Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jan Claassen
Mitch S. Elkindstroke prevention, inflammatory and infectious biomarkers in stroke risk prediction, atrial cardiopathy, immune therapy for acute stroke, and vascular causes of cognitive aging Neurology19961998 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Paul A. GarciaInhibitory Networks, GABA(A) receptors20042010 Andrew Jenkins (post-doc)
Jennifer N. Gelinas Neurology20132017 Nina F. Schor (post-doc)
Elana Zion GolumbicCognitive Science, Neural Mechanisms, Face Detection 20082013 Charles E. Schroeder (post-doc)
Young-Hwan JoNeuroscience, obesity, autonomic nervous system, POMC, cholinergic, vagal Anatomy19992005 Lorna Role (post-doc)
Saadi Ghatan, M.D.
Juan M. SchvartzmanMolecular Biology, Oncology
Jens WitschStroke, intracranial hemorrhage, duplex sonography, electroencephalography Neurology20142016 Jan Claassen (grad student)