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Year Citation  Score
2019 Frank T, Mönig NR, Satou C, Higashijima SI, Friedrich RW. Associative conditioning remaps odor representations and modifies inhibition in a higher olfactory brain area. Nature Neuroscience. PMID 31591559 DOI: 10.1038/s41593-019-0495-z  0.56
2019 Callahan RA, Roberts R, Sengupta M, Kimura Y, Higashijima SI, Bagnall MW. Spinal V2b neurons reveal a role for ipsilateral inhibition in speed control. Elife. 8. PMID 31355747 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.47837  0.52
2019 Kimura Y, Higashijima SI. Regulation of locomotor speed and selection of active sets of neurons by V1 neurons. Nature Communications. 10: 2268. PMID 31118414 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-09871-x  0.52
2018 Watakabe I, Hashimoto H, Kimura Y, Yokoi S, Naruse K, Higashijima SI. Highly efficient generation of knock-in transgenic medaka by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering. Zoological Letters. 4: 3. PMID 29445519 DOI: 10.1186/s40851-017-0086-3  0.52
2017 Taniguchi A, Kimura Y, Mori I, Nonaka S, Higashijima SI. Axially-confined in vivo single-cell labeling by primed conversion using blue and red lasers with conventional confocal microscopes. Development, Growth & Differentiation. PMID 29238969 DOI: 10.1111/dgd.12412  0.52
2016 Chou MY, Amo R, Kinoshita M, Cherng BW, Shimazaki H, Agetsuma M, Shiraki T, Aoki T, Takahoko M, Yamazaki M, Higashijima S, Okamoto H. Social conflict resolution regulated by two dorsal habenular subregions in zebrafish. Science (New York, N.Y.). 352: 87-90. PMID 27034372 DOI: 10.1126/science.aac9508  1
2015 Marquart GD, Tabor KM, Brown M, Strykowski JL, Varshney GK, LaFave MC, Mueller T, Burgess SM, Higashijima S, Burgess HA. A 3D Searchable Database of Transgenic Zebrafish Gal4 and Cre Lines for Functional Neuroanatomy Studies. Frontiers in Neural Circuits. 9: 78. PMID 26635538 DOI: 10.3389/fncir.2015.00078  1
2015 Kawamura A, Ovara H, Ooka Y, Kinoshita H, Hoshikawa M, Nakajo K, Yokota D, Fujino Y, Higashijima SI, Takada S, Yamasu K. Posterior-anterior gradient of zebrafish hes6 expression in the presomitic mesoderm is established by the combinatorial functions of the downstream enhancer and 3'UTR. Developmental Biology. PMID 26596999 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2015.11.010  1
2014 Amo R, Fredes F, Kinoshita M, Aoki R, Aizawa H, Agetsuma M, Aoki T, Shiraki T, Kakinuma H, Matsuda M, Yamazaki M, Takahoko M, Tsuboi T, Higashijima S, Miyasaka N, et al. The habenulo-raphe serotonergic circuit encodes an aversive expectation value essential for adaptive active avoidance of danger. Neuron. 84: 1034-48. PMID 25467985 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2014.10.035  1
2014 Kimura Y, Hisano Y, Kawahara A, Higashijima S. Efficient generation of knock-in transgenic zebrafish carrying reporter/driver genes by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering. Scientific Reports. 4: 6545. PMID 25293390 DOI: 10.1038/srep06545  1
2014 Okigawa S, Mizoguchi T, Okano M, Tanaka H, Isoda M, Jiang YJ, Suster M, Higashijima S, Kawakami K, Itoh M. Different combinations of Notch ligands and receptors regulate V2 interneuron progenitor proliferation and V2a/V2b cell fate determination. Developmental Biology. 391: 196-206. PMID 24768892 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2014.04.011  1
2013 Satou C, Kimura Y, Hirata H, Suster ML, Kawakami K, Higashijima S. Transgenic tools to characterize neuronal properties of discrete populations of zebrafish neurons. Development (Cambridge, England). 140: 3927-31. PMID 23946442 DOI: 10.1242/dev.099531  1
2013 Mizuno H, Sassa T, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Miyawaki A. Transgenic zebrafish for ratiometric imaging of cytosolic and mitochondrial Ca2+ response in teleost embryo. Cell Calcium. 54: 236-45. PMID 23906585 DOI: 10.1016/j.ceca.2013.06.007  1
