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Schizophrenia, Nicotine, ERPs, EEG, Cogntion

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2021 Francis AM, Parks A, Choueiry J, El-Marj N, Impey D, Knott VJ, Fisher DJ. Sensory gating in tobacco-naïve cannabis users is unaffected by acute nicotine administration. Psychopharmacology. PMID 33932162 DOI: 10.1007/s00213-021-05843-6  1
2020 Shillova N, Howe SE, Hyseni B, Ridgell D, Fisher DJ, Konjufca V. -specific IgA secretion in the female reproductive tract induced via per-oral immunization confers protection against primary challenge. Infection and Immunity. PMID 33139380 DOI: 10.1128/IAI.00413-20  0.01
2020 Francis AM, Knott VJ, Labelle A, Fisher DJ. Interaction of Background Noise and Auditory Hallucinations on Phonemic Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and P3a Processing in Schizophrenia. Frontiers in Psychiatry. 11: 540738. PMID 33093834 DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.540738  1
2020 Arora M, Knott VJ, Labelle A, Fisher DJ. Alterations of Resting EEG in Hallucinating and Nonhallucinating Schizophrenia Patients. Clinical Eeg and Neuroscience. 1550059420965385. PMID 33074718 DOI: 10.1177/1550059420965385  1
2020 Campanella S, Arikan K, Babiloni C, Balconi M, Bertollo M, Betti V, Bianchi L, Brunovsky M, Buttinelli C, Comani S, Di Lorenzo G, Dumalin D, Escera C, Fallgatter A, Fisher D, et al. Special Report on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Clinical EEG and Research and Consensus Recommendations for the Safe Use of EEG. Clinical Eeg and Neuroscience. 1550059420954054. PMID 32975150 DOI: 10.1177/1550059420954054  0.01
2020 Seleem MA, Rodrigues de Almeida N, Chhonker YS, Murry DJ, Guterres ZDR, Blocker AM, Kuwabara S, Fisher DJ, Leal ES, Martinefski MR, Bollini M, Monge ME, Ouellette SP, Conda-Sheridan M. Correction to Synthesis and Antichlamydial Activity of Molecules Based on Dysregulators of Cylindrical Proteases. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. PMID 32945169 DOI: 10.1021/Acs.Jmedchem.0C01490  0.01
2020 Wood NA, Blocker AM, Seleem MA, Conda-Sheridan M, Fisher DJ, Ouellette SP. The ClpX and ClpP2 Orthologs of Chlamydia trachomatis Perform Discrete and Essential Functions in Organism Growth and Development. Mbio. 11. PMID 32873765 DOI: 10.1128/Mbio.02016-20  0.01
2020 Choueiry J, Blais CM, Shah D, Smith D, Fisher D, Illivitsky V, Knott V. CDP-choline and galantamine, a personalized α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor targeted treatment for the modulation of speech MMN indexed deviance detection in healthy volunteers: a pilot study. Psychopharmacology. PMID 32851421 DOI: 10.1007/S00213-020-05646-1  1
2020 Bissonnette JN, Francis AM, Hull KM, Leckey J, Pimer L, Berrigan LI, Fisher DJ. MMN-Indexed Auditory Change Detection in Major Depressive Disorder. Clinical Eeg and Neuroscience. 1550059420914200. PMID 32345046 DOI: 10.1177/1550059420914200  0.6
2020 Seleem MA, Rodrigues de Almeida N, Chhonker YSS, Murry DJ, Guterres ZR, Blocker AM, Kuwabara S, Fisher DJ, Leal ES, Martinefski MR, Bollini M, Monge ME, Ouellette S, Conda-Sheridan M. Synthesis and Antichlamydial Activity of Molecules Based on Dysregulators of Cylindrical Proteases. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. PMID 32227948 DOI: 10.1021/Acs.Jmedchem.0C00371  0.01
2019 Wood NA, Chung KY, Blocker AM, Rodrigues de Almeida N, Conda-Sheridan M, Fisher DJ, Ouellette SP. Erratum for Wood et al., "Initial Characterization of the Two ClpP Paralogs of Chlamydia trachomatis Suggests Unique Functionality for Each". Journal of Bacteriology. 201. PMID 31748407 DOI: 10.1128/Jb.00613-19  0.01
