NIDA Intramural Research Program

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jean Lud Cadet
T. Chase FrancisStriatal dependent aversive behavior2019 Marisela Morales (post-doc)
Matthew PH Gardner2014 Geoffrey Schoenbaum (post-doc)
Sam A. GoldenNeuroscience, Reward and Motivation Behavioral Neuroscience Branch20152018 Yavin Shaham (post-doc)
Conor Heins Behavioral Neuroscience Branch20152017 Sam A. Golden (research assistant)
Alexander F. Hoffmancannabinoids, cocaine, electrophysiology, addiction Cellular Neurobiology Branch19992001 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Agnes J. JasinskaCognitive Neuroscience, Functional Neuroimaging, Neurogenetics Neuroimaging Research Branch Neuroimaging Research Branch20122014 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc), Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Michelle Jin Behavioral Neuroscience Branch20172019 Sam A. Golden (research assistant)
Robin J. Keeley Neuroimaging Research Branch20152019 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Mikhail N. Koffarnusbehavioral pharmacology Jonathan L. Katz (research assistant)
Kylie B McPherson20142015 Bruce T. Hope (research assistant)
Mike Michaelides
Ernesto Solis, Jr.bath salts, dopamine transporter, fluorescent substrates, serotonin transporter, mdma, amphetamine, opioids, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, synthetic cannabinoids
Dylan Gilbert SucichAnxiety, Alcohol dependence and withdrawal Integrative Neuroscience Research Branch/ Electron Microscopy Core Integrative Neuroscience Research Branch20162018 Marisela Morales (research assistant), George F. Koob (research assistant)
Craig T. WernerAddiction, synaptic plasticity Neural Engineering Unit2018 Da-Ting Lin (post-doc)
Limei ZhangSystem Neuroscience20142015 Marisela Morales (research scientist)