The University of Auckland

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wesley C. ClappTop-down modulation, visual system, aging, LTP, auditory system, plasticity20032006 Jeffrey P. Hamm (grad student)
Nathan S. Consedinelifespan, emotion, heath, oncology, attachment, gerontology Ken T. Strongman (grad student)
Scott Laurence FairhallConceptual Representation, fMRI20012006 Jeffrey P. Hamm (grad student)
Jeffrey P. Hammobject recognition, LTP, mental rotation, visual attention, semantics19972002 Michael C. Corballis (post-doc), Raymond M. Klein (research assistant)
Angus J C McMorlandMotor control, neural networks2013 Winston D. Byblow (post-doc)
Gareth B. MilesSpinal cord, electrophysiology, motoneuron, locomotion, ALS Gregory D. Funk (grad student)
Rebecca Anne Sharpapplied behavior analysis
Daniel P. SpiegelNeural plasticity, sensory systems, vision20102013 Benjamin Simon Thompson (grad student), Winston D. Byblow (grad student)
Alex H. Taylor
Ian Cressy Wellsobject recognition20042011 Jeffrey P. Hamm (grad student)