2019 Rutledge GA, Fisher DR, Miller MG, Kelly ME, Bielinski DF, Shukitt-Hale B. The effects of blueberry and strawberry serum metabolites on age-related oxidative and inflammatory signaling in vitro. Food & Function. PMID 31746877 DOI: 10.1039/C9Fo01913H  0.01
2019 Carey AN, Fisher DR, Bielinski DF, Cahoon DS, Shukitt-Hale B. Walnut-Associated Fatty Acids Inhibit LPS-Induced Activation of BV-2 Microglia. Inflammation. PMID 31741196 DOI: 10.1007/S10753-019-01113-Y  0.01
2019 Fisher DJ, Salisbury DF. The neurophysiology of schizophrenia: Current update and future directions. International Journal of Psychophysiology : Official Journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology. PMID 31477337 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2019.08.005  0.76
2019 Pais SV, Key CE, Borges V, Pereira IS, Gomes JP, Fisher DJ, Mota LJ. CteG is a Chlamydia trachomatis effector protein that associates with the Golgi complex of infected host cells. Scientific Reports. 9: 6133. PMID 30992493 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-42647-3  0.01
2019 Fisher DJ, Rudolph ED, Ells EML, Knott VJ, Labelle A, Tibbo PG. Mismatch negativity-indexed auditory change detection of speech sounds in early and chronic schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research. Neuroimaging. 287: 1-9. PMID 30933744 DOI: 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2019.03.010  1
2019 Choueiry J, Blais CM, Shah D, Smith D, Fisher D, Illivitsky V, Knott V. Combining CDP-choline and galantamine: Effects of a selective α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist strategy on P50 sensory gating of speech sounds in healthy volunteers. Journal of Psychopharmacology (Oxford, England). 269881119836217. PMID 30920339 DOI: 10.1177/0269881119836217  1
2019 Choueiry J, Blais CM, Shah D, Smith D, Fisher D, Labelle A, Knott V. Combining CDP-choline and galantamine, an optimized α7 nicotinic strategy, to ameliorate sensory gating to speech stimuli in schizophrenia. International Journal of Psychophysiology : Official Journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology. PMID 30790597 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ijpsycho.2019.02.005  1
2019 Riel H, Lee JB, Fisher DJ, Tibbo PG. Sex differences in ERP waveforms of primary psychotic disorders: A systematic review. International Journal of Psychophysiology : Official Journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology. PMID 30790596 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ijpsycho.2019.02.006  0.96
2019 Shukitt-Hale B, Thangthaeng N, Miller MG, Poulose SM, Carey AN, Fisher DR. Blueberries Improve Neuroinflammation and Cognition Differentially Depending on Individual Cognitive Baseline Status. The Journals of Gerontology. Series a, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. PMID 30772901 DOI: 10.1093/Gerona/Glz048  0.01
2018 Shaw JH, Key CE, Snider TA, Sah P, Shaw EI, Fisher DJ, Lutter EI. Genetic Inactivation of Inclusion Membrane Protein CT228 Alters MYPT1 Recruitment, Extrusion Production, and Longevity of Infection. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. 8: 415. PMID 30555802 DOI: 10.3389/Fcimb.2018.00415  0.01
2018 Wood NA, Chung K, Blocker A, Rodrigues de Almeida N, Conda-Sheridan M, Fisher DJ, Ouellette SP. Initial Characterization of the Two ClpP Paralogs of Suggests Unique Functionality for Each. Journal of Bacteriology. PMID 30396899 DOI: 10.1128/Jb.00635-18  0.01
2018 Shah D, Cameron C, Smith D, Jaworska N, Blais C, Fisher D, Knott V. An electrophysiological investigation of attentional bias in a PTSD population. Psychological Trauma : Theory, Research, Practice and Policy. 10: 523-532. PMID 30188158 DOI: 10.1037/Tra0000339  1
