University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sarah D. Breaux2010 Michael L. Kalish (grad student)
Lisha ChoubeyFibroblast Growth Factor 1, Brain Development Karen Muller Smith (grad student)
Tammy Cormier-LavergneEarly Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Evaluation Education, Developmental Psychology2010 Donna Dugger-Wadsworth (grad student)
Richard B. DewellNeuroethology19991999 Todd M. Preuss (research assistant)
Anca Doloc-MihuImage Retrieval, Computational Neuroscience CACS20012007 Vijay V. Raghavan (grad student)
Donna Dugger-WadsworthEarly Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Evaluation Education, Developmental Psychology
Carley E. Faughn Cognitive Science2014 Michael L. Kalish (grad student)
Austin James Foreman
Suresh GolcondaIntelligent systems, neural networks, Cognitive Neuroscience2010 Anthony S. Maida (grad student)
Cengiz GunayComputational Neuroscience, Database analysis of neural models, statistical learning, pattern recognition Center for Advanced Computer Studies19982003 Anthony S. Maida (grad student), Istvan S.N. Berkeley (research assistant)
Matthew IsaakDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Derek JamesComputational neuroscience Anthony S. Maida (grad student)
Prashant Joshi Anthony S. Maida (research assistant)
Michael L. Kalish
Cheryl S. Lynch
Anthony S. MaidaIntelligent systems, neural networks, Cognitive Neuroscience
Ahmed A. MoustafaNeuropsychology and computational neuroscience2006 Anthony S. Maida (grad student)
Vijay V. RaghavanComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics
Laurie E. Robinette2010 Michael L. Kalish (grad student)
Deborah June RogersFibroblast Growth Factor 1, Brain Development, calcium imaging, Physiology Karen Muller Smith (grad student)
Benjamin A. RowlandIntelligent systems, neural networks, Cognitive Neuroscience2004 Anthony S. Maida (grad student)
Lori Rubinbrain development, Fibroblast Growth Factor Signaling Karen Muller Smith (grad student)
Karen Muller Smithbrain development, Fibroblast Growth Factors, interneurons, astrocytes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Naresh N. VempalaCognitive science, computational modeling2010 Anthony S. Maida (grad student)