Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peng CaoNeurobiology of circuits and synapses20002005 Shurong Wang (grad student)
Le Chang Shigang He (grad student)
Zijun Chen20142019 Peng Cao (grad student)
Lin ChenVision
Xuebo Chengvisual system of Drosophila
Ji DaiVisual system Wang Yi (grad student)
yifei duneural circuits
David FitzpatrickVisual anatomy William J. Adelman Jr. (grad student)
fang guosleep,circadian,neural circuit Aike Guo (grad student)
Lixia He Lin Chen (grad student)
Shigang He
Tan Heng Wang Yi (post-doc)
Han HouMultisensory integration, Self-motion percpeption20062008 Shigang He (research assistant)
Ming HuVisual system, memory, attention20042009 Wang Yi (grad student)
Siyuan HuAttention19992007 Lin Chen (grad student)
yun peng huangVisual system
Qifei Jiang
liu yong junvisual system
Yan LiMolecular mechanisms of the advanced brain function with multiple approaches
Long Lidevelopment of cerebral cortex
Xiaodong Li20122013 Peng Cao (research assistant)
Da-Peng Livisual neurosciense20122006 Shurong Wang (grad student), Wang Yi (research scientist)
Xiao Lihippocampus
Gang Liuvisual learning and memory
Bing Liucognitive/computational neuroscience20052011 Wang Yi (grad student)
Jiangqu Liuneural circuit li Liu (grad student)
Rui-Feng LiuPerception, Visual Motion, Visual Attention20032008 Shurong Wang (grad student)
Zhihui Liu20132016 Peng Cao (research scientist)
li Liulearning and memory Aike Guo (grad student)
Zuxiang Liu
Zili LiuVisual Psychophysics Mandyam V. Srinivasan (research assistant)
Xin MEI20042005 Shigang He (research assistant)
Yu-Qiong NiuVisual System20022007 Shurong Wang (grad student)
Yufeng Panneurogenetics, Drosophila20042009 li Liu (grad student)
Hao QianInteraction between neurons and oligodendrocytes
Xufeng Qiusynaptic transmission
Baole Qu20152016 Peng Cao (research assistant)
Congping Shang
Junxian ShenAuditory syestem
yinjun tianvisual sysem
Jin Yi Wangvisual learning and memory
Yanying Wang20122013 Peng Cao (research assistant)
Yijin Wangvisual learning and memory li Liu (grad student)
Yong Wang2010 Wang Yi (grad student)
Shurong WangVisual information processing
Yuan Wang19962001 Shurong Wang (grad student)
Qian XiaoVisual System20032005 Shurong Wang (grad student)
Li Xiaojian Wang Yi (grad student)
Rui XuVisual perception2005 Jia Liu (grad student)
Tao Xuexocytosis, membrane trafficking, secretory proteins
Fei Yan20152018 Peng Cao (grad student)
Yan Yangmotor learning Shurong Wang (grad student)
Wang Yi
Wei Yisleep
xiongjie yuAuditory, vestibular, visual Jufang He (grad student), Shigang He (grad student)
Qiang ZengRetina
Yin Peng ZhanNeuroscience
Ying ZhangVisual system
Zhiping ZhangLearning and Memory2006 Aike Guo (grad student)
Tao ZhangNeuronal Basis of Visual Motion Perception Shurong Wang (grad student)
Shao-Wu Zhang G. Adrian Horridge (research scientist)
Jiajing Zhang20152016 Peng Cao (research assistant)
Hao ZhangNutrient sensing pathway Yan Li (grad student)
Junyu Zhao
Jun Zhaoneuronal network
Ke Zhou Lin Chen (grad student)
wei zhouprogenitor cells20032008 Tao Xu (grad student)
yanqiong ZhouVision and motor control of drosophila li Liu (grad student)
Tiangang Zhou