2018 Claywell JE, Matschke LM, Plunkett KN, Fisher DJ. Inhibition of the Protein Phosphatase CppA Alters Development of . Journal of Bacteriology. PMID 30038048 DOI: 10.1128/Jb.00419-18  0.01
2018 Cossé MM, Barta ML, Fisher DJ, Oesterlin LK, Niragire B, Perrinet S, Millot GA, Hefty PS, Subtil A. The Loss of Expression of a Single Type 3 Effector (CT622) Strongly Reduces Infectivity and Growth. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. 8: 145. PMID 29868501 DOI: 10.3389/Fcimb.2018.00145  0.01
2018 Ells EML, Rudolph ED, Sculthorpe-Petley L, Abriel SC, Campbell DJ, Tibbo PG, Fisher DJ. ALTERATIONS OF COMPLEX MISMATCH NEGATIVITY (cMMN) ELICITED BY A TWO-TONE PATTERN PARADIGM IN EARLY-PHASE PSYCHOSIS. Biological Psychology. PMID 29596955 DOI: 10.1016/J.Biopsycho.2018.03.010  0.96
2018 Fisher DJ, Campbell DJ, Abriel SC, Ells EML, Rudolph ED, Tibbo PG. Auditory Mismatch Negativity and P300a Elicited by the "Optimal" Multi-feature Paradigm in Early Schizophrenia. Clinical Eeg and Neuroscience. 1550059418761459. PMID 29502452 DOI: 10.1177/1550059418761459  0.96
2018 Thangthaeng N, Poulose SM, Fisher DR, Shukitt-Hale B. Walnut extract modulates activation of microglia through alteration in intracellular calcium concentration. Nutrition Research (New York, N.Y.). 49: 88-95. PMID 29420996 DOI: 10.1016/J.Nutres.2017.10.016  0.01
2017 Carey AN, Gildawie KR, Rovnak A, Thangthaeng N, Fisher DR, Shukitt-Hale B. Blueberry supplementation attenuates microglia activation and increases neuroplasticity in mice consuming a high-fat diet. Nutritional Neuroscience. 1-11. PMID 28931353 DOI: 10.1080/1028415X.2017.1376472  0.01
2017 Illingworth M, Hooppaw AJ, Ruan L, Fisher DJ, Chen L. Biochemical and genetic analysis of the Chlamydia GroEL chaperonins. Journal of Bacteriology. PMID 28396349 DOI: 10.1128/JB.00844-16  0.01
2017 Key CE, Fisher DJ. Use of Group II Intron Technology for Targeted Mutagenesis in Chlamydia trachomatis. Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.). 1498: 163-177. PMID 27709575 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-6472-7_11  0.12
2016 Hipson WE, Fisher DJ. The association between acute stress-related insomnia and alcohol use. Sleep Health. 2: 246-252. PMID 29073429 DOI: 10.1016/j.sleh.2016.06.002  0.01
2016 Claywell JE, Matschke LM, Fisher DJ. The Impact of Protein Phosphorylation on Chlamydial Physiology. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. 6: 197. PMID 28066729 DOI: 10.3389/fcimb.2016.00197  0.01
2016 Shukitt-Hale B, Kelly ME, Bielinski DF, Fisher DR. Tart Cherry Extracts Reduce Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Signaling in Microglial Cells. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland). 5. PMID 27669317 DOI: 10.3390/Antiox5040033  0.01
2016 Zhang H, Wang Q, Fisher DJ, Cai M, Chakravartty V, Ye H, Li P, Solbiati JO, Feng Y. Deciphering a unique biotin scavenging pathway with redundant genes in the probiotic bacterium Lactococcus lactis. Scientific Reports. 6: 25680. PMID 27161258 DOI: 10.1038/srep25680  0.12
2016 Claywell JE, Fisher DJ. CTL0511 from Chlamydia trachomatis is a Type 2C Protein Phosphatase (PP2C) with Broad-Substrate Specificity. Journal of Bacteriology. PMID 27114464 DOI: 10.1128/JB.00025-16  0.12
2016 Battistuzzi FU, Schneider KA, Spencer MK, Fisher D, Chaudhry S, Escalante AA. Profiles of low complexity regions in Apicomplexa. Bmc Evolutionary Biology. 16: 47. PMID 26923229 DOI: 10.1186/S12862-016-0625-0  0.01
2016 Fisher DE, Klein BE, Wong TY, Rotter JI, Li X, Shrager S, Burke GL, Klein R, Cotch MF. Incidence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in a Multi-Ethnic United States Population: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Ophthalmology. PMID 26896123 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ophtha.2015.12.026  0.04
