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Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China 

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Year Citation  Score
2021 Xiao Y, Yang J, Ji W, He Q, Mao L, Shu Y. A- and D-type potassium currents regulate axonal action potential repolarization in midbrain dopamine neurons. Neuropharmacology. 108399. PMID 33400937 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2020.108399  1
2020 Li J, Deng S, He Q, Ke W, Shu Y. Asynchronous Glutamate Release at Autapses Regulates Spike Reliability and Precision in Mouse Neocortical Pyramidal Cells. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). PMID 33279969 DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhaa361  1
2020 Li JH, Duan R, Li L, Wood JD, Wang XY, Shu Y, Wang GD. [Unique characteristics of "the second brain" - The enteric nervous system]. Sheng Li Xue Bao : [Acta Physiologica Sinica]. 72: 382-390. PMID 32572435  0.92
2020 Gao MM, Hu F, Zeng XD, Tang HL, Zhang H, Jiang W, Yan HJ, Shi H, Shu Y, Long YS. Hypothalamic proteome changes in response to nicotine and its withdrawal are potentially associated with alteration in body weight. Journal of Proteomics. 103633. PMID 31911195 DOI: 10.1016/j.jprot.2020.103633  0.92
2019 Mi Z, Yang J, He Q, Zhang X, Xiao Y, Shu Y. Alterations of Electrophysiological Properties and Ion Channel Expression in Prefrontal Cortex of a Mouse Model of Schizophrenia. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 13: 554. PMID 31920555 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2019.00554  1
2019 Zhu Z, Chang C, Shu Y, Song B. Transition to a Superpermeation Phase of Confined Water Induced by a Terahertz Electromagnetic Wave. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 256-262. PMID 31855440 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.9b03228  0.84
2019 Deng S, Li J, He Q, Zhang X, Zhu J, Li L, Mi Z, Yang X, Jiang M, Dong Q, Mao Y, Shu Y. Regulation of Recurrent Inhibition by Asynchronous Glutamate Release in Neocortex. Neuron. PMID 31806492 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.10.038  1
2019 Zhang T, Ke W, Zhou X, Qian Y, Feng S, Wang R, Cui G, Tao R, Guo W, Duan Y, Zhang X, Cao X, Shu Y, Yue C, Jing N. Human Neural Stem Cells Reinforce Hippocampal Synaptic Network and Rescue Cognitive Deficits in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Stem Cell Reports. PMID 31761676 DOI: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2019.10.012  1
2019 Yang J, Xiao Y, Li L, He Q, Li M, Shu Y. Biophysical Properties of Somatic and Axonal Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 13: 317. PMID 31354436 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2019.00317  1
2019 Ke W, He Q, Shu Y. Functional Self-Excitatory Autapses (Auto-synapses) on Neocortical Pyramidal Cells. Neuroscience Bulletin. PMID 31098936 DOI: 10.1007/s12264-019-00391-8  1
2019 Zhou YT, Long JY, Fu JY, Sun WW, Hu F, Huang HY, Li W, Gao MM, Shu Y, Yi YH, Long YS. A Species-Correlated Transitional Residue D132 on Human FMRP Plays a Role in Nuclear Localization via an RNA-Dependent Interaction with PABP1. Neuroscience. PMID 30742966 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2019.01.028  1
2018 Wu R, Li A, Sun B, Sun JG, Zhang J, Zhang T, Chen Y, Xiao Y, Gao Y, Zhang Q, Ma J, Yang X, Liao Y, Lai WY, Qi X, ... ... Shu Y, et al. A novel mA reader Prrc2a controls oligodendroglial specification and myelination. Cell Research. PMID 30514900 DOI: 10.1038/s41422-018-0113-8  1
2018 Yin L, Zheng R, Ke W, He Q, Zhang Y, Li J, Wang B, Mi Z, Long YS, Rasch MJ, Li T, Luan G, Shu Y. Autapses enhance bursting and coincidence detection in neocortical pyramidal cells. Nature Communications. 9: 4890. PMID 30459347 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-07317-4  1
