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Circadian Rhythms

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2016 Davis FA. Heterocyclic synthesis using the intramolecular Mannich cyclization reaction and enantiopure N-sulfinyl β-amino carbonyl compounds Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements. 191: 297-304. DOI: 10.1080/10426507.2015.1065260  1
2015 Yin H, Berdel HO, Moore D, Davis F, Liu J, Mozaffari M, Yu JC, Baban B. Whole body vibration therapy: a novel potential treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Springerplus. 4: 578. PMID 26543713 DOI: 10.1186/s40064-015-1373-0  0.36
2015 Sullivan C, Davis F, Ling L. Scholarly Activity Program Requirements: The Review Committee-Emergency Medicine (RC-EM) Perspective. Academic Emergency Medicine : Official Journal of the Society For Academic Emergency Medicine. 22: 1345-7. PMID 26479741 DOI: 10.1111/acem.12800  0.32
2015 Ma F, Bell AE, Davis FJ. Effects of high-hydrostatic pressure and pH treatments on the emulsification properties of gum arabic. Food Chemistry. 184: 114-21. PMID 25872433 DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.03.075  0.32
2015 Ma F, Bell AE, Davis FJ, Chai Y. Effects of high hydrostatic pressure and chemical reduction on the emulsification properties of gum arabic. Food Chemistry. 173: 569-76. PMID 25466061 DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.10.046  0.32
2014 Berdel HO, Moore D, Davis F, Liu J, Yin H, Mozaffari M, Yu JC, Baban B. Abstract 19: the effect of whole body vibration on life expectancy, cell damage and inflammation in a murine model. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 133: 30. PMID 25942130 DOI: 10.1097/01.prs.0000445052.00569.8d  0.36
2014 Wreschnig D, Dolatshad H, Davis FC. Embryonic development of circadian oscillations in the mouse hypothalamus. Journal of Biological Rhythms. 29: 299-310. PMID 25238858 DOI: 10.1177/0748730414545086  1
2014 Helms AS, Davis FM, Coleman D, Bartolone SN, Glazier AA, Pagani F, Yob JM, Sadayappan S, Pedersen E, Lyons R, Westfall MV, Jones R, Russell MW, Day SM. Sarcomere mutation-specific expression patterns in human hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Circulation. Cardiovascular Genetics. 7: 434-43. PMID 25031304 DOI: 10.1161/CIRCGENETICS.113.000448  0.32
2014 Incerpi S, Hsieh MT, Lin HY, Cheng GY, De Vito P, Fiore AM, Ahmed RG, Salvia R, Candelotti E, Leone S, Luly P, Pedersen JZ, Davis FB, Davis PJ. Thyroid hormone inhibition in L6 myoblasts of IGF-I-mediated glucose uptake and proliferation: new roles for integrin αvβ3. American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology. 307: C150-61. PMID 24808494 DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00308.2013  0.32
2013 Davis PJ, Lin HY, Tang HY, Davis FB, Mousa SA. Adjunctive input to the nuclear thyroid hormone receptor from the cell surface receptor for the hormone. Thyroid : Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association. 23: 1503-9. PMID 24011085 DOI: 10.1089/thy.2013.0280  0.32
2013 Hung SW, Mody H, Marrache S, Bhutia YD, Davis F, Cho JH, Zastre J, Dhar S, Chu CK, Govindarajan R. Pharmacological reversal of histone methylation presensitizes pancreatic cancer cells to nucleoside drugs: in vitro optimization and novel nanoparticle delivery studies. Plos One. 8: e71196. PMID 23940717 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071196  1
2013 Lin HY, Su YF, Hsieh MT, Lin S, Meng R, London D, Lin C, Tang HY, Hwang J, Davis FB, Mousa SA, Davis PJ. Nuclear monomeric integrin αv in cancer cells is a coactivator regulated by thyroid hormone. Faseb Journal : Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology. 27: 3209-16. PMID 23640055 DOI: 10.1096/fj.12-227132  0.32