2016 Grenader T, Nash S, Adams R, Kaplan R, Fisher D, Maughan T, Bridgewater J. Derived neutrophil lymphocyte ratio is predictive of survival from intermittent therapy in advanced colorectal cancer: a post hoc analysis of the MRC COIN study. British Journal of Cancer. PMID 26889974 DOI: 10.1038/Bjc.2016.23  0.01
2016 Fisher DT, Muhitch JB, Kim M, Doyen KC, Bogner PN, Evans SS, Skitzki JJ. Intraoperative intravital microscopy permits the study of human tumour vessels. Nature Communications. 7: 10684. PMID 26883450 DOI: 10.1038/Ncomms10684  0.01
2016 Sherer EA, Fisher DA, Barnd J, Jackson GL, Provenzale D, Haggstrom DA. The accuracy and completeness for receipt of colorectal cancer care using Veterans Health Administration administrative data. Bmc Health Services Research. 16: 50. PMID 26869265 DOI: 10.1186/S12913-016-1294-9  0.01
2016 Hess KL, Fisher DG, Pilon D, Reynolds GL, Ruiz J. Psychometric Properties of the Milestones of Recovery Scale-Older Adult Version. Community Mental Health Journal. PMID 26868645 DOI: 10.1007/s10597-016-9992-7  0.01
2016 Armand P, Redd R, Bsat J, Mayuram S, Giardino A, Fisher DC, LaCasce AS, Jacobson C, Davids MS, Brown JR, Weng L, Wilkins J, Faham M, Freedman AS, Joyce R, et al. A phase 2 study of Rituximab-Bendamustine and Rituximab-Cytarabine for transplant-eligible patients with mantle cell lymphoma. British Journal of Haematology. PMID 26729345 DOI: 10.1111/bjh.13929  0.04
2016 Eloubeidi MA, Decker GA, Chandrasekhara V, Chathadi KV, Early DS, Evans JA, Fanelli RD, Fisher DA, Foley K, Hwang JH, Jue TL, Lightdale JR, Pasha SF, Saltzman JR, et al. The role of endoscopy in the evaluation and management of patients with solid pancreatic neoplasia. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 83: 17-28. PMID 26706297 DOI: 10.1016/J.Gie.2015.09.009  0.01
2016 Yamani Y, Samuel S, Knodler MA, Fisher DL. Evaluation of the effectiveness of a multi-skill program for training younger drivers on higher cognitive skills. Applied Ergonomics. 52: 135-41. PMID 26360204 DOI: 10.1016/J.Apergo.2015.07.005  0.01
2016 Galli AM, Fisher DR. Hybrid arrangements as a form of ecological modernization: The case of the US energy efficiency conservation block grants Sustainability (Switzerland). 8: 1-19. DOI: 10.3390/Su8010088  0.01
2016 Cooper C, Fisher D, Gupta N, MaCauley R, Pessoa-Silva CL. Infection prevention and control of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, 2014-2015: Key challenges and successes Bmc Medicine. 14. DOI: 10.1186/s12916-015-0548-4  0.08
2016 Beal SA, Osterberg EC, Zdanowicz CM, Fisher DA. Response to Comment on "ice Core Perspective on Mercury Pollution during the Past 600 Years" Environmental Science and Technology. 50: 1068-1069. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b05444  0.01
2016 Bersamin M, Garbers S, Gold MA, Heitel J, Martin K, Fisher DA, Santelli J. Measuring Success: Evaluation Designs and Approaches to Assessing the Impact of School-Based Health Centers Journal of Adolescent Health. 58: 3-10. DOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2015.09.018  0.01
2016 Fisher D, Frey N. Designing Quality Content Area Instruction Reading Teacher. DOI: 10.1002/Trtr.1446  0.04
2016 Fisher D, Frey N. Systems for Teaching Complex Texts: A Proof-of-Concept Investigation Reading Teacher. 69: 403-412. DOI: 10.1002/Trtr.1409  0.04
2016 Fisher D, Frey N. Setting clear learning purposes for ELs Educational Leadership. 73: 84-85.  0.04
