National Institute on Aging Intramural Research Program

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Irene Avila Shih-Chieh Lin (post-doc)
Murat BilgelNeuroimaging, PET imaging, aging, Alzheimer's disease Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience20122018 Susan Resnick (research scientist)
Megan F DuffyParkinson’s disease, aging, genetics, iPSCs, brain organoids Laboratory of Neurogenetics / CBGES2018 Mark R. Cookson (post-doc)
Carmen Vivar EstudilloAdult neurogenesis, neuronal plasticity Henriette van Praag (post-doc)
Nathaniel GhenaNeural Development20162018 Aiwu Cheng (research assistant), Mark P. Mattson (research assistant)
Joshua O. GohVisual Processing, Aging, Culture, fMRI, Eye-tracking, Adaptation, Attention, Memory, Neural Networks20102012 Susan Resnick (post-doc)
Jing Liang-Guallpa20152016 Shih-Chieh Lin (research assistant)
Shih-Chieh LinBasal forebrain, attention, reward, decision making
Hachi Manzur Shih-Chieh Lin (post-doc)
Mark P. Mattsonaging of the nervous system and age-related neurodegenerative disorders
Jeff D. MayseAging & Systems Neuroscience Shih-Chieh Lin (grad student)
Kristina A. McLindenAlzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials
Sylvina E. Mullinscortical oscillations, endocannabinoids Neural Circuits and Cognition Unit20142015 Shih-Chieh Lin (grad student)
Salvatore NovelloNeurodegeneration, Parkinson's Disease, Protein aggregation, LRRK2, Microdialysis20182018 Mark R. Cookson (grad student)
Henriette van Praag
Alessandro Scaglione2011 Shih-Chieh Lin (post-doc)
Alexis M. StranahanNeuroendocrinology, Synaptic Plasticity20052008 Mark P. Mattson (grad student)
Pearson Trey Sunderland, III
Artur Wnorowskipharmacology, cell signaling, adrenergic receptors, cancer Laboratory of Clinical Investigation20122014 Irving W. Wainer (grad student)