University of Leicester

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jan M. Acheactive tactile sensing, touch, motor control Tom Matheson (research assistant)
Maryam Ahmadi Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Manuel Franco Arias Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Rodrigo Roberto BammannSystems Biology, Neurophisiology, Neuropharmacology, Nitric Oxide, Serotonin20102013 Volko Straub (grad student), Nicholas Hartell (grad student)
Margaret Barnes-Davies19902005 Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Doug Barrett Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour19992002 David Rose (grad student)
Jonathan Becedas Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Brian BillupsSynaptic transmission Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Pinar BoyrazVisual system Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Helen Brew19931997 Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Hugo Caffaratti Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Julieta Campi Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Alberto Capurro Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Heramb Chadchankar Neuroscience, Psychology & Behaviour2015 James E. McCutcheon (post-doc)
Emanuela De Falco Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Paul D. Dodson19992003 Ian D. Forsythe (grad student)
Vítor Lopes dos SantosNeuronal assemblies Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (research scientist)
David Elliscardiac muscle electophysiology19701973 Reginald A. Chapman (grad student)
Ian D. Forsythesynaptic transmission, voltage-gated potassium channels, intrinsic plasticity, auditory processing19881990 Peter R. Stanfield (post-doc)
Chris H. FrySmooth and Cardiac muscle electophysiology19701973 Reginald A. Chapman (grad student)
Nicholas HartellMemory formation, Synaptic Plasticity, Calcium
Martin Haustein20082011 Ian D. Forsythe (grad student)
Claire V. HutchinsonVisual system, Motion perception
Matias Ison Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Michael Jay2016 David McLean (post-doc)
Lisandro Nicolas KaunitzNeuroscience, Visual Awareness Matias Ison (post-doc)
Conny Kopp-ScheinpflugAuditory Neuroscience Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Jian K. Liu
Juan Martinez-Gomez Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Tom Mathesonmotor control
James E. McCutcheonFeeding, addiction, dopamine, stress
Manuel Molano MazónVisual system, Neural circuits Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Michelle Murphy Neuroscience, Psychology & Behaviour2016 James E. McCutcheon (post-doc)
Joaquin NavajasCognitive Neuroscience Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student), Mariano Sigman (research assistant)
Alexander R. NormanPsychology
Steven Owenssynaptic physiology19972000 Ian D. Forsythe (grad student)
Theofanis PanagiotaropoulosVisual system, early experiences, learning and memory Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Tim C. Pearce
Carlos Pedreira Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
Lucia PinonCell Death
Mike Postlethwaite20052006 Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Rodrigo Quian QuirogaNeuroscience, Signal Processing
Hernan Rey
Zaira Pineda Rico Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (grad student)
GCK RobertsMolecular Pharmacology, NMRT
Hannah Ryder Psychology Heather D. Flowe (grad student)
Raguwinder Sahota
Emanuele Schiavon Centre for Systems Neuroscience Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Harsimrat Singh Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (post-doc)
Peter R. Stanfieldpotassium channels
Joern R. SteinertAuditory system, Kv channels, nitric oxide20062011 Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Ian Stewart Zoology19941999 Terry Burke (grad student)
Volko StraubIntrinsic neuroproperties, neuromodulation, Nitric Oxide, Serotonin
Huaxia TongNeuroscience20062010 Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)
Adam JB TozerMNTB, CaV channels, nitric oxide, serotonin receptors, obesity, appetite20092012 Ian D. Forsythe (grad student)
John Tunstall
Gonzalo P. UrcelayLearning theories, behavioural neuroscience
Adrian YC Wong Ian D. Forsythe (post-doc)