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University of Paris 8 / LSCP, Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, France 

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2018 Giavazzi M, Daland R, Palminteri S, Peperkamp S, Brugières P, Jacquemot C, Schramm C, Cleret de Langavant L, Bachoud-Lévi AC. The role of the striatum in linguistic selection: Evidence from Huntington's disease and computational modeling. Cortex; a Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior. 109: 189-204. PMID 30388440 DOI: 10.1016/j.cortex.2018.08.031  0.48
2018 Sundara M, Ngon C, Skoruppa K, Feldman NH, Onario GM, Morgan JL, Peperkamp S. Young infants' discrimination of subtle phonetic contrasts. Cognition. 178: 57-66. PMID 29777983 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2018.05.009  0.64
2018 Fort M, Lammertink I, Peperkamp S, Guevara-Rukoz A, Fikkert P, Tsuji S. Symbouki: a meta-analysis on the emergence of sound symbolism in early language acquisition. Developmental Science. PMID 29542266 DOI: 10.1111/desc.12659  0.32
2017 Guevara-Rukoz A, Lin I, Morii M, Minagawa Y, Dupoux E, Peperkamp S. Which epenthetic vowel? Phonetic categories versus acoustic detail in perceptual vowel epenthesis. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 142: EL211. PMID 28863560 DOI: 10.1121/1.4998138  0.68
2017 Ngon C, Peperkamp S. Corrigendum to "What infants know about the unsaid: Phonological categorization in the absence of auditory input" [Cognition 152 (2016) 53-60]. Cognition. PMID 28647096 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2017.06.013  0.64
2017 Fort M, Brusini P, Carbajal MJ, Sun Y, Peperkamp S. A novel form of perceptual attunement: Context-dependent perception of a native contrast in 14-month-old infants. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. 26: 45-51. PMID 28499139 DOI: 10.1016/j.dcn.2017.04.006  0.44
2016 Ngon C, Peperkamp S. What infants know about the unsaid: Phonological categorization in the absence of auditory input. Cognition. 152: 53-60. PMID 27023736 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2016.03.014  0.64
2015 Fort M, Martin A, Peperkamp S. Consonants are More Important than Vowels in the Bouba-kiki Effect. Language and Speech. 58: 247-66. PMID 26677645 DOI: 10.1177/0023830914534951  1
2015 Sun Y, Giavazzi M, Adda-Decker M, Barbosa LS, Kouider S, Bachoud-Lévi AC, Jacquemot C, Peperkamp S. Complex linguistic rules modulate early auditory brain responses. Brain and Language. 149: 55-65. PMID 26186230 DOI: 10.1016/j.bandl.2015.06.009  1
2015 Martin A, Peperkamp S. Asymmetries in the exploitation of phonetic features for word recognition. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 137: EL307-13. PMID 25920882 DOI: 10.1121/1.4916792  1
2015 Sun Y, Peperkamp S. The role of speech production in phonological decoding during visual word recognition: evidence from phonotactic repair Language, Cognition and Neuroscience. DOI: 10.1080/23273798.2015.1100316  1
2014 Lev-Ari S, San Giacomo M, Peperkamp S. The effect of domain prestige and interlocutors' bilingualism on loanword adaptations Journal of Sociolinguistics. 18: 658-684. DOI: 10.1111/josl.12102  1
2014 Lev-Ari S, Peperkamp S. The influence of inhibitory skill on phonological representations in production and perception Journal of Phonetics. 47: 36-46. DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2014.09.001  1
2013 Ngon C, Martin A, Dupoux E, Cabrol D, Dutat M, Peperkamp S. (Non)words, (non)words, (non)words: evidence for a protolexicon during the first year of life. Developmental Science. 16: 24-34. PMID 23278924 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7687.2012.01189.x  1
2013 Martin A, Peperkamp S, Dupoux E. Learning phonemes with a proto-lexicon. Cognitive Science. 37: 103-24. PMID 22985465 DOI: 10.1111/j.1551-6709.2012.01267.x  1
2013 Skoruppa K, Mani N, Peperkamp S. Toddlers' processing of phonological alternations: early compensation for assimilation in English and French. Child Development. 84: 313-30. PMID 22957776 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8624.2012.01845.x  1
2013 Skoruppa K, Mani N, Plunkett K, Cabrol D, Peperkamp S. Early word recognition in sentence context: French and English 24-month-olds' sensitivity to sentence-medial mispronunciations and assimilations Infancy. 18: 1007-1029. DOI: 10.1111/infa.12020  1
2013 Skoruppa K, Pons F, Bosch L, Christophe A, Cabrol D, Peperkamp S. The Development of Word Stress Processing in French and Spanish Infants Language Learning and Development. 9: 88-104. DOI: 10.1080/15475441.2012.693881  1
