Middle Tennessee State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Janice F. AdamsExperimental Psychology
Renata B. AlexandrePublic Health2008 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Ahmed M. AlsentaliPhysical Education, Clinical Psychology, Recreation2009 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Anna R. AndersonRecreation, Nutrition2012 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Pamela S. AndersonHuman Development, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2006 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Mark H. AnshelPsychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Catherine E. BassPublic Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology2010 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Robert B. BaudoAuditory systems, psychoacoustics Alan Musicant (research assistant)
Terry N. BellenfantPhysical Education, Elementary Education2000 Dianne A. R. Bartley (grad student)
Tina M. BozemanPhysical Education, Health Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Doug Winborn (grad student)
Gayle L. BushHealth Education, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology, Recreation2002 Peggy O'Hara-Murdock (grad student)
Bart CaglePhysical Education, Health Education2000 Doug Winborn (grad student)
Kari M. CampbellHealth Education, Public Health2009 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Beverly K. CorlewRecreation Health and Human Performance2013 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Chris D. DicksonPastoral Counseling, Health Care Management, Black Studies, African American Studies2012 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Eric C Fieldseeg, emotion, memory, social cognition Psychology Psychology William Langston (research assistant), John Pennington (research assistant)
Paul S. FosterBehavioral and Affective Neuroscience2004 David W. Harrison (grad student)
Qiwei GanPsychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology2005 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Sharon E. Guttman
Colby B. JubenvillePhysical Education, Recreation, Behavioral Psychology
Joseph Ryan KrambsStem Cell Biology, Hematopoiesis, Hematopoietic Niches, Genetics20122015 James B. Robertson (research assistant)
William Langstonlanguage
Kelly J. LumpkinRehabilitation and Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, Recreation2007 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Susan S. LylePhysical Education2001 Doug Winborn (grad student)
Bryon R. MartinPhysical Education, Recreation, Behavioral Psychology2009 Colby B. Jubenville (grad student)
J. M. MartinezRecreation2009 Colby B. Jubenville (grad student)
Freddie D. McConnellPhysical Education, Health Education, Recreation, Tests and Measurements Education2001 Doug Winborn (grad student)
Alan MusicantHearing research
Peggy O'Hara-MurdockHealth Education, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology, Recreation
Monica O'RourkeRecreation, Physical Education2011 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Dianne A. R. BartleyPhysical Education, Neuroscience Biology, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Adolfo R. Ramos-GrasaPhysical Education2001 Peggy O'Hara-Murdock (grad student)
Sonya L. SandersonTests and Measurements Education, Health Education, Physical Education2002 Peggy O'Hara-Murdock (grad student)
Tiffany D. WatsonRecreation2008 Mark H. Anshel (grad student)
Norman L. WeatherbyPublic Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology
Doug WinbornPhysical Education, Health Education, Clinical Psychology
Bethany A. WryePublic Health, Social Psychology2011 Norman L. Weatherby (grad student)
Xiaoqing ( XiePhysical Education, Neuroscience Biology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2001 Dianne A. R. Bartley (grad student)