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2013 Meck WH, Church RM, Olton DS. Hippocampus, time, and memory. Behavioral Neuroscience. 127: 655-68. PMID 24128355 DOI: 10.1037/a0034188  1
2001 Pang KC, Yoder RM, Olton DS. Neurons in the lateral agranular frontal cortex have divided attention correlates in a simultaneous temporal processing task. Neuroscience. 103: 615-28. PMID 11274782 DOI: 10.1016/S0306-4522(01)00018-5  1
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1993 Markowska AL, Long JM, Johnson CT, Olton DS. Variable-interval probe test as a tool for repeated measurements of spatial memory in the water maze. Behavioral Neuroscience. 107: 627-32. PMID 8397867 DOI: 10.1037//0735-7044.107.4.627  1
1993 Olton DS. Age-related behavioral impairments: benefits of multiple measures of performance. Neurobiology of Aging. 14: 637-8. PMID 8295670 DOI: 10.1016/0197-4580(93)90053-E  1
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