1130/G33594.1  0.4
2013 Palin RM, Searle MP, Waters DJ, Parrish RR, Roberts NMW, Horstwood MSA, Yeh MW, Chung SL, Anh TT. A geochronological and petrological study of anatectic paragneiss and associated granite dykes from the Day Nui Con Voi metamorphic core complex, North Vietnam: Constraints on the timing of metamorphism within the Red River shear zone Journal of Metamorphic Geology. 31: 359-387. DOI: 10.1111/jmg.12025  0.4
2013 Bracciali L, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA, Condon DJ, Najman Y. UPb LA-(MC)-ICP-MS dating of rutile: New reference materials and applications to sedimentary provenance Chemical Geology. 347: 82-101. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2013.03.013  0.4
2013 Roberts NMW, Slagstad T, Parrish RR, Norry MJ, Marker M, Horstwood MSA. Sedimentary recycling in arc magmas: Geochemical and U-Pb-Hf-O constraints on the Mesoproterozoic Suldal Arc, SW Norway Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. 165: 507-523. DOI: 10.1007/s00410-012-0820-y  0.4
2013 Phillips RJ, Searle MP, Parrish RR. The geochemical and temporal evolution of the continental lithosphere and its relationship to continental-scale faulting: The Karakoram Fault, eastern Karakoram, NW Himalayas Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 14: 583-603. DOI: 10.1002/ggge.20061  0.4
2012 Parrish RR, Day JJ, Lubin FD. Direct bisulfite sequencing for examination of DNA methylation with gene and nucleotide resolution from brain tissues. Current Protocols in Neuroscience / Editorial Board, Jacqueline N. Crawley ... [Et Al.]. Unit 7.24. PMID 22752896 DOI: 10.1002/0471142301.ns0724s60  0.48
2012 Palin RM, Searle MP, Waters DJ, Horstwood MSA, Parrish RR. Combined thermobarometry and geochronology of peraluminous metapelites from the Karakoram metamorphic complex, North Pakistan; New insight into the tectonothermal evolution of the Baltoro and Hunza Valley regions Journal of Metamorphic Geology. 30: 793-820. DOI: 10.1111/j.1525-1314.2012.00999.x  0.4
2012 Gupta S, Parrish R, Lubin FD. Epigenetic mechanisms in central nervous system disorders Translational Neuroscience: Applications in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. 321-333. DOI: 10.1017/CBO9780511980053.019  0.48
2012 Guo L, Zhang HF, Harris N, Parrish R, Xu WC, Shi ZL. Paleogene crustal anatexis and metamorphism in Lhasa terrane, eastern Himalayan syntaxis: Evidence from U-Pb zircon ages and Hf isotopic compositions of the Nyingchi Complex Gondwana Research. 21: 100-111. DOI: 10.1016/  0.4
2011 Lubin FD, Gupta S, Parrish RR, Grissom NM, Davis RL. Epigenetic mechanisms: critical contributors to long-term memory formation. The Neuroscientist : a Review Journal Bringing Neurobiology, Neurology and Psychiatry. 17: 616-32. PMID 22130638 DOI: 10.1177/1073858411386967  0.48
2011 Lubin FD, Gupta S, Parrish RR, Grissom NM, Davis RL. Epigenetic Mechanisms: Critical Contributors to Long-Term Memory Formation. The Neuroscientist : a Review Journal Bringing Neurobiology, Neurology and Psychiatry. PMID 21460188 DOI: 10.1177/1073858410386967  0.64
2011 King J, Harris N, Argles T, Parrish R, Zhang H. Contribution of crustal anatexis to the tectonic evolution of Indian crust beneath Southern Tibet Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. 123: 218-239. DOI: 10.1130/B30085.1  0.4
2011 Chambers J, Parrish R, Argles T, Harris N, Horstwood M. A short-duration pulse of ductile normal shear on the outer South Tibetan detachment in Bhutan: Alternating channel flow and critical taper mechanics of the eastern Himalaya Tectonics. 30. DOI: 10.1029/2010TC002784  0.4
2011 Smye AJ, Bickle MJ, Holland TJB, Parrish RR, Condon DJ. Rapid formation and exhumation of the youngest Alpine eclogites: A thermal conundrum to Barrovian metamorphism Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 306: 193-204. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2011.03.037  0.4
2011 Henderson AL, Najman Y, Parrish R, Mark DF, Foster GL. Constraints to the timing of India-Eurasia collision; a re-evaluation of evidence from the Indus Basin sedimentary rocks of the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Zone, Ladakh, India Earth-Science Reviews. 106: 265-292. DOI: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2011.02.006  0.4
2011 Roberts NMW, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA, Brewer TS. The 1.23 Ga Fjellhovdane rhyolite, Grøssæ-Totak; a new age within the Telemark supracrustals, southern Norway Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift. 91: 239-246.  0.4
2010 Miller CA, Gavin CF, White JA, Parrish RR, Honasoge A, Yancey CR, Rivera IM, Rubio MD, Rumbaugh G, Sweatt JD. Cortical DNA methylation maintains remote memory. Nature Neuroscience. 13: 664-6. PMID 20495557 DOI: 10.1038/nn.2560  0.48
2010 Foster GL, Lunt DJ, Parrish RR. Mountain uplift and the glaciation of North America - A sensitivity study Climate of the Past. 6: 707-717. DOI: 10.5194/cp-6-707-2010  0.4
2010 Najman Y, Appel E, Boudagher-Fadel M, Bown P, Carter A, Garzanti E, Godin L, Han J, Liebke U, Oliver G, Parrish R, Vezzoli G. Timing of India-Asia collision: Geological, biostratigraphic, and palaeomagnetic constraints Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 115. DOI: 10.1029/2010JB007673  0.4
2010 Henderson AL, Najman Y, Parrish R, BouDagher-Fadel M, Barford D, Garzanti E, Andò S. Geology of the Cenozoic Indus Basin sedimentary rocks: Paleoenvironmental interpretation of sedimentation from the western Himalaya during the early phases of India-Eurasia collision Tectonics. 29. DOI: 10.1029/2009TC002651  0.4
2008 Parrish RR, Horstwood M, Arnason JG, Chenery S, Brewer T, Lloyd NS, Carpenter DO. Depleted uranium contamination by inhalation exposure and its detection after approximately 20 years: implications for human health assessment. The Science of the Total Environment. 390: 58-68. PMID 17976690 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2007.09.044  0.4
1992 Hodges KV, Parrish RR, Housh TB, Lux DR, Burchfiel BC, Royden LH, Chen Z. Simultaneous miocene extension and shortening in the himalayan orogen. Science (New York, N.Y.). 258: 1466-70. PMID 17755108 DOI: 10.1126/science.258.5087.1466  0.52
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