University of Szeged

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
George BenedekVisual neuroscience
Antal BerényiVisual System, Epilepsy, Hippocampus, REM2002 George Benedek (research scientist)
Lajos Erdelyi
Peter Gombkoto20082012 George Benedek (grad student)
Károly Gulyacell biology
Szatmar HorvathPsychiatry Jozsef Toldi (grad student)
Gabor Jancso
Zoltan Molnardevelopment, cerebral cortex, thalamocortical projections, subplate19841988 George Benedek (research assistant)
Gabor Molnarmollusc neurons, cortical neurons20032003 Gabor Tamas (post-doc), Janos Salanki (grad student)
Anita MustCognition Stephan Heckers (post-doc), Szabolcs Kéri (grad student)
Szabolcs Olah20072011 Gabor Tamas (grad student)
Azahara Oliva Physiology20142016 Antal Berényi (grad student)
Emese Prandovszky Szatmar Horvath (grad student)
Márton RózsaNeocortical interneurons Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience20112019 Gabor Tamas (post-doc)
Zoltan Sarnyaistress and mental health, psychopharmacology Gabor L. Kovacs (grad student)
Janos SzabadicsGABAergic cells20002005 Gabor Tamas (grad student), Lajos Erdelyi (research assistant)
Gabor TamasNeurogliaform cells (NGFCs), axo-axonic cells (AAC), GABA
Gyula Telegdyneuropetides and brain function
Jozsef Toldi Joachim Rudolf Wolff (grad student), Ferenc Joo (grad student)
Csaba Varga Gabor Tamas (post-doc)
Ádám Vasneuropharmacology