University of Texas at Houston

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kamal Busaidy Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery19982002 Mark Wong (grad student)
Nagi Demian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery19992005 Mark Wong (grad student)
Burt N. EvansAudition2000 Robert E. Marc (grad student)
Ronald S. HarwerthNormal and abnormal binocular vision, structure-function relationships in glaucoma, perimetry, experimental glaucoma in monkeys, animal psychophysics1971 Harry G. Sperling (grad student)
Christopher J. MachadoBehavioral Neuroscience David G. Amaral (post-doc)
Robert E. MarcRetinal circuitry, metabolomics19711975 Harry G. Sperling (grad student)
Garrett W. MillikenMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke19911995 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Jay MullerUltrastucture, monoamine pathways19781983 Robert E. Marc (grad student)
David B. PettigrewNeuroscience Biology20012003 John H. Byrne (post-doc)
Thomas PiantanidaVisual Psychophysics1974 Harry G. Sperling (grad student)
Steven E. RaiguelVisual cortex, motion1988 Robert E. Marc (grad student)
Stuart RedVision
Harry G. Sperlingvisual neuroscience
Critz D. StuartCardiac ion channels1990 Robert E. Marc (grad student)
Mark Wong