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Soka University, Aliso Viejo, CA, United States 

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2015 Nagasawa K, Kishida A, Kajiwara M, Kanamatsu T, Takatori K. A simple convenient synthesis of L-[4-13C]glutamine. Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals. 58: 42-5. PMID 25689969 DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3265  1
2015 Nakajima K, Kanamatsu T, Takezawa Y, Kohsaka S. Up-regulation of glutamine synthesis in microglia activated with endotoxin. Neuroscience Letters. 591: 99-104. PMID 25681623 DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2015.02.021  1
2011 Ohtomo T, Kanamatsu T, Fujita M, Takagi M, Yamada J. Sustained downregulation of YY1-associated protein-related protein gene expression in rat hippocampus induced by repeated electroconvulsive shock. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 34: 249-52. PMID 21415536 DOI: JST.JSTAGE/bpb/34.249  1
2010 Nakamori T, Sato K, Atoji Y, Kanamatsu T, Tanaka K, Ohki-Hamazaki H. Demonstration of a neural circuit critical for imprinting behavior in chicks. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 30: 4467-80. PMID 20335483 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3532-09.2010  1
2007 Kanamatsu T, Otsuki T, Tokuno H, Nambu A, Takada M, Okamoto K, Watanabe H, Umeda M, Tsukada Y. Changes in the rates of the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle and glutamine synthesis in the monkey brain with hemiparkinsonism induced by intracarotid infusion of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP): studies by non-invasive 13C-magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Brain Research. 1181: 142-8. PMID 17919469 DOI: 10.1016/j.brainres.2007.08.051  1
2006 Kanamatsu T, Watanabe R, Takase-Yoden S. Cerebral metabolism in brains of rats infected with neuropathogenic murine leukemia viruses. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science / the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science. 68: 259-65. PMID 16598170 DOI: JST.JSTAGE/jvms/68.259  1
2005 Otsuki T, Nakama H, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Glutamate metabolism in epilepsy: 13C-magnetic resonance spectroscopy observation in the human brain. Neuroreport. 16: 2057-60. PMID 16317354 DOI: 10.1097/00001756-200512190-00018  1
2005 Otsuki T, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y, Goto Y, Okamoto K, Watanabe H. Carbon 13-labeled magnetic resonance spectroscopy observation of cerebral glucose metabolism: metabolism in MELAS: case report. Archives of Neurology. 62: 485-7. PMID 15767517 DOI: 10.1001/archneur.62.3.485  1
2004 Ishihara Y, Okamoto K, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Monitoring Internal Body Heat Using Water Proton Chemical Shift During a Fast Spin Echo Pulse Sequence Systems and Computers in Japan. 35: 49-58. DOI: 10.1002/scj.10376  1
2003 Mason GF, Falk Petersen K, de Graaf RA, Kanamatsu T, Otsuki T, Shulman GI, Rothman DL. A comparison of (13)C NMR measurements of the rates of glutamine synthesis and the tricarboxylic acid cycle during oral and intravenous administration of [1-(13)C]glucose. Brain Research. Brain Research Protocols. 10: 181-90. PMID 12565689 DOI: 10.1016/S1385-299X(02)00217-9  1
2000 Ishihara Y, Watanabe H, Okamoto K, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Temperature monitoring of internal body heating induced by decoupling pulses in animal (13)C-MRS experiments. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 43: 796-803. PMID 10861873 DOI: 10.1002/1522-2594(200006)43:6<796::AID-MRM4>3.0.CO;2-2  1
2000 Watanabe H, Umeda M, Ishihara Y, Okamoto K, Oshio K, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Human brain glucose metabolism mapping using multislice 2D (1)H-(13)C correlation HSQC spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 43: 525-33. PMID 10748427 DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1522-2594(200004)43:4<525::AID-MRM6>3.0.CO;2-K  1
2000 Watanabe H, Ishihara Y, Okamoto K, Oshio K, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. 3D localized 1H-13C heteronuclear single-quantum coherence correlation spectroscopy in vivo. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 43: 200-10. PMID 10680683 DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1522-2594(200002)43:2<200::AID-MRM6>3.0.CO;2-H  1
