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2016 Smith GC, Strieder F, Greenberg P, Hayslip B, Montoro-Rodriguez J. Patterns of Enrollment and Engagement of Custodial Grandmothers in a Randomized Clinical Trial of Psychoeducational Interventions Family Relations. 65: 369-386. DOI: 10.1111/fare.12194  1
2015 Petty E, Hayslip B, Caballero DM, Jenkins SR. Development of a Scale to Measure Death Perspectives: Overcoming and Participating. Omega. 71: 146-68. PMID 26625510 DOI: 10.1177/0030222815570597  1
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2015 Hayslip B, Blumenthal H, Garner A. Social Support and Grandparent Caregiver Health: One-Year Longitudinal Findings for Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. 70: 804-12. PMID 25477430 DOI: 10.1093/geronb/gbu165  1
2015 Hayslip B, Pruett JH, Caballero DM. The "how" and "when" of parental loss in adulthood: Effects on grief and adjustment Omega (United States). 71: 3-18. DOI: 10.1177/0030222814568274  1
2015 Hayslip B. Editorial comment: Bringing the generations closer Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 13: 99-103. DOI: 10.1080/15350770.2015.1026027  1
2015 Hayslip B, Maiden RJ, Dolbin-Macnab ML. Relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren: An applied dyadic perspective Promoting Psychological Well-Being in Children and Families. 279-295. DOI: 10.1057/9781137479969.0020  1
2015 Smith GC, Merchant W, Hayslip B, Hancock GR, Strieder F, Montoro-Rodriguez J. Measuring the Parenting Practices of Custodial Grandmothers Journal of Child and Family Studies. DOI: 10.1007/s10826-015-0176-9  1
2014 Hayslip B, Schuler ER, Page KS, Carver KS. Probabilistic thinking and death anxiety: a terror management based study. Omega. 69: 249-70. PMID 25273680 DOI: 10.2190/OM.69.3.b  1
2014 Carver KS, Hayslip B, Gilley A, Watts J. Influences on grief among parentally bereaved adults. Omega. 69: 105-16. PMID 25223308 DOI: 10.2190/OM.69.2.a  1
2014 Hayslip B, Blumenthal H, Garner A. Health and Grandparent-Grandchild Well-Being: One-Year Longitudinal Findings for Custodial Grandfamilies. Journal of Aging and Health. 26: 559-582. PMID 24681974 DOI: 10.1177/0898264314525664  1
2014 Boals A, Hayslip B, Banks JB. Age differences in autobiographical memories of negative events. International Journal of Aging & Human Development. 78: 47-65. PMID 24669509 DOI: 10.2190/AG.78.1.d  1
2014 Hayslip B, Petrie TA. Age, psychological skills, and golf performance: a prospective investigation. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. 69: 245-9. PMID 23525546 DOI: 10.1093/geronb/gbt010  1
2014 Hayslip B. Lifelong Learning: A Dyadic Ecological Perspective Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 12: 368-380. DOI: 10.1080/15350770.2014.961826  1
2014 Panek PE, Hayslip B, Pruett JH. How Do You Know You're Old? Gender Differences in Cues Triggering the Experience of Personal Aging Educational Gerontology. 40: 157-171. DOI: 10.1080/03601277.2013.802183  1
2013 Panek PE, Jenkins SR, Hayslip B, Moske AK. Verbal expressive personality testing with older adults: 25+ years later. Journal of Personality Assessment. 95: 366-76. PMID 23441570 DOI: 10.1080/00223891.2013.767821  1
2013 Hayslip B, Page KS. Family characteristics and dynamics: A systems approach to grief Family Science. 4: 50-58. DOI: 10.1080/19424620.2013.819679  1
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2013 Rhynes LT, Hayslip B, Caballero D, Ingman S. The Beneficial Effects of Senior Center Attendance on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 11: 162-175. DOI: 10.1080/15350770.2013.782746  1
2013 Fruhauf CA, Hayslip B. Understanding Collaborative Efforts to Assist Grandparent Caregivers: A Multileveled Perspective Journal of Family Social Work. 16: 382-391. DOI: 10.1080/10522158.2013.832462  1
2013 Hayslip B, Caballero D, Ward-Pinson M, Riddle RR. Sensitizing Young Adults to Their Biases about Middle-Aged and Older Persons: A Pedagogical Approach Educational Gerontology. 39: 37-44. DOI: 10.1080/03601277.2012.660865  1
2012 Carr GF, Hayslip B, Gray J. The role of caregiver burden in understanding African American custodial grandmothers. Geriatric Nursing (New York, N.Y.). 33: 366-74. PMID 22595336 DOI: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2012.03.004  1
2012 Parker GD, Smith T, Corzine M, Mitchell G, Schrader S, Hayslip B, Fanning L. Assessing attitudinal barriers toward end-of-life care. The American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care. 29: 438-42. PMID 22207714 DOI: 10.1177/1049909111429558  1
2012 Boals A, Hayslip B, Knowles LR, Banks JB. Perceiving a negative event as central to one's identity partially mediates age differences in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. Journal of Aging and Health. 24: 459-74. PMID 22049483 DOI: 10.1177/0898264311425089  1
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2012 Smith GC, Hayslip B. Resilience in adulthood and later life what does it mean and where are we heading? Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 32: 1-28. DOI: 10.1891/0198-8794.32.3  1
2012 Carr GF, Gray J, Hayslip B. Needs for information about supportive resources: A predictor of needs for service and service use in African American grandmother caregivers Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 10: 48-63. DOI: 10.1080/15350770.2012.647566  1
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2011 Holden JM, Oden K, Kozlowski K, Hayslip B. Teaching about near-death experiences: the effectiveness of using The Day I Died. Omega. 63: 373-88. PMID 22010374 DOI: 10.2190/OM.63.4.e  1
2011 Currin JB, Hayslip B, Temple JR. The relationship between age, gender, historical change, and adults' perceptions of mental health and mental health services. International Journal of Aging & Human Development. 72: 317-41. PMID 21977677 DOI: 10.2190/AG.72.4.c  1
2010 Hayslip B, Petrie TA, MacIntire MM, Jones GM. The influences of skill level, anxiety, and psychological skills use on amateur golfers' performances Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. 22: 123-133. DOI: 10.1080/10413200903554281  1
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2007 Curtiss K, Hayslip B, Dolan DC. Motivational style, length of residence, voluntariness, and gender as influences on adjustment to long term care: A pilot study Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. 15: 13-34. DOI: 10.1300/J137v15n04_02  1
2007 Hayslip B, Temple JR, Currin JB. The development of a multidimensional attitude toward mental health scale: Preliminary findings from two cohorts of younger and older adults Clinical Gerontologist. 30: 65-73. DOI: 10.1300/J018v30n03_05  1
2006 Kaminski PL, Hayslip B. Gender differences in body esteem among older adults. Journal of Women & Aging. 18: 19-35. PMID 17000617 DOI: 10.1300/J074v18n03_03  1
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