2013 Reimer MM, Norris A, Ohnmacht J, Patani R, Zhong Z, Dias TB, Kuscha V, Scott AL, Chen YC, Rozov S, Frazer SL, Wyatt C, Higashijima S, Patton EE, Panula P, et al. Dopamine from the brain promotes spinal motor neuron generation during development and adult regeneration. Developmental Cell. 25: 478-91. PMID 23707737 DOI: 10.1016/j.devcel.2013.04.012  1
2013 Aoki T, Kinoshita M, Aoki R, Agetsuma M, Aizawa H, Yamazaki M, Takahoko M, Amo R, Arata A, Higashijima S, Tsuboi T, Okamoto H. Imaging of neural ensemble for the retrieval of a learned behavioral program. Neuron. 78: 881-94. PMID 23684786 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2013.04.009  1
2013 Hirabayashi R, Hozumi S, Higashijima S, Kikuchi Y. Ddx46 is required for multi-lineage differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells in zebrafish. Stem Cells and Development. 22: 2532-42. PMID 23635340 DOI: 10.1089/scd.2012.0623  1
2013 Kimura Y, Satou C, Fujioka S, Shoji W, Umeda K, Ishizuka T, Yawo H, Higashijima S. Hindbrain V2a neurons in the excitation of spinal locomotor circuits during zebrafish swimming. Current Biology : Cb. 23: 843-9. PMID 23623549 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2013.03.066  1
2013 Shimozono S, Iimura T, Kitaguchi T, Higashijima S, Miyawaki A. Visualization of an endogenous retinoic acid gradient across embryonic development. Nature. 496: 363-6. PMID 23563268 DOI: 10.1038/nature12037  1
2012 Jusuf PR, Albadri S, Paolini A, Currie PD, Argenton F, Higashijima S, Harris WA, Poggi L. Biasing amacrine subtypes in the Atoh7 lineage through expression of Barhl2. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 32: 13929-44. PMID 23035102 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2073-12.2012  1
2012 Eklöf-Ljunggren E, Haupt S, Ausborn J, Dehnisch I, Uhlén P, Higashijima S, El Manira A. Origin of excitation underlying locomotion in the spinal circuit of zebrafish. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 109: 5511-6. PMID 22431619 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1115377109  1
2012 Higashijima S, Okamoto H. Yoshiki Hotta and the dawn of zebrafish molecular neurogenetics in Japan. Journal of Neurogenetics. 26: 28-33. PMID 22413917 DOI: 10.3109/01677063.2012.663426  1
2012 Satou C, Kimura Y, Higashijima S. Generation of multiple classes of V0 neurons in zebrafish spinal cord: progenitor heterogeneity and temporal control of neuronal diversity. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 32: 1771-83. PMID 22302816 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.5500-11.2012  1
2012 Behra M, Gallardo VE, Bradsher J, Torrado A, Elkahloun A, Idol J, Sheehy J, Zonies S, Xu L, Shaw KM, Satou C, Higashijima S, Weinstein BM, Burgess SM. Transcriptional signature of accessory cells in the lateral line, using the Tnk1bp1:EGFP transgenic zebrafish line. Bmc Developmental Biology. 12: 6. PMID 22273551 DOI: 10.1186/1471-213X-12-6  1
2012 Asakawa K, Higashijima S, Kawakami K. An mnr2b/hlxb9lb enhancer trap line that labels spinal and abducens motor neurons in zebrafish. Developmental Dynamics : An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 241: 327-32. PMID 22128106 DOI: 10.1002/dvdy.22781  1
2011 Tsutsui H, Higashijima S, Miyawaki A, Okamura Y. [Visualizing voltage dynamics in Zebrafish heart]. Nihon Yakurigaku Zasshi. Folia Pharmacologica Japonica. 138: 234-8. PMID 22156259 DOI: JST.JSTAGE/fpj/138.234  1
2011 Muto A, Ohkura M, Kotani T, Higashijima S, Nakai J, Kawakami K. Genetic visualization with an improved GCaMP calcium indicator reveals spatiotemporal activation of the spinal motor neurons in zebrafish. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 5425-30. PMID 21383146 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1000887108  1
2011 Wibowo I, Pinto-Teixeira F, Satou C, Higashijima S, López-Schier H. Compartmentalized Notch signaling sustains epithelial mirror symmetry. Development (Cambridge, England). 138: 1143-52. PMID 21343366 DOI: 10.1242/dev.060566  1