2018 Qiu W, Zhang H, Bao A, Zhu K, Huang Y, Yan X, Zhang J, Zhong C, Shen Y, Zhou J, Zheng X, Zhang L, Shu Y, Tang B, Zhang Z, et al. Standardized Operational Protocol for Human Brain Banking in China. Neuroscience Bulletin. PMID 30411305 DOI: 10.1007/s12264-018-0306-7  1
2018 Zhu Q, Ke W, He Q, Wang X, Zheng R, Li T, Luan G, Long YS, Liao WP, Shu Y. Laminar Distribution of Neurochemically-Identified Interneurons and Cellular Co-expression of Molecular Markers in Epileptic Human Cortex. Neuroscience Bulletin. PMID 30171525 DOI: 10.1007/s12264-018-0275-x  1
2018 Jiang Y, Xiao Y, Zhang X, Shu Y. Activation of axon initial segmental GABA receptors inhibits action potential generation in neocortical GABAergic interneurons. Neuropharmacology. 138: 97-105. PMID 29883765 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2018.05.026  1
2018 Ye M, Yang J, Tian C, Zhu Q, Yin L, Jiang S, Yang M, Shu Y. Differential roles of NaV1.2 and NaV1.6 in regulating neuronal excitability at febrile temperature and distinct contributions to febrile seizures. Scientific Reports. 8: 753. PMID 29335582 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-17344-8  1
2018 Deng Y, Xiao Y, Yuan F, Liu Y, Jiang X, Deng J, Fejes-Toth G, Naray-Fejes-Toth A, Chen S, Chen Y, Ying H, Zhai Q, Shu Y, Guo F. SGK1/FOXO3 Signaling in Hypothalamic POMC Neurons Mediates Glucocorticoid-Increased Adiposity. Diabetes. PMID 29321171 DOI: 10.2337/db17-1069  1
2017 Wang X, He X, Li T, Shu Y, Qi S, Luan G. Anti-epileptic effect of ifenprodil on neocortical pyramidal neurons in patients with malformations of cortical development. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. 14: 5757-5766. PMID 29285118 DOI: 10.3892/etm.2017.5311  1
2017 Liu Y, Lai S, Ma W, Ke W, Zhang C, Liu S, Zhang Y, Pei F, Li S, Yi M, Shu Y, Shang Y, Liang J, Huang Z. CDYL suppresses epileptogenesis in mice through repression of axonal Nav1.6 sodium channel expression. Nature Communications. 8: 355. PMID 28842554 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-00368-z  1
2017 Zeng WB, Jiang HF, Gang YD, Song YG, Shen ZZ, Yang H, Dong X, Tian YL, Ni RJ, Liu Y, Tang N, Li X, Jiang X, Gao D, Androulakis M, ... ... Shu Y, et al. Anterograde monosynaptic transneuronal tracers derived from herpes simplex virus 1 strain H129. Molecular Neurodegeneration. 12: 38. PMID 28499404 DOI: 10.1186/s13024-017-0179-7  1
2017 Zhao F, Jiang HF, Zeng WB, Shu Y, Luo MH, Duan S. Anterograde Trans-Synaptic Tagging Mediated by Adeno-Associated Virus. Neuroscience Bulletin. PMID 28144842 DOI: 10.1007/s12264-017-0099-0  0.72
2016 Wang B, Ke W, Guang J, Chen G, Yin L, Deng S, He Q, Liu Y, He T, Zheng R, Jiang Y, Zhang X, Li T, Luan G, Lu HD, ... ... Shu Y, et al. Firing Frequency Maxima of Fast-Spiking Neurons in Human, Monkey, and Mouse Neocortex. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 10: 239. PMID 27803650 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2016.00239  1
2016 Qin J, Shu Y, Li Y, He H, Li H. Effects of perchlorate bioaccumulation on Spodoptera litura growth and sex ratio. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International. PMID 26810791 DOI: 10.1007/s11356-016-6124-4  0.76
2016 Shu Y, Yang Y, Zhang P. Neuroprotective effects of penehyclidine hydrochloride against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice. Brain Research Bulletin. PMID 26802510 DOI: 10.1016/j.brainresbull.2016.01.008  0.72
2016 Shen H, Guan D, Shen J, Wang M, Chen X, Xu T, Liu L, Shu Y. TGF-β1 induces erlotinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer by down-regulating PTEN. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy = BioméDecine & PharmacothéRapie. 77: 1-6. PMID 26796257 DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2015.10.018  1
