Allen Institute for Brain Science

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kurt Franklin AhrensSystems Neuroscience
Fahimeh Baftizadeh Costas A. Anastassiou (post-doc)
Trygve E. Bakkencomputational neuroscience, imaging genetics2013 Edward S. Lein (research scientist)
Pooja Balaramcellular and systems neuroscience
Amy Bernardcortex, in situ hybridization, cell identity, neural development
Adam A. Bleckertvisual system, neural circuits2014 Nuno Miguel Macarico A. da Costa (research scientist)
Anatoly BuchinComputational Biology, Neuroscience, Epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimeri's disease Modeling Theory and Analysis20172021 Costas A. Anastassiou (research scientist)
Michael Buicevisual system, computation & theory
Nicholas Caincomputational neuroscience
Thomas Chartrand Costas A. Anastassiou (post-doc)
Peter Chong Human Cell Types20142019 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Jennie L. CloseDevelopment, Interneurons, Genetics, Stem Cells
Saskia de Vries2012 R Clay Reid (research scientist)
Rebecca deFrates Human Cell Types20162019 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Alan D. DegenhartBrain-machine interfaces, motor control, motor learning, electrocorticography Saskia de Vries (research scientist)
Daniel J. DenmanVisual Cortex, Barrel Cortex, Epilepsy Timothy J. Blanche (post-doc)
Michal Fortunacentral control of autonomic function Human Cell Types2022 Jonathan T. Ting (research scientist)
Rohan GalaComputational Neuroscience2018 Uygar Sumbul (research scientist)
Marina Garrettvisual system Neural Coding2014 Shawn R. Olsen (research scientist)
Terri L. GilbertGene Expression, Digital Atlasing20112017 Christof Koch (collaborator), Saskia de Vries (collaborator)
Travis A. HageNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology
Brian H. HuVisual system, attention, computer vision20172020 Stefan Mihalas (research scientist)
Avery Hunker Human Cell Types2020 Jonathan T. Ting (research scientist)
Brian Kalmbach
Brian E. KalmbachPlasticity Human Cell Types2016 Jonathan T. Ting (research scientist)
Justin Tyler KigginsPopulation coding, Behavior, Operant Conditioning, Audition, Vision, Perception Neural Coding20162018 Shawn R. Olsen (research scientist)
Meanhwan Kim Human cell types2022 Jonathan T. Ting (research scientist)
Christof KochComputation
Peter Ledochowitsch Timothy J. Blanche (post-doc)
Soo Yeun Lee Costas A. Anastassiou (post-doc)
Edward S. LeinGene expression
Brian R. Long
Daniel J. MillmanComputation, Olfactory Circuits Saskia de Vries (research scientist)
Catalin Mitelut Costas A. Anastassiou (research assistant)
John A. MorrisAnatomy and Analysis
Marty T. Mortrud
Monica Nathaly Munoz Human cell types2022 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Gabe J. Murphy
Anirban Nandi Costas A. Anastassiou (post-doc)
Lindsay Ng Human Cell Types20212022 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Victoria Omstead Human Cell Types2019 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Ximena OpitzAraya Human Cell Types2018 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Alex PietNetwork Dynamics, Working Memory, Decision Making2019 Anton S. Arkhipov (research scientist)
R Clay ReidVisual system
Peter SaggauOptical Engineering, Synaptic Physiology
Andrew McDowall SheltonNeuroscience Neural coding Neural coding Shawn R. Olsen (research assistant), Christof Koch (research scientist)
Joshua H. Sieglevisual cortex, electrophysiology, optogenetics Timothy J. Blanche (post-doc)
Staci Sorensonanatomy
Chelsea Strawder
Bosiljka Tasic
Naz Taskin Human Cell Types2020 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Nivretta Thatra20152016 Nuno Miguel Macarico A. da Costa (research assistant), Staci A. Sorensen (research assistant)
Eric D. Thomas20192022 Timothy J. Cherry (post-doc)
Jonathan T. TingSynaptic transmission, Neuropsychiatric disorders, circuitry genetics, optogenetics Human cell types2013 Edward S. Lein (research scientist)
Matthew T. Valley Jack Waters (research scientist)
Sara Vargas Human cell types2022 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Sharon W. Wayneuroscience, molecular genetics
Natalie Weed Human cell types2019 Jonathan T. Ting (research assistant)
Yina WeiNeuroscience Costas A. Anastassiou (post-doc)
Jennifer D. WhitesellOlfaction, prion disease, Alzheimer's, neurodegeneration2014 Julie A. Harris (research scientist)
Brent D. Winslow Amy Bernard (post-doc)
Morgan Wirthlinvocal learning, evolution of behavior, neurogenomics Human Cell Types2022 Edward S. Lein (research scientist)
David G Wyrick
Zihao XuVisual System Anton S. Arkhipov (research assistant)
Iryna YavorskaAuditory Cortex2020 Marina Garrett (research scientist)
Hatim A ZariwalaSensory and reward systems20092010 Hongkui Zeng (post-doc)
Hongkui Zenggenetics Susumu Tonegawa (post-doc)
Jun ZhuangNeurophysiology & Sensory neocortical networks Neural Coding Neural Coding20172017 R Clay Reid (research scientist), Jack Waters (research scientist), Saskia de Vries (research scientist)
Theresa A. ZwingmanCerebellum, Transgenics20082009 Edward S. Lein (research scientist), Hongkui Zeng (research scientist)