Humboldt State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Benjamin Graham
Brian B. GriffithsNeuroscience Psychology20062011 Ethan B. Gahtan (grad student)
Senqi Huemotion perception and expression and physiological indices of emotion
M. Kimberly MacLin Social Psychology, racial categorization, criminal stereotypes19911993 Lou Ann Wieand (grad student)
Ian L. PritchardGroup Dynamics, Group Psychotherapy, Treatment Outcomes, Organizational Training, Personality Psychology19951998 Lou Ann Wieand (grad student)
Kauyumari SanchezMultimodal perception
Sarah Josephine Stednitzbehavioral neuroscience Psychology20122014 Ethan B. Gahtan (grad student)
Lou Ann WieandSocial/Clinical Psychology