Grinnell College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jaimie D. AdelsonExperience-dependent plasticity20042007 Nancy Rempel-Clower (research assistant)
Emily B. AndersonSystems physiology, behavioral state, learning and memory, decision making, neuromodulation, arousal, attention Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Sarah K. Barks Chet C. Sherwood (post-doc)
Rafael J. Cabezapharmacology, sleep
Peter Campbell Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Yang Chen Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Austin R. GravesElectrophysiology and in vivo imaging20022005 Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Ming GuNumerical linear algebra, Scientific computing Clark Lindgren (grad student)
Megan Hastings HagenauerNeuroscience, Chronobiology, Neuroendocrinology, Reproductive Science20012003 Nancy Rempel-Clower (research assistant), Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Paul F. KramerCellular Neurophysiology20072009 Nancy Rempel-Clower (research assistant)
Clark LindgrenNeurobiology, Plasticity, Electrophysiology, Neuromuscular Junction
Zachary L. NewmanSynaptic Plasticity, Drosophila NMJ20052008 Clark Lindgren (research assistant)
Nancy Rempel-ClowerNeuroscience, Learning, Memory, Emotion
Caleb S. SponheimNeural Interfaces Psychology20122015 Nancy Rempel-Clower (research assistant)
Ali S. Titizdbs, sleep, epilepsy, memory, lupus, sepsis Rafael J. Cabeza (research scientist)
Andrea L. Tracyanimal learning, ingestive behavior
Rebecca Naomi van den HonertCognitive Neuroscience20082009 Nancy Rempel-Clower (research assistant)
Stephen ZhangBehavioral neurogenetics20102013 Clark Lindgren (research assistant)