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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Azam Ahmed (Info) University of Wisconsin Madison Medical School ahmadozair 2020‑12‑02
Reid Alisch (Info) University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School ahmadozair 2020‑12‑02
Ravindra K Garg (Info) King George’s Medical University ahmadozair 2020‑12‑02
Gordon J. Harris (Info) Harvard Medical School kaylesawyer 2020‑12‑02
Thomas Hope (Info) UCL oiwi 2020‑12‑02
Rodrigo A. Migueles-Ramirez (Info) McGill Malvick 2020‑12‑03
Ahmad Ozair (Info) King George’s Medical University Global Neurosurgery, neuroscience education ahmadozair 2020‑12‑02
Xiangyuan Peng (Info) Brown rdburwell 2020‑12‑03
Susan Prejawa (Info) Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, UCL fMRI, aphasia, recovery, lesion oiwi 2020‑12‑02
Andrew Quinn (Info) Oxford oiwi 2020‑12‑02
Ian Erik Stewart (Info) MDC Berlin Proprioception, Sensorimotor cortex ianerik 2020‑12‑03
Chiho Sugimoto (Info) Michigan State AJRobison 2020‑12‑03
Diego Vidaurre (Info) Oxford oiwi 2020‑12‑02
Natalie Voets (Info) Oxford oiwi 2020‑12‑02
Martha Helson Wilson (Info) University of Connecticut kaylesawyer 2020‑12‑02
William A. Wilson (Info) University of Connecticut kaylesawyer 2020‑12‑02
Taylor Wise (Info) Brown rdburwell 2020‑12‑03
Mark Woolrich (Info) Oxford oiwi 2020‑12‑02
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