2016 Xu RH, Shen L, Li J, Xu JM, Bi F, Ba Y, Bai L, Shu YQ, Liu TS, Li YH, Bai CM, Yuan XL, Zhang J, Chen G, Zhou AP, et al. Expert consensus on maintenance treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer in China. Chinese Journal of Cancer. 35: 13. PMID 26769299 DOI: 10.1186/s40880-015-0067-x  0.92
2016 Shu Y, Lou Q, Dai Z, Dai X, He J, Hu W, Yin Z. The basal function of teleost prolactin as a key regulator on ion uptake identified with zebrafish knockout models. Scientific Reports. 6: 18597. PMID 26726070 DOI: 10.1038/srep18597  0.68
2016 Sun Z, Shu Y. Analysis of blended learning scheme based on cloud computing assisted instructions International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. 11: 51-56. DOI: 10.3991/ijet.v11i03.5535  0.72
2016 Shu Y. Challenges in the influenza vaccination in China and the possible coping strategies Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology (China). 36: 1-2. DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0254-5101.2016.01.001  0.96
2016 Shu Y, Zhang Z. Lectotypification of Parnassia pusilla (Celastraceae) Phytotaxa. 265: 98-100. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.265.1.13  1
2016 Huang TC, Shu Y, Yeh TC, Zeng PY. Get lost in the library? An innovative application of augmented reality and indoor positioning technologies Electronic Library. 34: 99-115. DOI: 10.1108/EL-08-2014-0148  0.6
2016 Liu Y, Zhang J, Li W, Guo C, Shu Y. In silico identification, phylogeny and expression analysis of expansin superfamily in Medicago truncatula Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment. 30: 197-203. DOI: 10.1080/13102818.2015.1093919  1
2016 Shu Y, Zhao J. Fault Diagnosis of Chemical Processes Using Artificial Immune System with Vaccine Transplant Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 55: 3360-3371. DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b02646  1
2016 Shu Y, Gao M, Wang X, Song R, Lu J, Chen X. Separation of curcuminoids using ionic liquid based aqueous two-phase system coupled with in situ dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction Talanta. 149: 6-12. DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2015.11.009  0.92
2016 Ni Q, Ye H, Shu Y, Lin Q. A theoretical discussion on the internal quantum efficiencies of the epitaxial single crystal GaSb thin film cells with different p-n junctions Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 149: 88-96. DOI: 10.1016/j.solmat.2015.12.039  0.88
2016 Shu Y, Liu X, Liu Y. Stability and passivity analysis for uncertain discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delay Neurocomputing. 173: 1706-1714. DOI: 10.1016/j.neucom.2015.09.043  0.96
2016 Liu K, Zhang G, Luan J, Chen Z, Su P, Shu Y. Crystal structure, spectrum character and explosive property of a new cocrystal CL-20/DNT Journal of Molecular Structure. 1110: 91-96. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2016.01.027  0.84
2016 Bian L, Shu YJ, Song MX, Dong FQ, Li WM, Xu J, Zhang XY. MD simulation and cluster analyses of the gas permeability of parylene AF4 membranes Journal of Molecular Structure. 1105: 142-151. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2015.10.027  0.88
2016 Shu Y, Hu W, Zhao Z, Wang L, Liu Z, Tian Y, Yu D. Anomalous melting behavior of polycrystalline bismuth quenched at high temperature and high pressure Materials Letters. 168: 36-39. DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2015.12.065  0.88
2016 Liu Q, Zhu H, Shu Y, Zhu X, Yang X, Chen L, Tan M, Geng M. Provenance identification and sedimentary analysis of the beach and bar systems in the Palaeogene of the Enping Sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea Marine and Petroleum Geology. 70: 251-272. DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2015.12.002  0.88