2013 Davis PJ, Glinsky GV, Lin HY, Incerpi S, Davis FB, Mousa SA, Tang HY, Hercbergs A, Luidens MK. Molecular mechanisms of actions of formulations of the thyroid hormone analogue, tetrac, on the inflammatory response. Endocrine Research. 38: 112-8. PMID 23545000 DOI: 10.3109/07435800.2013.778865  0.32
2013 Xiao C, Davis FJ, Chauhan BC, Viola KL, Lacor PN, Velasco PT, Klein WL, Chauhan NB. Brain transit and ameliorative effects of intranasally delivered anti-amyloid-β oligomer antibody in 5XFAD mice. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease : Jad. 35: 777-88. PMID 23542865 DOI: 10.3233/JAD-122419  0.44
2013 Day SM, Divald A, Wang P, Davis F, Bartolone S, Jones R, Powell SR. Impaired assembly and post-translational regulation of 26S proteasome in human end-stage heart failure. Circulation. Heart Failure. 6: 544-9. PMID 23515276 DOI: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.112.000119  0.32
2013 Yalcin M, Lin HY, Sudha T, Bharali DJ, Meng R, Tang HY, Davis FB, Stain SC, Davis PJ, Mousa SA. Response of human pancreatic cancer cell xenografts to tetraiodothyroacetic acid nanoparticles. Hormones & Cancer. 4: 176-85. PMID 23456390 DOI: 10.1007/s12672-013-0137-y  0.32
2012 Lin HY, Tang HY, Davis FB, Mousa SA, Incerpi S, Luidens MK, Meng R, Davis PJ. Nongenomic regulation by thyroid hormone of plasma membrane ion and small molecule pumps. Discovery Medicine. 14: 199-206. PMID 23021374  0.32
2012 Edupuganti R, Davis FA. Synthesis and applications of masked oxo-sulfinamides in asymmetric synthesis. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 10: 5021-31. PMID 22576951 DOI: 10.1039/C2Ob25345C  1
2012 Davis FA, Gaddiraju NV, Theddu N, Hummel JR, Kondaveeti SK, Zdilla MJ. Enantioselective synthesis of cocaine C-1 analogues using sulfinimines (N-sulfinyl imines). The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 77: 2345-59. PMID 22300308 DOI: 10.1021/Jo202652F  1
2012 Mousa SA, Yalcin M, Bharali DJ, Meng R, Tang HY, Lin HY, Davis FB, Davis PJ. Tetraiodothyroacetic acid and its nanoformulation inhibit thyroid hormone stimulation of non-small cell lung cancer cells in vitro and its growth in xenografts. Lung Cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 76: 39-45. PMID 22024450 DOI: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2011.10.003  0.32
2011 Meng R, Tang HY, Westfall J, London D, Cao JH, Mousa SA, Luidens M, Hercbergs A, Davis FB, Davis PJ, Lin HY. Crosstalk between integrin αvβ3 and estrogen receptor-α is involved in thyroid hormone-induced proliferation in human lung carcinoma cells. Plos One. 6: e27547. PMID 22132110 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0027547  0.32
2011 Lin HY, Davis FB, Luidens MK, Mousa SA, Cao JH, Zhou M, Davis PJ. Molecular basis for certain neuroprotective effects of thyroid hormone. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 4: 29. PMID 22016721 DOI: 10.3389/Fnmol.2011.00029  0.32
2011 Pantazopoulos H, Dolatshad H, Davis FC. A fear-inducing odor alters PER2 and c-Fos expression in brain regions involved in fear memory. Plos One. 6: e20658. PMID 21655193 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020658  1
2011 Lorelli CJ, Wreschnig D, Davis FC. Resilience of circadian pacemaker development in hamsters. Journal of Biological Rhythms. 26: 221-9. PMID 21628549 DOI: 10.1177/0748730411402633  1
2011 Lin HY, Cody V, Davis FB, Hercbergs AA, Luidens MK, Mousa SA, Davis PJ. Identification and functions of the plasma membrane receptor for thyroid hormone analogues. Discovery Medicine. 11: 337-47. PMID 21524387  0.32