1999 Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Effects of ammonia on the anaplerotic pathway and amino acid metabolism in the brain: an ex vivo 13C NMR spectroscopic study of rats after administering [2-13C]] glucose with or without ammonium acetate. Brain Research. 841: 11-9. PMID 10546983 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-8993(99)01772-2  1
1999 Tsukada Y, Kanamatsu T, Takahara H. Neurotransmitter release from the medial hyperstriatum ventrale of the chick forebrain accompanying filial imprinting behavior, measured by in vivo microdialysis. Neurochemical Research. 24: 315-20. PMID 9972881 DOI: 10.1023/A:1022582625602  1
1998 Tsukada Y, Kanamatsu T, Watanabe H, Okamoto K. In vivo investigation of glutamate-glutamine metabolism in hyperammonemic monkey brain using 13C-magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Developmental Neuroscience. 20: 427-33. PMID 9778581 DOI: 10.1159/000017340  1
1998 Watanabe H, Ishihara Y, Okamoto K, Oshio K, Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. In vivo 3D localized 13C spectroscopy using modified INEPT and DEPT. Journal of Magnetic Resonance (San Diego, Calif. : 1997). 134: 214-22. PMID 9761697 DOI: 10.1006/jmre.1998.1503  1
1994 Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. Measurement of amino acid metabolism derived from [1-13C]glucose in the rat brain using 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Neurochemical Research. 19: 603-12. PMID 8065517 DOI: 10.1007/BF00971337  1
1993 Kanamatsu T, Tsukada Y. 406 Unique characteristics of amino acid metabolism in the cns studied by 13C-MRS Neuroscience Research Supplements. 18: S57. DOI: 10.1016/S0921-8696(05)80828-X  0.4
1992 Kurihara T, Tohyama Y, Yamamoto J, Kanamatsu T, Watanabe R, Kitajima S. Origin of brain 2',3'-cyclic-nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase doublet. Neuroscience Letters. 138: 49-52. PMID 1328959 DOI: 10.1016/0304-3940(92)90469-N  1
1989 Noguchi T, Sugisaki T, Kanamatsu T, Nishikawa N. Presence of a insulin-like growth factor I (somatomedin C) immunoreactive substance in GH producing cells in the bovine anterior pituitary. Hormone and Metabolic Research = Hormon- Und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones Et MéTabolisme. 21: 165-7. PMID 2753466 DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-1009182  1
1989 Morisawa K, Sugisaki T, Kanamatsu T, Aoki T, Noguchi T. Factors contributing to cerebral hypomyelination in the growth hormone-deficient little mouse. Neurochemical Research. 14: 173-7. PMID 2542821 DOI: 10.1007/BF00969635  1
1988 Kanamatsu T, Hirano S. Differences in ME-LI and VIP-LI in discrete brain regions of seizure-naive and seizure-experienced El mice. Neurochemical Research. 13: 983-8. PMID 3216955 DOI: 10.1007/BF00970772  1
1988 Noguchi T, Sugisaki T, Kanamatsu T, Satoh I, Nishikawa N. Reduced vasoactive intestinal polypeptide immunoreactivity in the pituitaries of hormone-deficient mutant mice. The Journal of Endocrinology. 118: 179-85. PMID 3171463  1
1988 Hong JS, McGinty JF, Grimes L, Kanamatsu T, Obie J, Mitchell CL. Seizure-induced alterations in the metabolism of hippocampal opioid peptides suggest opioid modulation of seizure-related behaviors. Nida Research Monograph. 82: 48-66. PMID 2899842  1
1987 Sugisaki T, Noguchi T, Kanamatsu T, Nishikawa N. Alteration of cerebral ganglioside metabolism in developing Snell dwarf mice. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the International Society For Developmental Neuroscience. 5: 399-405. PMID 3503511 DOI: 10.1016/0736-5748(87)90017-7  1
1987 Viveros OH, Diliberto EJ, Hong JH, Kizer JS, Unsworth CD, Kanamatsu T. The regulation of enkephalin levels in adrenomedullary cells and its relation to chromaffin vesicle biogenesis and functional plasticity. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 493: 324-41. PMID 3296911  1
1987 Hong JS, Grimes L, Kanamatsu T, McGinty JF. Kainic acid as a tool to study the regulation and function of opioid peptides in the hippocampus. Toxicology. 46: 141-57. PMID 2890224 DOI: 10.1016/0300-483X(87)90124-7  1
