Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ian Max AndolinaVisual system, visual perception, cortical feedback
Haijiang Caineuroscience, physiology, biophysics, behavior20002001 xu zhang (research assistant)
Hsiang-Tung Chang John Farquhar Fulton (grad student)
tan zhong chaoVisual system
Mo Chenexpress saccade, PPC20082013 Mingsha Zhang (grad student)
Ming Chen2008 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Yan-min Chen20042006 Zhen-ge Luo (research scientist)
Ke ChenGustatory system Neurobiology and Behavior20112014 Aike Guo (grad student)
Yuchu ChenBehavioral Neurophysiology of Primate Hsiang-Tung Chang (grad student)
Fei Chen Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
Nanhui ChenBehavioral Neurophysiology of Primate19951998 Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Xuemei Chen Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Ke Chenlearning and memory
Wei R. Chen Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Jiadong Chenglia
Xiaodong ChenVisual system20022008 Yang Dan (grad student), Chao-Yi Li (grad student), Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Cheng Chen2006 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Daofen Chen19821985 Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Zhixian ChengMultisensory integration, Self-motion percpeption Yong Gu (grad student)
Leping ChengNeural Development20022005 Qiufu Ma (post-doc)
Jin-Xia Dai Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student)
Wei Dong Shigang He (grad student)
Wei Dongsynaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity20002005 Shigang He (grad student)
Xufei Duzebrafish20062013 Jiulin Du (grad student)
Jiulin Duretina, zebrafish, neuromodulator, vescular
Bo DuanDevelopment and function of sensory circuitry20022010 Tian-Le Xu (grad student)
Yang Fang2010 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Shengjie Feng wang yizheng (grad student)
Chen GangfMRI, Visual system Chao-Yi Li (grad student)
Lixia Gaoauditory thalamus Mu-Ming Poo (grad student), Xinde Sun (grad student), Jufang He (grad student)
Yong GuMultisensory integration, Self-motion percpeption Dora Angelaki (grad student)
Shaobo Guanspatial cognition, visual system, oculomotor, PPC, electrophysiology,, behaving monkeys, computation, psychophysics2010 Mingsha Zhang (research assistant), Si Wu (research assistant)
Chen-bing GuanDevelopmental Neuroscience
Ji-Song Guan20012006 xu zhang (grad student)
Jing Guangattention, saccade
Chao Guo Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student), Hai-Yan Qiu (collaborator)
Wiengqieng Gwomotor control systematic neuroscience He Cui (grad student)
Chao Han2008 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Jiang Hao Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Zhuohao HeNeurodegeneration, Neurobiology20052012 wang yizheng (grad student)
Jie He
Han HouMultisensory integration, Self-motion percpeption20112019 Yousheng Shu (research assistant), Yong Gu (grad student)
Jiaming Hu2010 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Ze-Lan Hu Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student)
Wenqin Huaxonal channel and network function2006 Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Wei Huanglearning and memory20072008 Jiulin Du (research assistant)
Tianwen HuangNeural Development20052012 Leping Cheng (grad student)
Fude Huangneurodegerative disease and drosophila
Ying Huang Yu-Qiang Ding (research assistant)
Yanbo Jiang
Xin JiangNeurodegeneration diseases
Man Jiangsynapse, microcircuit20062012 Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Bian Shao kangVisual system,visual illusion
Max Kleiman-Weiner20072007 Xiang Yu (research assistant)
Wenliang Leidevelopmental neuroscience
Zhi-lin LeiSpatial perception2013 Yong Gu (grad student), Han Hou (collaborator)
Zhengchang LeiOlfactory system20052012 Aike Guo (grad student)
zhilin leiperception of spatial
He ke leneVisual system
Peichao Li2008 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Xinjian Lilearning and memory
Yan LiMolecular mechanisms of the advanced brain function with multiple approaches Aike Guo (grad student)
Yan Listem cell20002005 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Chengyu LiNeural circuits19992004 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student), Shumin Duan (grad student), Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Tun Li Yousheng Shu (grad student)
pan linprotein trafficking mirna20092016 xu zhang (grad student)
Kefei Liuvisual neurophysiology2007 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Di-Shi Liuion channel20072011 Tian-Le Xu (grad student)
Yueguang Liu20062012 Leping Cheng (grad student)
He Liulearning and memory
He Liulearning and memory
Yu Liuexpress saccade, PPC20082013 Mingsha Zhang (grad student)
Minghai Long2009 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Du Wan Luneuroscience
Jiangteng LuGABA system20022007 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Zhen-ge LuoSynapse formation, neuron polarity
Jun Madendrite