2013 Lev-Ari S, Peperkamp S. Low inhibitory skill leads to non-native perception and production in bilinguals' native language Journal of Phonetics. 41: 320-331. DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2013.06.002  1
2011 Skoruppa K, Cristià A, Peperkamp S, Seidl A. English-learning infants' perception of word stress patterns. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 130: EL50-5. PMID 21786868 DOI: 10.1121/1.3590169  1
2011 Skoruppa K, Peperkamp S. Adaptation to novel accents: feature-based learning of context-sensitive phonological regularities. Cognitive Science. 35: 348-66. PMID 21429003 DOI: 10.1111/j.1551-6709.2010.01152.x  1
2011 Dupoux E, Parlato E, Frota S, Hirose Y, Peperkamp S. Where do illusory vowels come from? Journal of Memory and Language. 64: 199-210. DOI: 10.1016/j.jml.2010.12.004  1
2011 Peperkamp S, Bouchon C. The relation between perception and production in L2 phonological processing Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, Interspeech. 161-164.  1
2010 Dupoux E, Peperkamp S, Sebastián-Gallés N. Limits on bilingualism revisited: stress 'deafness' in simultaneous French-Spanish bilinguals. Cognition. 114: 266-75. PMID 19896647 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2009.10.001  1
2010 Peperkamp S, Vendelin I, Dupoux E. Perception of predictable stress: A cross-linguistic investigation Journal of Phonetics. 38: 422-430. DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2010.04.001  1
2009 Skoruppa K, Pons F, Christophe A, Bosch L, Dupoux E, Sebastián-Gallés N, Limissuri RA, Peperkamp S. Language-specific stress perception by 9-month-old French and Spanish infants. Developmental Science. 12: 914-9. PMID 19840046 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7687.2009.00835.x  1
2008 White KS, Peperkamp S, Kirk C, Morgan JL. Rapid acquisition of phonological alternations by infants. Cognition. 107: 238-65. PMID 18191826 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2007.11.012  1
2008 Dupoux E, Sebastián-Gallés N, Navarrete E, Peperkamp S. Persistent stress 'deafness': the case of French learners of Spanish. Cognition. 106: 682-706. PMID 17592731 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2007.04.001  1
2008 Peperkamp S, Vendelin I, Nakamura K. On the perceptual origin of loanword adaptations: experimental evidence from Japanese Phonology. 25: 129-164. DOI: 10.1017/S0952675708001425  1
2007 Peperkamp S. Do we have innate knowledge about phonological markedness? Comments on Berent, Steriade, Lennertz, and Vaknin. Cognition. 104: 631-7; discussion 63. PMID 17266948 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2006.12.009  1
2006 Peperkamp S, Le Calvez R, Nadal JP, Dupoux E. The acquisition of allophonic rules: statistical learning with linguistic constraints. Cognition. 101: B31-41. PMID 16364279 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2005.10.006  1
2006 Bunnell HT, Vogel IB, Arvaniti A, Backus A, Barbosa P, Hsuan CC, Cholin J, Christophe A, Clopper C, Costa A, D'Imperio M, Dahan D, Davis C, DePaolis R, Diaz-Campos M, ... ... Peperkamp S, et al. Editors' report for volume 49 Language and Speech. 49: 549-550. DOI: 10.1177/00238309060490040501  1
2006 Vendelin I, Peperkamp S. The influence of orthography on loanword adaptations Lingua. 116: 996-1007. DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2005.07.005  1
2004 Christophe A, Peperkamp S, Pallier C, Block E, Mehler J. Phonological phrase boundaries constrain lexical access I. Adult data Journal of Memory and Language. 51: 523-547. DOI: 10.1016/j.jml.2004.07.001  1
2004 Peperkamp S. Lexical exceptions in stress systems: Arguments from early language acquisition and adult speech perception Language. 80: 98-126.  1
2003 Peperkamp S. Phonological acquisition: recent attainments and new challenges. Language and Speech. 46: 87-113. PMID 14748441  1
2003 Christophe A, Gout A, Peperkamp S, Morgan J. Discovering words in the continuous speech stream: The role of prosody Journal of Phonetics. 31: 585-598. DOI: 10.1016/S0095-4470(03)00040-8  1
2003 Peperkamp S. Language and Speech: Preface Language and Speech. 46: 85.  1
2001 Dupoux E, Peperkamp S, Sebastián-Gallés N. A robust method to study stress "deafness". The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 110: 1606-18. PMID 11572370 DOI: 10.1121/1.1380437  1
1999 Peperkamp S, Mehler J. Signed and spoken language: a unique underlying system? Language and Speech. 42: 333-46. PMID 10767993  1
1997 Peperkamp S. A representational analysis of secondary stress in Italian Italian Journal of Linguistics. 9: 189-215.  1
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