2015 Vale CL, Burdett S, Rydzewska LH, Albiges L, Clarke NW, Fisher D, Fizazi K, Gravis G, James ND, Mason MD, Parmar MK, Sweeney CJ, Sydes MR, Tombal B, Tierney JF, et al. Addition of docetaxel or bisphosphonates to standard of care in men with localised or metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analyses of aggregate data. The Lancet. Oncology. PMID 26718929 DOI: 10.1016/S1470-2045(15)00489-1  0.01
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2015 Hooppaw AJ, Fisher DJ. A Coming of Age Story: Chlamydia in the Post-Genetic Era. Infection and Immunity. PMID 26667838 DOI: 10.1128/IAI.01186-15  0.12
2015 Phaeton R, Jiang Z, Revskaya E, Fisher DR, Goldberg GL, Dadachova E. Beta emitters rhenium-188 and lutetium-177 are equally effective in radioimmunotherapy of HPV-positive experimental cervical cancer. Cancer Medicine. PMID 26625938 DOI: 10.1002/cam4.562  0.01
2015 Acosta RD, Abraham NS, Chandrasekhara V, Chathadi KV, Early DS, Eloubeidi MA, Evans JA, Faulx AL, Fisher DA, Fonkalsrud L, Hwang JH, Khashab MA, Lightdale JR, Muthusamy VR, et al. The management of antithrombotic agents for patients undergoing GI endoscopy. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. PMID 26621548 DOI: 10.1016/J.Gie.2015.09.035  0.01
2015 Carey AN, Miller MG, Fisher DR, Bielinski DF, Gilman CK, Poulose SM, Shukitt-Hale B. Dietary supplementation with the polyphenol-rich açaí pulps (Euterpe oleracea Mart. and Euterpe precatoria Mart.) improves cognition in aged rats and attenuates inflammatory signaling in BV-2 microglial cells. Nutritional Neuroscience. PMID 26618555 DOI: 10.1080/1028415X.2015.1115213  0.01
2015 Ito F, Ku AW, Bucsek MJ, Muhitch JB, Vardam-Kaur T, Kim M, Fisher DT, Camoriano M, Khoury T, Skitzki JJ, Gollnick SO, Evans SS. Immune Adjuvant Activity of Pre-Resectional Radiofrequency Ablation Protects against Local and Systemic Recurrence in Aggressive Murine Colorectal Cancer. Plos One. 10: e0143370. PMID 26599402 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0143370  0.01
2015 Phipps AI, Passarelli MN, Chan AT, Harrison TA, Jeon J, Hutter CM, Berndt SI, Brenner H, Caan BJ, Campbell PT, Chang-Claude J, Chanock SJ, Cheadle JP, Curtis KR, Duggan D, Fisher D, et al. Common Genetic Variation and Survival after Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis: A Genome-Wide Analysis. Carcinogenesis. PMID 26586795 DOI: 10.1093/Carcin/Bgv161  0.01
2015 Hopcroft PJ, Fisher DI. Development of a Medium-Throughput Targeted LCMS Assay to Detect Endogenous Cellular Levels of Malonyl-CoA to Screen Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitors. Journal of Biomolecular Screening. PMID 26586251 DOI: 10.1177/1087057115617894  0.01
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2015 Fisher D, Parisis N. Social influence and peer review: Why traditional peer review is no longer adapted, and how it should evolve. Embo Reports. PMID 26559523 DOI: 10.15252/embr.201541256  0.01
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2015 Schutte KM, Fisher DJ, Burdick MD, Mehrad B, Mathers AJ, Mann BJ, Nakamoto RK, Hughes MA. Escherichia coli Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex is an Important Component of CXCL10-Mediated Antimicrobial Activity. Infection and Immunity. PMID 26553462 DOI: 10.1128/IAI.00552-15  0.01
2015 Smith DM, Fisher D, Blier P, Ilivitsky V, Knott V. The separate and combined effects of monoamine oxidase A inhibition and nicotine on resting state EEG. Journal of Psychopharmacology (Oxford, England). PMID 26537155 DOI: 10.1177/0269881115613518  1
2015 Friedman AA, Letai A, Fisher DE, Flaherty KT. Precision medicine for cancer with next-generation functional diagnostics. Nature Reviews. Cancer. PMID 26536825 DOI: 10.1038/Nrc4015  0.04
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