2016 Shu Y, Wang X, Wang W. Hypercyclicity of the tensor products of multiplication operators on Hardy spaces Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 436: 1063-1073. DOI: 10.1016/j.jmaa.2015.12.055  1
2016 Shu Y, Liu Q, Taylor K. Semantic validation of environmental observations data Environmental Modelling and Software. 79: 10-21. DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.01.004  0.48
2016 Zheng M, Wu K, Shu Y. Newsvendor problems with demand forecast updating and supply constraints Computers and Operations Research. 67: 193-206. DOI: 10.1016/j.cor.2015.10.007  0.64
2016 Qi CC, Shu YM, Chen FH, Ding YQ, Zhou JN. Sensitivity during the forced swim test is a key factor in evaluating the antidepressant effects of abscisic acid in mice Behavioural Brain Research. 300: 106-113. DOI: 10.1016/j.bbr.2015.12.009  0.76
2016 Zhang F, Zhang R, Guan M, Shu Y, Shen L, Chen X, Li T. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Pb isotopic ratios in a sediment core from Shilianghe Reservoir, eastern China: Implying pollution sources Applied Geochemistry. 66: 140-148. DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2015.12.010  1
2016 Liu D, Shi P, Shu Y, Yao J, Wang D, Sun L. Assimilating temperature and salinity profiles using Ensemble Kalman Filter with an adaptive observation error and T-S constraint Acta Oceanologica Sinica. 35: 30-37. DOI: 10.1007/s13131-016-0793-1  0.84
2016 Shu Y, Liu W. Uranyl oxamate hydrates: hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure, photophysical properties, and selective crystallization Science China Chemistry. 1-6. DOI: 10.1007/s11426-015-5550-3  0.84
2016 Shu Y, Liu W. Visible and near-infrared luminescence of polycatenated cationic pyridinone lanthanide networks Science China Chemistry. 59: 436-441. DOI: 10.1007/s11426-015-5497-4  0.84
2016 Wang G, Shi N, Shu Y, Liu D. Embedded Manifold-Based Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition Neural Processing Letters. 43: 1-16. DOI: 10.1007/s11063-014-9398-x  0.8
2016 Shu YL, Zhao XF. Positivity of Toeplitz operators on harmonic Bergman space Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series. 32: 175-186. DOI: 10.1007/s10114-016-5138-7  0.76
2015 Shu Y, Liu Y, Zhang J, Song L, Guo C. Genome-Wide Analysis of the AP2/ERF Superfamily Genes and their Responses to Abiotic Stress in Medicago truncatula. Frontiers in Plant Science. 6: 1247. PMID 26834762 DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2015.01247  1
2015 Wang T, Yin L, Zou X, Shu Y, Rasch MJ, Wu S. A Phenomenological Synapse Model for Asynchronous Neurotransmitter Release. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. 9: 153. PMID 26834617 DOI: 10.3389/fncom.2015.00153  1
2015 Zhu H, Li X, Zhang X, Chen D, Li D, Ren J, Gu H, Shu Y, Wang D. Polymorphisms in mismatch repair genes are associated with risk and microsatellite instability of gastric cancer, and interact with life exposures. Gene. PMID 26724419 DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2015.12.050  1
2015 Zeng H, Tan F, Shu Y, Zhang Y, Feng Y, Wang J. The Cry1Ab Protein Has Minor Effects on the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities after Five Seasons of Continuous Bt Maize Cultivation. Plos One. 10: e0146041. PMID 26717324 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146041  1
2015 Luo H, Wang X, Zhang R, Chen Y, Shu Y, Li H, Chen H. Patient-Specific Therapy via Cell-Reprogramming Technology: a Curative Potential for Patients with Diabetes. Nanoscale Research Letters. 10: 496. PMID 26714858 DOI: 10.1186/s11671-015-1193-8  0.92
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2015 Yang Y, Shu YZ, Humphreys WG. A Label-free Bottom-up Proteomic Workflow for Simultaneously Assessing Target Specificity of Covalent Drug Candidates and Their Off-target Reactivity to Selected Proteins. Chemical Research in Toxicology. PMID 26675335 DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.5b00460  0.6
