Franklin & Marshall College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jeffrey T. AndreVisual perception and performance, Eye movements and computer use, Visual attention, Change blindness, Visual and auditory interactions Psychology19961998 D. Alfred Owens (post-doc)
Josie Benitezcognitive development, social cognition, stereotype transmission, generic language Psychology20162018 Joshua Rottman (research assistant)
Charles R. FoxSpatial Orientation, Ethical Development, Higher Education
Ellie FrancisVisual perception, Visibility, Conspicuity, Human Factors19741976 D. Alfred Owens (post-doc)
D. Alfred Owens Psychology19721972 Eugene R. Wist (research assistant)
Timothy C. Roth Neuroecology
Joshua Rottmanmoral development
Richard TyrrellExperimental Psychology Psychology19851987 D. Alfred Owens (research assistant)
Eugene R. WistVisual perception, animal behaviour, physiological psychology