2011 Kinkhabwala A, Riley M, Koyama M, Monen J, Satou C, Kimura Y, Higashijima S, Fetcho J. A structural and functional ground plan for neurons in the hindbrain of zebrafish. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 1164-9. PMID 21199947 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1012185108  1
2011 Koyama M, Kinkhabwala A, Satou C, Higashijima S, Fetcho J. Mapping a sensory-motor network onto a structural and functional ground plan in the hindbrain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 1170-5. PMID 21199937 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1012189108  1
2010 Agetsuma M, Aizawa H, Aoki T, Nakayama R, Takahoko M, Goto M, Sassa T, Amo R, Shiraki T, Kawakami K, Hosoya T, Higashijima S, Okamoto H. The habenula is crucial for experience-dependent modification of fear responses in zebrafish. Nature Neuroscience. 13: 1354-6. PMID 20935642 DOI: 10.1038/nn.2654  1
2010 Nakamura S, Kobayashi K, Nishimura T, Higashijima S, Tanaka M. Identification of germline stem cells in the ovary of the teleost medaka. Science (New York, N.Y.). 328: 1561-3. PMID 20488987 DOI: 10.1126/science.1185473  1
2010 Tsutsui H, Higashijima S, Miyawaki A, Okamura Y. Visualizing voltage dynamics in zebrafish heart. The Journal of Physiology. 588: 2017-21. PMID 20421282 DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2010.189126  1
2010 Kani S, Bae YK, Shimizu T, Tanabe K, Satou C, Parsons MJ, Scott E, Higashijima S, Hibi M. Proneural gene-linked neurogenesis in zebrafish cerebellum. Developmental Biology. 343: 1-17. PMID 20388506 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2010.03.024  1
2010 Wada H, Ghysen A, Satou C, Higashijima S, Kawakami K, Hamaguchi S, Sakaizumi M. Dermal morphogenesis controls lateral line patterning during postembryonic development of teleost fish. Developmental Biology. 340: 583-94. PMID 20171200 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2010.02.017  1
2009 Sugiyama M, Sakaue-Sawano A, Iimura T, Fukami K, Kitaguchi T, Kawakami K, Okamoto H, Higashijima S, Miyawaki A. Illuminating cell-cycle progression in the developing zebrafish embryo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106: 20812-7. PMID 19923430 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0906464106  1
2009 Satou C, Kimura Y, Kohashi T, Horikawa K, Takeda H, Oda Y, Higashijima S. Functional role of a specialized class of spinal commissural inhibitory neurons during fast escapes in zebrafish. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 29: 6780-93. PMID 19474306 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0801-09.2009  1
2009 Bae YK, Kani S, Shimizu T, Tanabe K, Nojima H, Kimura Y, Higashijima S, Hibi M. Anatomy of zebrafish cerebellum and screen for mutations affecting its development. Developmental Biology. 330: 406-26. PMID 19371731 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2009.04.013  1
2009 Miyasaka N, Morimoto K, Tsubokawa T, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Yoshihara Y. From the olfactory bulb to higher brain centers: genetic visualization of secondary olfactory pathways in zebrafish. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 29: 4756-67. PMID 19369545 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0118-09.2009  1
2009 Vitorino M, Jusuf PR, Maurus D, Kimura Y, Higashijima S, Harris WA. Vsx2 in the zebrafish retina: restricted lineages through derepression. Neural Development. 4: 14. PMID 19344499 DOI: 10.1186/1749-8104-4-14  1
2008 Miyake A, Higashijima S, Kobayashi D, Narita T, Jindo T, Setiamarga DH, Ohisa S, Orihara N, Hibiya K, Konno S, Sakaguchi S, Horie K, Imai Y, Naruse K, Kudo A, et al. Mutation in the abcb7 gene causes abnormal iron and fatty acid metabolism in developing medaka fish. Development, Growth & Differentiation. 50: 703-16. PMID 19046159 DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-169X.2008.01068.x  1
2008 Kimura Y, Satou C, Higashijima S. V2a and V2b neurons are generated by the final divisions of pair-producing progenitors in the zebrafish spinal cord. Development (Cambridge, England). 135: 3001-5. PMID 18684740 DOI: 10.1242/dev.024802  1
