Michigan Technological University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kenneth A. Augustynpattern recognition, quantum applications, neuroscience, AI
Edward T. CokelyCognitive Psychology, Recreation
Devrim Yagmur DururBiochemistry, Neuroscience, Alzheimer's Disease, Protein Misfolding Diseases, Glia, Neuroinflammation, LLPS Chemistry2021 Ashutosh Tiwari (grad student)
Shelby D. Hunt Marketing and Transportation Bernard J. LaLonde (grad student)
Ogetay KayaliSpecial Relativity Physics Robert J. Nemiroff (grad student)
Bernard J. LaLonde
Nancy E Langstonenvironmental history
Shane T. MuellerMemory, Perception
Erich J. PetushekCognitive Psychology, Recreation Cognitive and Learning Sciences2014 Edward T. Cokely (grad student)
Kelly S. SteelmanBasic and applied attention, Models of attention, Human performance in aviation, Instructional design, Display design