Accessing the Academic Tree database via the JSON standard.
JavaScript Object Notation ( provides a simple standard for encoding data structures through http calls. Data from this database can be accessed using three basic URL-based commands. The returned data can be parsed by JSON decoders available for most widespread programming languages.

Node search  Find people matching assorted search criteria (any or all of name, institution, research area).

Example 1. Search for a person by name (searchname will be matched against first, middle and last names):

Example 2. Search for all people listed at an institution (searchinst will be matched against full or short-form institution names):
Node info  Get node data for a unique person identified by their academic tree database id (pid). Data returned in same format as node search.

Example. Retrieve info for John Eccles (pid=114):
Connection info  Get all one-degree connections for a single node, specified by pid Returns a list of connected nodes with additional information about the connection (date, type of relationship, etc.). A single query returns only immediate (one-degree) connections, but subsequent queries to the returned pids allows tracing up or down the tree.

Example. Retrieve connections for John Eccles (pid=114):