2008 Higashijima S. Transgenic zebrafish expressing fluorescent proteins in central nervous system neurons. Development, Growth & Differentiation. 50: 407-13. PMID 18445066 DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-169X.2008.01023.x  1
2008 Hossain MI, Iwasaki H, Okochi Y, Chahine M, Higashijima S, Nagayama K, Okamura Y. Enzyme domain affects the movement of the voltage sensor in ascidian and zebrafish voltage-sensing phosphatases. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283: 18248-59. PMID 18375390 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M706184200  1
2008 Fetcho JR, Higashijima S, McLean DL. Zebrafish and motor control over the last decade. Brain Research Reviews. 57: 86-93. PMID 17825423 DOI: 10.1016/j.brainresrev.2007.06.018  1
2007 McLean DL, Fan J, Higashijima S, Hale ME, Fetcho JR. A topographic map of recruitment in spinal cord. Nature. 446: 71-5. PMID 17330042 DOI: 10.1038/nature05588  1
2006 Kimura Y, Okamura Y, Higashijima S. alx, a zebrafish homolog of Chx10, marks ipsilateral descending excitatory interneurons that participate in the regulation of spinal locomotor circuits. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 26: 5684-97. PMID 16723525 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4993-05.2006  1
2005 Li J, Mack JA, Souren M, Yaksi E, Higashijima S, Mione M, Fetcho JR, Friedrich RW. Early development of functional spatial maps in the zebrafish olfactory bulb. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 25: 5784-95. PMID 15958745 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0922-05.2005  1
2005 Uemura O, Okada Y, Ando H, Guedj M, Higashijima S, Shimazaki T, Chino N, Okano H, Okamoto H. Comparative functional genomics revealed conservation and diversification of three enhancers of the isl1 gene for motor and sensory neuron-specific expression. Developmental Biology. 278: 587-606. PMID 15680372 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2004.11.031  1
2004 Fetcho JR, Higashijima S. Optical and genetic approaches toward understanding neuronal circuits in zebrafish. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 44: 57-70. PMID 21680486 DOI: 10.1093/icb/44.1.57  1
2004 Higashijima S, Schaefer M, Fetcho JR. Neurotransmitter properties of spinal interneurons in embryonic and larval zebrafish. The Journal of Comparative Neurology. 480: 19-37. PMID 15515025 DOI: 10.1002/cne.20279  1
2004 Higashijima S, Mandel G, Fetcho JR. Distribution of prospective glutamatergic, glycinergic, and GABAergic neurons in embryonic and larval zebrafish. The Journal of Comparative Neurology. 480: 1-18. PMID 15515020 DOI: 10.1002/cne.20278  1
2004 Li WC, Higashijima S, Parry DM, Roberts A, Soffe SR. Primitive roles for inhibitory interneurons in developing frog spinal cord. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 24: 5840-8. PMID 15215306 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1633-04.2004  1
2004 Higashijima S, Masino MA, Mandel G, Fetcho JR. Engrailed-1 expression marks a primitive class of inhibitory spinal interneuron. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 24: 5827-39. PMID 15215305 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.5342-03.2004  1
2003 Higashijima S, Masino MA, Mandel G, Fetcho JR. Imaging neuronal activity during zebrafish behavior with a genetically encoded calcium indicator. Journal of Neurophysiology. 90: 3986-97. PMID 12930818 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00576.2003  1
2003 Gleason MR, Higashijima S, Dallman J, Liu K, Mandel G, Fetcho JR. Translocation of CaM kinase II to synaptic sites in vivo. Nature Neuroscience. 6: 217-8. PMID 12563265 DOI: 10.1038/nn1011  1
2002 Zeller J, Schneider V, Malayaman S, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Gui J, Lin S, Granato M. Migration of zebrafish spinal motor nerves into the periphery requires multiple myotome-derived cues. Developmental Biology. 252: 241-56. PMID 12482713 DOI: 10.1006/dbio.2002.0852  1
