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Michael Collins (Info) Columbia (Computer Science Tree) Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning david 2016‑01‑10
Sun-Mo ( Kang (Info) UIUC (Computer Science Tree) Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
John Pemberton (Info) Columbia (Anthropology Tree) david 2016‑01‑10
Hsien-Yeang Seow (Info) Johns Hopkins (MathTree) Public Health, Health Care Management pq 2016‑02‑22
Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang (Info) Columbia (E-Tree) david 2016‑01‑10
Hongming Wang (Info) UNH (Chemistry Tree) Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Optics Physics pq 2016‑05‑19
Harold Zhang (Info) UNC Chapel Hill (Econometree) Finance pq 2016‑05‑19
Jun Duan (Info) Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) (E-Tree) Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Stephen T. Fife (Info) BYU (SocTree) Individual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology pq 2016‑05‑19
Jia-Huey Lin (Info) University of Houston (Econometree) Labor Economics, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies pq 2016‑05‑19
Hanlin Zhang (Info) University of Central Florida (E-Tree) Materials Science Engineering, Civil Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Sok-kyu Lee (Info) NJIT (E-Tree) Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Zafiris J. Daskalakis (Info) University of Toronto Mental Health, Pathology, Neuroscience Biology pq 2016‑05‑19
Stuart MacKay (Info) University of La Verne (SocTree) Secondary Education, Guidance and Counseling Education pq 2016‑05‑19
Hye-Suk Chong (Info) Columbia (Theology Tree) Social Work, Individual and Family Studies pq 2016‑05‑19
Ge Song (Info) UC Davis (E-Tree) Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Hassan Kabir (Info) University of New Orleans (Econometree) Finance, Banking Business Administration pq 2016‑05‑19
Roger W. Ehrich (Info) Virginia Tech (E-Tree) Technology of Education, System Science Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
John Phelps (Info) SIU Carbondale (PoliSci Tree) Public Administration, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Environmental Sciences pq 2016‑05‑19
Rick A. Kittles (Info) Chicago (Epi Tree) Genetics, Epidemiology, General Biology, Oncology, African American Studies pq 2016‑05‑19
Vincent L. Freeman (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago (Epi Tree) Epidemiology, Public Health, Oncology pq 2016‑05‑19
Joyce T. Bromberger (Info) University of Pittsburgh (Epi Tree) Epidemiology, Mental Health, Women's Studies pq 2016‑05‑19
Gordon L. Jensen (Info) Penn State (Epi Tree) Nutrition, Epidemiology, Aging pq 2016‑05‑19
Lloyd Cantley (Info) Yale (Epi Tree) Medicine and Surgery, Epidemiology, Immunology pq 2016‑05‑19
King-Lun Yeung (Info) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (E-Tree) Chemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Robert Townley (Info) Columbia Synapses and Circuits, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Biophysics/Ion Channels, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience pq 2016‑01‑10
Said Mansour (Info) Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Physics Tree) Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑05‑19
Aashish Clerk (Info) Cornell (Physics Tree) Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑01‑10
Miceal Vaughan (Info) University of Washington (Literature Tree) Comparative Literature, English Literature, Romance Literature, Latin American Literature pq 2016‑05‑19
Julia Bader (Info) UC Berkeley (Literature Tree) General Literature, Reading Education, Women's Studies, Developmental Psychology pq 2016‑05‑19
Toni M. Calasanti (Info) Virginia Tech (SocTree) Industrial and Labor Relations, Law pq 2016‑05‑19
Chingping ( Han (Info) Florida Atlantic University (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Yu Shi (Info) Columbia Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience pq 2016‑01‑10
Tom Mayer (Info) CU Boulder (PoliSci Tree) Social Structure and Development, American Studies, General pq 2016‑05‑19
Jason S. Snook (Info) Virginia Tech (E-Tree) Computer Science, Social Psychology pq 2016‑05‑19
Zhiwu Li (Info) University of Idaho (Microtree) Plant Pathology Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture pq 2016‑05‑19
Wenlong Zhang (Info) Notre Dame (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Michelle Landry (Info) Universite Laval (Canada) Pharmacy pq 2016‑05‑19
Seong-Geun Bae (Info) Florida State (PoliSci Tree) Sociology of Education, Public Administration, Theory and Methods pq 2016‑05‑19
Zhen Xiao (Info) Cornell (Computer Science Tree) Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑19
Ashwin Budden (Info) UCSD (Anthropology Tree) pq 2016‑01‑10
Hee-Sam Kang (Info) The University of Texas at Arlington (Econometree) Finance pq 2016‑05‑19
Kyuil Chung (Info) UC Davis (Econometree) General Economics pq 2016‑05‑19
Farrukh M. Koraishy (Info) Yale (Epi Tree) Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology Biology pq 2016‑05‑19
Yan Tian (Info) Temple University (Anthropology Tree) Mass Communications, Marketing Business Administration pq 2016‑05‑19
Yu Yan (Info) Stanford (MathTree) pq 2016‑01‑10
Young-Eun Choi (Info) Stanford (MathTree) pq 2016‑01‑10
Danzhu Shi (Info) Stanford (MathTree) pq 2016‑01‑10
Ke Zhu (Info) Stanford (MathTree) pq 2016‑01‑10
Ake T. Lu (Info) UCLA (MathTree) Biostatistics Biology pq 2016‑02‑22
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