Harvard College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Adelbert Ames, Jr.Visual perception, Binocular vision, Illusions Psychology1900 William James (research assistant)
Jacob Bigelow
Jack Boettcher Chen Ran (research assistant)
Mary W Calkins Psychology18921895 Hugo Münsterberg (grad student)
Ahab ChopraNeuroscience
David A. F. HaagaClinical Psychology Psychology and Social Relations1983 Philip S. Holzman (research assistant)
Eric G. Heinemann
Clyde E. KeelerGenetics, Vision19231926 William Ernest Castle (grad student)
Jacob Nachmias Psychology Psychology Psychology1956 Eric G. Heinemann (grad student), E.B. Newman (grad student), Floyd Ratliff (research scientist)
William R. Schafer19851986 Richard M. Losick (research assistant)
Michael WertheimerPerception, Cognition, Psycholinguistics, History of Psychology Psychology19491952 Stanley Smith Stevens (grad student)
Risheng Xu Chemistry20062007 David A. Evans (research assistant)