2002 Ono F, Shcherbatko A, Higashijima S, Mandel G, Brehm P. The Zebrafish motility mutant twitch once reveals new roles for rapsyn in synaptic function. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 22: 6491-8. PMID 12151528  1
2002 Bingham S, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Chandrasekhar A. The Zebrafish trilobite gene is essential for tangential migration of branchiomotor neurons. Developmental Biology. 242: 149-60. PMID 11820812 DOI: 10.1006/dbio.2001.0532  1
2001 Ono F, Higashijima S, Shcherbatko A, Fetcho JR, Brehm P. Paralytic zebrafish lacking acetylcholine receptors fail to localize rapsyn clusters to the synapse. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 21: 5439-48. PMID 11466415  1
2001 Segawa H, Miyashita T, Hirate Y, Higashijima S, Chino N, Uyemura K, Kikuchi Y, Okamoto H. Functional repression of Islet-2 by disruption of complex with Ldb impairs peripheral axonal outgrowth in embryonic zebrafish. Neuron. 30: 423-36. PMID 11395004 DOI: 10.1016/S0896-6273(01)00283-5  1
2000 Wada H, Okamoto H, Higashijima S. [Study of mechanisms for the axonal pathfinding of the trigeminal motor neurons by using transgenic zebrafish]. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme. 45: 2803-9. PMID 11187783  1
2000 Higashijima S, Hotta Y, Okamoto H. Visualization of cranial motor neurons in live transgenic zebrafish expressing green fluorescent protein under the control of the islet-1 promoter/enhancer. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 20: 206-18. PMID 10627598  1
1999 Feinstein Y, Borrell V, Garcia C, Burstyn-Cohen T, Tzarfaty V, Frumkin A, Nose A, Okamoto H, Higashijima S, Soriano E, Klar A. F-spondin and mindin: two structurally and functionally related genes expressed in the hippocampus that promote outgrowth of embryonic hippocampal neurons. Development (Cambridge, England). 126: 3637-48. PMID 10409509  1
1997 Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Ueno N, Hotta Y, Eguchi G. High-frequency generation of transgenic zebrafish which reliably express GFP in whole muscles or the whole body by using promoters of zebrafish origin. Developmental Biology. 192: 289-99. PMID 9441668 DOI: 10.1006/dbio.1997.8779  1
1997 Higashijima S, Nose A, Eguchi G, Hotta Y, Okamoto H. Mindin/F-spondin family: novel ECM proteins expressed in the zebrafish embryonic axis. Developmental Biology. 192: 211-27. PMID 9441663 DOI: 10.1006/dbio.1997.8760  1
1996 Higashijima S, Shishido E, Matsuzaki M, Saigo K. eagle, a member of the steroid receptor gene superfamily, is expressed in a subset of neuroblasts and regulates the fate of their putative progeny in the Drosophila CNS. Development (Cambridge, England). 122: 527-36. PMID 8625804  1
1994 Emori Y, Sugaya R, Akimaru H, Higashijima S, Shishido E, Saigo K, Homma Y. Drosophila phospholipase C-gamma expressed predominantly in blastoderm cells at cellularization and in endodermal cells during later embryonic stages. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 269: 19474-9. PMID 8034716  1
1993 Shishido E, Higashijima S, Emori Y, Saigo K. Two FGF-receptor homologues of Drosophila: one is expressed in mesodermal primordium in early embryos. Development (Cambridge, England). 117: 751-61. PMID 8330538  1
1992 Higashijima S, Michiue T, Emori Y, Saigo K. Subtype determination of Drosophila embryonic external sensory organs by redundant homeo box genes BarH1 and BarH2. Genes & Development. 6: 1005-18. PMID 1350558  1
1992 Higashijima S, Kojima T, Michiue T, Ishimaru S, Emori Y, Saigo K. Dual Bar homeo box genes of Drosophila required in two photoreceptor cells, R1 and R6, and primary pigment cells for normal eye development. Genes & Development. 6: 50-60. PMID 1346120  1
1991 Kojima T, Ishimaru S, Higashijima S, Takayama E, Akimaru H, Sone M, Emori Y, Saigo K. Identification of a different-type homeobox gene, BarH1, possibly causing Bar (B) and Om(1D) mutations in Drosophila. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 88: 4343-7. PMID 1674606  1
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