Shaorong Maprefrontal cortex, stress20122016 wang yizheng (grad student), Fude Huang (grad student)
Yanxia Panvisual system
Yi-Rong PengNeuroscience20052012 Xiang Yu (grad student)
Lei QianSynapse formation, neuron polarity Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
Wenhui Qiao2011 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Zilong QiuActivity-dependent neural development
Hai-Yan Qiu Yu-Qiang Ding (post-doc)
Nan-jie Ruan Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
Chunfeng ShangVisual System20122011 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student), Yang Dan (grad student), Zhuan Zhou (research assistant), Jiulin Du (research scientist)
Ming Shi Yu-Qiang Ding (post-doc)
Yousheng Shu
Xuejun Songpain Hsiang-Tung Chang (grad student)
Chen Song20062009 Haishan Yao (research assistant)
Yilin TaiTRPC channels
Guo-He TanNeurobiological Diseases
Zhongchao Tan20052009 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Cuiping Tian Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Bo Wang20072015 Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Jincheng Wangautism2018 Zilong Qiu (grad student)
Cheng WangHippocampus20052010 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Tianwei Wangmotor control Key laboratory of primate neurobiology2016 He Cui (grad student)
Jia Wang Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
Qifan WangNeurobiology
Chun-Lei Wang Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student)
Shi-rong WangDopamine
Cheng-Zhong Wang Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student)
Wei WangVisual system
dong wangaxon membrane Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Guangxia Wanglearning and memory
Min WangMolecular mechanisms of stress and cognition; Dynamic connectivity in prefrontal cortex Bao-ming Li (grad student)
du wanluTRP channel, neuron survival, stroke20022009 wang yizheng (grad student)
Shijun Wengretina20002005 Shigang He (grad student)
Ming-Yue Wusensorimotor circuits20112015 Zhi-Qi Xiong (grad student)
Chien-Ping WuNeurophysiology Hsiang-Tung Chang (grad student)
Yang Xia Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Ruobing Xiasystems neuroscience Mingsha Zhang (research assistant)
Wei Xiongneurotransmission
Ning-long XuNeuroscience
Ning-long XuDendrites, Circuits and Perceptual decision-making19992006 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student), Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Haoran XuVisual system20092016 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Song Xue-Mei19992005 Chao-Yi Li (grad student)
Yu XuefeiSelf motion perception2012 Yong Gu (grad student)
Dong Yanneuroscience wang yizheng (grad student)
xingjian yan
Tianming YangDecision making, Visual system, Learning & Memory
Xiufeng Yang Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Mingpo Yang Yousheng Shu (research assistant)
lihua yangSpatial Perception2011 Yong Gu (grad student)
Feng YangNeuronal Development and Synaptic Plasticity Chien-Ping Wu (grad student)
Feng Yang
guoying yangpolarity
Jing Yang Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Haishan YaoVisual system
Zengyou YeNeural Computation of Motor Function20032008 Tian-Le Xu (grad student)
Yizhou Ye Aike Guo (grad student)
Weilong YiBrain imaging2011 Zheng Wang (grad student)
Jiang-an YinIon channels
Jiapeng YinVisual system
wang yizhengTRP channel, neuron survival, cancer cell proliferation
Peng-chun Yusynapse formation
Xiang YuDendritic Development, Neural Circuit Formation
Tifei YuanNMDAR20062006 Yu-Qiang Ding (research assistant)
Dinghong Zhang2009 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Mingsha Zhangsystem neuroscience
Yiheng Zhang Key laboratory of primate neurobiology2016 He Cui (grad student)
Xian Zhang20032007 Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
xu zhangsensory system
Xiao ZhangNeurodegenerative disease
Si-yu Zhanghomeostatic plasticity20042009 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student)
Chengjiang ZhaoAddiction, neurodegeneration
Jianjian ZhaoMemory,Cognition
liang xiao zhaointerneuron and alzheimer's disease
Xiaoliang Zhaocourtship, amyloid, astrocyte20042010 Mu-Ming Poo (grad student), Fude Huang (grad student)
Manxia ZhaoElectrophysiology Subplate
Lian Zheng2009 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Qihao Keo Zhengself-motion perception, multisensory integration, decision-making Yong Gu (grad student)
Wang ZhiweiChina2011 Zheng Wang (grad student)
Xiu-ping Zhou Zhen-ge Luo (grad student)
Jing Zhou Yu-Qiang Ding (grad student)
Li ZhouNeural circuit and development20132017 Yan-Gang Sun (grad student), Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Yang Zhousaccade, PPC, attention, spatial coding20082013 Mingsha Zhang (grad student)
Shude Zhu2009 Haidong D. Lu (grad student)
Jia Zhu20092017 Chengyu Li (grad student)
Shanshan ZhuEpilepsy, inflammation, NMDA excitotoxicity20032004 Zhi-Qi Xiong (research assistant)
Yingjie ZhuVisual system20062012 Haishan Yao (grad student)
Jie Zhu Yousheng Shu (grad student)