Boston Children's Hospital

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dusica BajicNeuroscience Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine20072008 Charles Berde (research scientist)
Kenneth Blackfan
Yung-Chih ChengTranscriptional Regulation in Neuron Regeneration
Jean Dausset1948 Louis K. Diamond (research scientist)
Louis K. Diamond1930 Kenneth Blackfan (research scientist)
Sidney Farber1928 Kenneth Blackfan (grad student)
Seungkyu LeeChronic pain, Ion channels
Maria Kristiina Lehtinen Genetics20072011 Chris A. Walsh (post-doc)
C. Philippe Morquette
Jong G. Park
Hilary Richardson Department of Medicine2018 Charles A. Nelson (post-doc)
Mark W. Springel Pathology20122014 Maria Kristiina Lehtinen (research assistant)
Jenelle Liane WallaceOptogenetics Kirby Neurobiology2013 Beth Stevens (grad student)
Carly Rose Willing Neurobiology2018 Beth Stevens (research assistant)
Zicong ZhangNeural Regeneration