2011 Davis FA, Xu P. Asymmetric synthesis of anti-α-substituted β-amino ketones from sulfinimines. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 76: 3329-37. PMID 21417438 DOI: 10.1021/Jo2002352  1
2011 Davis PJ, Lin HY, Mousa SA, Luidens MK, Hercbergs AA, Wehling M, Davis FB. Overlapping nongenomic and genomic actions of thyroid hormone and steroids. Steroids. 76: 829-33. PMID 21354437 DOI: 10.1016/j.steroids.2011.02.012  0.32
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2011 Hercbergs AH, Lin HY, Davis FB, Davis PJ, Leith JT. Radiosensitization and production of DNA double-strand breaks in U87MG brain tumor cells induced by tetraiodothyroacetic acid (tetrac). Cell Cycle (Georgetown, Tex.). 10: 352-7. PMID 21212737 DOI: 10.4161/cc.10.2.14641  0.32
2011 Davis PJ, Davis FB, Mousa SA, Luidens MK, Lin HY. Membrane receptor for thyroid hormone: physiologic and pharmacologic implications. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 51: 99-115. PMID 20868274 DOI: 10.1146/annurev-pharmtox-010510-100512  0.32
2010 Davis PJ, Davis FB, Lin HY. Roles and controls of mTOR in the heart. Focus on "mTOR attenuates the inflammatory response in cardiomyocytes and prevents cardiac dysfunction in pathological hypertrophy". American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology. 299: C1250-2. PMID 20926776 DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00410.2010  0.32
2010 Davis FA, Theddu N, Edupuganti R. Asymmetric total synthesis of (S)-(+)-cocaine and the first synthesis of cocaine C-1 analogs from N-sulfinyl β-amino ester ketals. Organic Letters. 12: 4118-21. PMID 20731370 DOI: 10.1021/Ol1017118  1
2010 Yan D, Davis FJ, Sharrocks AD, Im HJ. Emerging roles of SUMO modification in arthritis. Gene. 466: 1-15. PMID 20627123 DOI: 10.1016/J.Gene.2010.07.003  0.44
2010 Im HJ, Kim JS, Li X, Kotwal N, Sumner DR, van Wijnen AJ, Davis FJ, Yan D, Levine B, Henry JL, Desevré J, Kroin JS. Alteration of sensory neurons and spinal response to an experimental osteoarthritis pain model. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 62: 2995-3005. PMID 20556813 DOI: 10.1002/Art.27608  0.44
2010 Pantazopoulos H, Dolatshad H, Davis FC. Chronic stimulation of the hypothalamic vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor lengthens circadian period in mice and hamsters. American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 299: R379-85. PMID 20463182 DOI: 10.1152/ajpregu.00176.2010  1
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2010 Yalcin M, Bharali DJ, Dyskin E, Dier E, Lansing L, Mousa SS, Davis FB, Davis PJ, Mousa SA. Tetraiodothyroacetic acid and tetraiodothyroacetic acid nanoparticle effectively inhibit the growth of human follicular thyroid cell carcinoma. Thyroid : Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association. 20: 281-6. PMID 20187783 DOI: 10.1089/thy.2009.0249  0.32
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2010 Mousa SS, Davis FB, Davis PJ, Mousa SA. Human platelet aggregation and degranulation is induced in vitro by L-thyroxine, but not by 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine or diiodothyropropionic acid (DITPA). Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis : Official Journal of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis. 16: 288-93. PMID 19903697 DOI: 10.1177/1076029609348315  0.32
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2009 Yalcin M, Bharali DJ, Lansing L, Dyskin E, Mousa SS, Hercbergs A, Davis FB, Davis PJ, Mousa SA. Tetraidothyroacetic acid (tetrac) and tetrac nanoparticles inhibit growth of human renal cell carcinoma xenografts. Anticancer Research. 29: 3825-31. PMID 19846915  0.32
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