2015 Chen T, Lin J, Wang W, Fleming J, Chen L, Wang Y, Li H, Guo H, Zhou J, Chen X, Chen Y, Liao Q, Shu Y, Tan Y, Yu M, et al. Cytokine and Antibody Based Diagnostic Algorithms for Sputum Culture-Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Plos One. 10: e0144705. PMID 26674517 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0144705  0.88
2015 Shu YH, Lu XM, Wei JX, Xiao L, Wang YT. Update on the role of p75NTR in neurological disorders: A novel therapeutic target. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy = BioméDecine & PharmacothéRapie. 76: 17-23. PMID 26653545 DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2015.10.010  0.96
2015 Yu X, Liu Y, Wang S, Tao Y, Wang Z, Shu Y, Peng H, Mijiti A, Wang Z, Zhang H, Ma H. CarNAC4, a NAC-type chickpea transcription factor conferring enhanced drought and salt stress tolerances in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Reports. PMID 26650836 DOI: 10.1007/s00299-015-1907-5  0.84
2015 Gao R, Bai T, Li X, Xiong Y, Huang Y, Pan M, Zhang Y, Bo H, Zou S, Shu Y. The comparison of pathology in ferrets infected by H9N2 avian influenza viruses with different genomic features. Virology. 488: 149-155. PMID 26638019 DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2015.11.013  0.96
2015 Chen G, Wang D, Dong C, Zu T, Xue H, Shu Y, Chu X, Qi Y, Chen H. Observed deep energetic eddies by seamount wake. Scientific Reports. 5: 17416. PMID 26617343 DOI: 10.1038/srep17416  0.88
2015 Chen WJ, Hu XF, Yan M, Zhang WY, Mao XB, Shu YW. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells promote the inhibitory activation of CD4(+)CD25(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells via PD-L1. Atherosclerosis. 244: 108-112. PMID 26615520 DOI: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2015.11.002  0.8
2015 Huang X, Cui S, Shu Y. Cisplatin selectively downregulated the frequency and immunoinhibitory function of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in a murine B16 melanoma model. Immunologic Research. PMID 26590944 DOI: 10.1007/s12026-015-8734-1  0.76
2015 Song B, Shu Y, Xu YN, Fu P. Plasma fibrinogen lever and risk of coronary heart disease among Chinese population: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. 8: 13195-202. PMID 26550243  0.8
2015 Chen G, Shen Y, Xu T, Ban F, Yin L, Xiao J, Shu Y. Rapid detection of acute myocardial infarction-related miRNA based on a Capture-interCalation-electroCatalysis (3C) strategy. Biosensors & Bioelectronics. 77: 1020-1025. PMID 26547429 DOI: 10.1016/j.bios.2015.08.067  1
2015 Wen J, Zeng M, Shu Y, Guo D, Sun Y, Guo Z, Wang Y, Liu Z, Zhou H, Zhang W. Aging increases the susceptibility of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands). 37: 112. PMID 26534724 DOI: 10.1007/s11357-015-9844-3  0.92
2015 Li C, Cui YL, Tian GL, Shu Y, Wang XF, Tian H, Yang Y, Wei F, Ren TL. Flexible CNT-array double helices Strain Sensor with high stretchability for Motion Capture. Scientific Reports. 5: 15554. PMID 26530904 DOI: 10.1038/srep15554  0.96
2015 Yin L, Rasch MJ, He Q, Wu S, Dou F, Shu Y. Selective Modulation of Axonal Sodium Channel Subtypes by 5-HT1A Receptor in Cortical Pyramidal Neuron. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). PMID 26494800 DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhv245  1
2015 Yue W, Li Y, Zhang T, Jiang M, Qian Y, Zhang M, Sheng N, Feng S, Tang K, Yu X, Shu Y, Yue C, Jing N. ESC-Derived Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neurons Ameliorate the Cognitive Symptoms Associated with Alzheimer's Disease in Mouse Models. Stem Cell Reports. PMID 26489896 DOI: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2015.09.010  0.56
