Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lee J. Altamirano Charlotte A. Boettiger (research assistant)
Frédéric Ambroggi20072012 Howard L. Fields (post-doc), Saleem M. Nicola (post-doc), Ali Ghazizadeh (collaborator)
Selena E. BartlettAlcoholism, Addiction, Translational Research Maree T. Smith (grad student)
Charlotte A. BoettigerAddiction, Executive function Howard L. Fields (research scientist)
Sebastien CarnicellaFear Conditioning, Addiction, Alcohol Dorit Ron (post-doc)
Laura Heather CorbitLearning, drug abuse
Drew Talyn EricksonDecision Making, Visual Systems, Fronto-Parietal Networks
Tiffany Cheing Hocognitive neuroscience, adolescence, attention, depression, mood disorders20072007 Selena E. Bartlett (research assistant)
Akinori Ishikawa Howard L. Fields (post-doc)
Elizabeth A. Kelley Charlotte A. Boettiger (research assistant)
Anuradha MadhavanNeuroscience
Miquel Martin Antonello Bonci (post-doc)
Miriam MelisNeuropsychopharmacology20002002 Antonello Bonci (post-doc)
Robert O. MessingNeurology, addiction, alcohol and drug abuse
Jeffrey Simms
Sharif A. TahaMotivation and reward; food intake; addiction20022008 Howard L. Fields (post-doc)
Ajithkumar M. Warrier Gregory O. Hjelmstad (post-doc), Howard L. Fields (post-doc)
Raymond L. WhiteHuman Genetics, Cancer, Behavioral Disorders
Yan-Fan Xia Gregory O. Hjelmstad (post-doc), Howard L. Fields (post-doc)
Elizabeth Zuniga Charlotte A. Boettiger (research assistant)