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Auburn University, Auburn, AL, United States 
Reproduction, Stress, Endocrine Distruptors

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2021 Zimmerman AD, Mackay L, Kemppainen RJ, Jones MA, Read CC, Schwartz D, Foradori CD. The Herbicide Atrazine Potentiates Angiotensin II-Induced Aldosterone Synthesis and Release From Adrenal Cells. Frontiers in Endocrinology. 12: 697505. PMID 34335472 DOI: 10.3389/fendo.2021.697505  0.317
2021 Foradori CD, Mackay L, Huang CJ, Kemppainen RJ. Expression of Rasd1 in mouse endocrine pituitary cells and its response to dexamethasone. Stress (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 1-8. PMID 33840368 DOI: 10.1080/10253890.2021.1907340  0.331
2019 Sartin J, Daniel JA, Foradori C, Whitlock B. 295 Awardee Talk: Novel regulation of growth hormone by kisspeptin Journal of Animal Science. 97: 136-136. DOI: 10.1093/Jas/Skz258.277  0.492
2018 Foradori CD, Healy JE, Zimmerman AD, Kemppainen RJ, Jones MA, Read CC, White BD, Yi KD, Hinds LR, Lacagnina AF, Quihuis AM, Breckenridge CB, Handa RJ. Characterization of activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by the herbicide atrazine in the female rat. Endocrinology. PMID 30060079 DOI: 10.1210/En.2018-00474  0.496
2017 Foradori CD, Whitlock BK, Daniel JA, Zimmerman AD, Jones MA, Read CC, Steele BP, Smith JT, Clarke IJ, Elsasser TH, Keisler DH, Sartin JL. Kisspeptin Stimulates Growth Hormone Release by Utilizing Neuropeptide Y Pathways and Is Dependent on the Presence of Ghrelin in the Ewe. Endocrinology. 158: 3526-3539. PMID 28977590 DOI: 10.1210/En.2017-00303  0.487
2017 Zimmerman AD, Breckenridge CB, Yi KD, Sawhney Coder P, Wanders D, Judd RL, Foradori CD. Changes in hepatic phase I and phase II biotransformation enzyme expression and glutathione levels following atrazine exposure in female rats. Xenobiotica; the Fate of Foreign Compounds in Biological Systems. 1-37. PMID 28882082 DOI: 10.1080/00498254.2017.1374486  0.327
2017 Foradori CD, Zimmerman AD, Coder PS, Peachee VL, Handa RJ, Kimber I, Pruett SB, Breckenridge CB. Lack of immunotoxic effects of repeated exposure to atrazine associated with the adaptation of adrenal gland activation. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology : Rtp. PMID 28736286 DOI: 10.1016/J.Yrtph.2017.07.017  0.373
2016 Tanco VM, Whitlock BK, Jones MA, Wilborn RR, Brandebourg TD, Foradori CD. Distribution and regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, kisspeptin, RF-amide related peptide-3, and dynorphin in the bovine hypothalamus. Peerj. 4: e1833. PMID 27014517 DOI: 10.7717/Peerj.1833  0.531
2015 Breckenridge CB, Sawhney Coder P, Tisdel MO, Simpkins JW, Yi KD, Foradori CD, Handa RJ. Effect of Age, Duration of Exposure, and Dose of Atrazine on Sexual Maturation and the Luteinizing Hormone Surge in the Female Sprague-Dawley Rat. Birth Defects Research. Part B, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology. PMID 26439775 DOI: 10.1002/Bdrb.21154  0.317
2015 Daniel JA, Foradori CD, Whitlock BK, Sartin JL. Reproduction and beyond, kisspeptin in ruminants. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology. 6: 23. PMID 26110054 DOI: 10.1186/S40104-015-0021-4  0.478
2014 Foradori CD, Sawhney Coder P, Tisdel M, Yi KD, Simpkins JW, Handa RJ, Breckenridge CB. The effect of atrazine administered by gavage or in diet on the LH surge and reproductive performance in intact female Sprague-Dawley and Long Evans rats. Birth Defects Research. Part B, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology. 101: 262-75. PMID 24831581 DOI: 10.1002/Bdrb.21109  0.359
2014 Perkins SD, Key CN, Marvin MN, Garrett CF, Foradori CD, Bratcher CL, Kriese-Anderson LA, Brandebourg TD. Effect of residual feed intake on hypothalamic gene expression and meat quality in Angus-sired cattle grown during the hot season. Journal of Animal Science. 92: 1451-61. PMID 24663166 DOI: 10.2527/Jas.2013-7020  0.393
2014 Perkins SD, Key CN, Garrett CF, Foradori CD, Bratcher CL, Kriese-Anderson LA, Brandebourg TD. Residual feed intake studies in Angus-sired cattle reveal a potential role for hypothalamic gene expression in regulating feed efficiency. Journal of Animal Science. 92: 549-60. PMID 24398827 DOI: 10.2527/Jas.2013-7019  0.408
2013 Daniel JA, Foradori CD, Whitlock BK, Sartin JL. Hypothalamic integration of nutrient status and reproduction in the sheep. Reproduction in Domestic Animals = Zuchthygiene. 48: 44-52. PMID 23962214 DOI: 10.1111/Rda.12227  0.425
2013 Foradori CD, Zimmerman AD, Hinds LR, Zuloaga KL, Breckenridge CB, Handa RJ. Atrazine inhibits pulsatile gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) release without altering GnRH messenger RNA or protein levels in the female rat. Biology of Reproduction. 88: 9. PMID 23197165 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.112.102277  0.512
2012 Oyola MG, Portillo W, Reyna A, Foradori CD, Kudwa A, Hinds L, Handa RJ, Mani SK. Anxiolytic effects and neuroanatomical targets of estrogen receptor-β (ERβ) activation by a selective ERβ agonist in female mice. Endocrinology. 153: 837-46. PMID 22186418 DOI: 10.1210/En.2011-1674  0.581
