University of Science and Technology of China

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
min Bao the mechanisms of visual plasticity
Haijiang Caineuroscience, physiology, biophysics, behavior19992000 Zhuan Zhou (research scientist)
Lin Chenhearing system
Xin Gongneuroscience
Yue Li20102016 Yupeng Yang (grad student)
Ning Wangneuroscience
Xiaoxiao WangVisual system, fMRI
Wei WangVisual system19901998 Tiande Shou (grad student)
Long-Jun WuGlia, Ion channel, pain, memory19992004 Tian-Le Xu (grad student)
Xiang Wuvision Daren Zhang (grad student)
Tian Xue19952000 Zhuan Zhou (research assistant)
Yupeng Yang
Shan YuNeural Network, Criticality, Complex Systems, Synchronization Yifeng Zhou (grad student)
Kai YuanCell Cycle
Zhi ZhangPain and Emotion20082013 Tian-Le Xu (grad student), Zhizhong Z. Pan (post-doc)
Guoqing ZhangChemistry
Daren Zhang
Pengcheng Zhoucomputational neuroscience, machine learning