2015 Li M, Tao Y, Shu Y, LaRochelle JR, Steinauer A, Thompson D, Schepartz A, Chen ZY, Liu DR. Discovery and characterization of a peptide that enhances endosomal escape of delivered proteins in vitro and in vivo. Journal of the American Chemical Society. PMID 26465072 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b05694  0.72
2015 Liu M, Zhao X, Hua S, Du X, Peng Y, Li X, Lan Y, Wang D, Wu A, Shu Y, Jiang T. Antigenic Patterns and Evolution of the Human Influenza A (H1N1) Virus. Scientific Reports. 5: 14171. PMID 26412348 DOI: 10.1038/srep14171  0.96
2015 Yuan Z, Shu Y, Tian Y, Xin Y, Ma B. A facile one-pot synthesis of deep blue luminescent lead bromide perovskite microdisks. Chemical Communications (Cambridge, England). PMID 26411807 DOI: 10.1039/c5cc06750b  0.72
2015 Deng S, Shu Y, Li S, Tian G, Huang J, Zhang F. Chemical forms of the fluorine, chlorine, oxygen and carbon in coal fly ash and their correlations with mercury retention. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 301: 400-406. PMID 26410268 DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2015.09.032  0.8
2015 Li H, Zhou X, Zhu J, Cheng W, Zhu W, Shu Y, Liu P. MiR-4728-3p could act as a marker of HER2 status. Cancer Biomarkers : Section a of Disease Markers. PMID 26406406 DOI: 10.3233/CBM-150524  1
2015 Zhu W, Li L, Yan Z, Gan T, Li L, Chen R, Chen R, Zheng Z, Hong W, Wang J, Smith DK, Guan Y, Zhu H, Shu Y. Dual E627K and D701N mutations in the PB2 protein of A(H7N9) influenza virus increased its virulence in mammalian models. Scientific Reports. 5: 14170. PMID 26391278 DOI: 10.1038/srep14170  0.96
2015 Shu D, Li H, Shu Y, Xiong G, Carson WE, Haque F, Xu R, Guo P. Systemic Delivery of Anti-miRNA for Suppression of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Utilizing RNA Nanotechnology. Acs Nano. PMID 26387848 DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b02471  0.84
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2015 Zhang F, Li M, Wu X, Hu Y, Cao Y, Wang X, Xiang S, Li H, Jiang L, Tan Z, Lu W, Weng H, Shu Y, Gong W, Wang X, et al. 20(S)-ginsenoside Rg3 promotes senescence and apoptosis in gallbladder cancer cells via the p53 pathway. Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 9: 3969-3987. PMID 26309394 DOI: 10.2147/DDDT.S84527  0.92
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2015 Hua S, Li X, Liu M, Cheng Y, Peng Y, Huang W, Tan M, Wei H, Guo J, Wang D, Wu A, Shu Y, Jiang T. Antigenic variation of the human influenza A (H3N2) virus during the 2014-2015 winter season. Science China. Life Sciences. PMID 26219513 DOI: 10.1007/s11427-015-4899-z  0.96
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2015 Shu Y, Tao Y, Wang S, Huang L, Yu X, Wang Z, Chen M, Gu W, Ma H. GmSBH1, a homeobox transcription factor gene, relates to growth and development and involves in response to high temperature and humidity stress in soybean. Plant Cell Reports. PMID 26205508 DOI: 10.1007/s00299-015-1840-7  0.84
2015 Zou T, He D, Yu B, Yu J, Mao X, Zheng P, He J, Huang Z, Shu Y, Liu Y, Chen D. Moderately increased maternal dietary energy intake delays foetal skeletal muscle differentiation and maturity in pigs. European Journal of Nutrition. PMID 26179476 DOI: 10.1007/s00394-015-0996-9  0.96
2015 Huang W, Li X, Tan M, Wei H, Cheng Y, Guo J, Wang Z, Xiao N, Wang D, Shu Y. [Susceptibility of Influenza B Viruses to Neuraminidase Inhibitors Isolated during 2013-2014 Influenza Season in Mainland China]. Bing Du Xue Bao = Chinese Journal of Virology / [Bian Ji, Bing Du Xue Bao Bian Ji Wei Yuan Hui]. 31: 152-6. PMID 26164940  0.8
2015 Sun H, Li Q, Zhang Y, Bi Y, Li X, Shu Y, Chen X, Jin Z, Ge C. Regulation of OPG and RANKL expressed by human dental follicle cells in osteoclastogenesis. Cell and Tissue Research. PMID 26149648 DOI: 10.1007/s00441-015-2214-8  0.84
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