2011 Foradori CD, Hinds LR, Quihuis AM, Lacagnina AF, Breckenridge CB, Handa RJ. The differential effect of atrazine on luteinizing hormone release in adrenalectomized adult female Wistar rats. Biology of Reproduction. 85: 684-9. PMID 21677308 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.111.092452  0.378
2011 Miller L, Foradori CD, Lalmansingh AS, Sharma D, Handa RJ, Uht RM. Histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) participates in the down-regulation of corticotropin releasing hormone gene (crh) expression. Physiology & Behavior. 104: 312-20. PMID 21463644 DOI: 10.1016/J.Physbeh.2011.03.026  0.523
2010 Weiser MJ, Foradori CD, Handa RJ. Estrogen receptor beta activation prevents glucocorticoid receptor-dependent effects of the central nucleus of the amygdala on behavior and neuroendocrine function. Brain Research. 1336: 78-88. PMID 20381466 DOI: 10.1016/J.Brainres.2010.03.098  0.35
2009 Foradori CD, Hinds LR, Hanneman WH, Handa RJ. Effects of atrazine and its withdrawal on gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuroendocrine function in the adult female Wistar rat. Biology of Reproduction. 81: 1099-105. PMID 19605789 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.109.077453  0.449
2009 Foradori CD, Hinds LR, Hanneman WH, Legare ME, Clay CM, Handa RJ. Atrazine inhibits pulsatile luteinizing hormone release without altering pituitary sensitivity to a gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor agonist in female Wistar rats. Biology of Reproduction. 81: 40-5. PMID 19299313 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.108.075713  0.405
2009 Magee C, Foradori CD, Bruemmer JE, Arreguin-Arevalo JA, McCue PM, Handa RJ, Squires EL, Clay CM. Biological and anatomical evidence for kisspeptin regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis of estrous horse mares. Endocrinology. 150: 2813-21. PMID 19228887 DOI: 10.1210/En.2008-1698  0.46
2008 Weiser MJ, Foradori CD, Handa RJ. Estrogen receptor beta in the brain: from form to function. Brain Research Reviews. 57: 309-20. PMID 17662459 DOI: 10.1016/J.Brainresrev.2007.05.013  0.388
2007 Foradori CD, Werner SB, Sandau US, Clapp TR, Handa RJ. Activation of the androgen receptor alters the intracellular calcium response to glutamate in primary hippocampal neurons and modulates sarco/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase 2 transcription. Neuroscience. 149: 155-64. PMID 17870249 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neuroscience.2007.06.054  0.301
2007 Foradori CD, Lund TD, Nagahara AH, Koenig JI, Handa RJ. Corticotropin-releasing hormone heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA) and immunoreactivity are induced in extrahypothalamic brain sites by kainic-acid-induced seizures and are modulated by estrogen. Brain Research. 1164: 44-54. PMID 17631870 DOI: 10.1016/J.Brainres.2007.05.064  0.417
2007 Foradori CD, Amstalden M, Coolen LM, Singh SR, McManus CJ, Handa RJ, Goodman RL, Lehman MN. Orphanin FQ: evidence for a role in the control of the reproductive neuroendocrine system. Endocrinology. 148: 4993-5001. PMID 17615146 DOI: 10.1210/En.2007-0011  0.589
2007 Magee C, Foradori C, Bruemmer J, McCue P, Handa R, Clay C. DISTRIBUTION OF KISSPEPTIN AND GnRH IMMUNOREACTIVE NEURONAL CONTACTS IN THE PREOPTIC AREA AND HYPOTHALAMUS OF THE MARE Biology of Reproduction. 77: 185-185. DOI: 10.1093/Biolreprod/77.S1.185  0.336
2007 Magee C, Bruemmer J, Foradori C, McCue P, Clay C. Evaluation of kisspeptin in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis of the mare Theriogenology. 68: 503-504. DOI: 10.1016/J.Theriogenology.2007.05.020  0.309
2006 Foradori CD, Amstalden M, Goodman RL, Lehman MN. Colocalisation of dynorphin a and neurokinin B immunoreactivity in the arcuate nucleus and median eminence of the sheep. Journal of Neuroendocrinology. 18: 534-41. PMID 16774502 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2826.2006.01445.x  0.623
2005 Foradori CD, Goodman RL, Lehman MN. Distribution of preprodynorphin mRNA and dynorphin-a immunoreactivity in the sheep preoptic area and hypothalamus. Neuroscience. 130: 409-18. PMID 15664697 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2004.08.051  0.592
2005 Foradori CD, Goodman RL, Adams VL, Valent M, Lehman MN. Progesterone increases dynorphin a concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid and preprodynorphin messenger ribonucleic Acid levels in a subset of dynorphin neurons in the sheep. Endocrinology. 146: 1835-42. PMID 15650077 DOI: 10.1210/en.2004-1326  0.606
2002 Foradori CD, Coolen LM, Fitzgerald ME, Skinner DC, Goodman RL, Lehman MN. Colocalization of progesterone receptors in parvicellular dynorphin neurons of the ovine preoptic area and hypothalamus. Endocrinology. 143: 4366-74. PMID 12399433 DOI: 10.1210/En.2002-220586  0.611
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