1986 Kanamatsu T, Unsworth CD, Diliberto EJ, Viveros OH, Hong JS. Reflex splanchnic nerve stimulation increases levels of proenkephalin A mRNA and proenkephalin A-related peptides in the rat adrenal medulla. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 83: 9245-9. PMID 3538020  1
1986 McGinty JF, Kanamatsu T, Obie J, Hong JS. Modulation of opioid peptide metabolism by seizures: differentiation of opioid subclasses. Nida Research Monograph. 71: 89-101. PMID 3025738  1
1986 McGinty JF, Kanamatsu T, Obie J, Dyer RS, Mitchell CL, Hong JS. Amygdaloid kindling increases enkephalin-like immunoreactivity but decreases dynorphin-A-like immunoreactivity in rat hippocampus. Neuroscience Letters. 71: 31-6. PMID 2878396 DOI: 10.1016/0304-3940(86)90252-1  1
1986 Kanamatsu T, Obie J, Grimes L, McGinty JF, Yoshikawa K, Sabol S, Hong JS. Kainic acid alters the metabolism of Met5-enkephalin and the level of dynorphin A in the rat hippocampus. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 6: 3094-102. PMID 2876067  1
1986 Wilson WE, Hudson PM, Kanamatsu T, Walsh TJ, Tilson HA, Hong JS, Marenpot RR, Thompson M. Trimethyltin-induced alterations in brain amino acids, amines and amine metabolites: relationship to hyperammonemia. Neurotoxicology. 7: 63-74. PMID 2434891  1
1985 Hong JS, Yoshikawa K, Kanamatsu T, Sabol SL. Modulation of striatal enkephalinergic neurons by antipsychotic drugs. Federation Proceedings. 44: 2535-9. PMID 3838946  1
1985 Hirano S, Takagi Y, Kanamatsu T, Nakai K. Effects of hyperphenylalaninemia in the fetal stage on the postnatal development of fetal rat brain. Neurochemical Research. 10: 1071-81. PMID 2997643 DOI: 10.1007/BF00965882  1
1985 Hong JS, Yoshikawa K, Kanamatsu T, McGinty JF, Mitchell CL, Sabol SL. Repeated electroconvulsive shocks alter the biosynthesis of enkephalin and concentration of dynorphin in the rat brain. Neuropeptides. 5: 557-60. PMID 2860612 DOI: 10.1016/0143-4179(85)90078-2  1
1985 Hong JS, Kanamatsu T, McGinty JF. Amygdaloid kindling increases enkephalin-like immunoreactivity but decreases dynorphin A-like immunoreactivity in rat hippocampus Federation Proceedings. 44: No. 86.  1
1983 Kanamatsu T, Iwasaki N, Okada A. Studies on the enhancement of glutamine synthesis in brain cortex slices by high potassium medium with special reference to glutamine synthetase activity Journal of the Medical Society of Toho University. 29: 658-662.  1
1981 Takagi Y, Kanamatsu T, Asou H, Hirano S. The effect of maternal hyperphenylalaninemia on the behavior of the offspring rat Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan. 43: No. 199.  1
1981 Kanamatsu T. Effects of high potassium medium on glutamine metabolism in rat brain cortex slices, with special reference to glutamine synthetase activity Journal of the Medical Society of Toho University. 28: 35-47.  1
1980 Aso H, Takagi Y, Kanamatsu T, Hirano S. Transport of chloride in developing rat brain Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan. 42: No 178.  1
1979 Hirano S, Kanamatsu T, Takagi Y, Abei T. A simple infrared spectroscopic method for the measurement of expired 13CO2. Analytical Biochemistry. 96: 64-9. PMID 495993 DOI: 10.1016/0003-2697(79)90554-2  1
1979 Asou H, Kanamatsu T, Takagi Y. Effect of acetazolamide on intracellular electrolytes and glycolysis in brain cortex slices of guinea pigs Journal of the Medical Society of Toho University. 26: 294-297.  1
1979 Kanamatsu T, Takagi Y, Aso H. Postnatal changes in choline acetyltransferase (ChAc), acetylcholinesterase (AchE) and 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphohydrolase (CNPase) activities in developing brain tissue of maternal hyperphenylalaninemic rats Journal of the Medical Society of Toho University. 26: 298-303.  1
1978 Kanamatsu T, Takagi Y, Hirano S, Nakai K. Postnatal changes of several enzyme activities in developmental brain tissue of maternal hyperphenylalaninemic rat Neurochemical Research. 3: 659.  1
1977 Hirano S, Noda Y, Kanamatsu T. Enzymatic activities and metabolic reaction in K+ rich medium of ethylnitrosourea-induced glioma tissue Neurochemical Research. 2: 343.  1
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