Yonsei University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Oakyoon Cha
Yong Min ChoiCognitive Neuroscience Psychology20182020 Sang-Chul Chong (grad student)
Sang-Chul Chong Randolph Blake (post-doc)
Heeyoung Choovisual cognition, perception, scene recognition, pattern analysis, fMRI20042006 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Heejung Chunneuroscience
Chan-Sup ChungVision, Emotional Science
Jongrok DoCognitive Psychology
Jiyeong Ha
Sanghoon HanEpisodic Memory, Motivated Memory, Decision Making, Cognitive Neuroscience, 20012003 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Suk-Won HanWorking Memory, Attention, Response Selection Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Kwang Hee Han
Angie Han Young-Woo Sohn (grad student)
Hio-Been HanNeural synchrony, EEG, Attention Department of Psychology20152017 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Injae Hongvisual attention Department of Psychology Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Shinwoo Hwang
JungMoon Hyun Speech-Language Pathology Hyanghee Kim (grad student)
Dong Cheol Jang
Su Keun JeongVisual cognition Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Sung Jun JooVisual perception, Attention Cognitive Science20062008 Sang-Chul Chong (grad student)
YoungSoo KimChemical Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Peptide Chemistry, Alzheimer's disease
Sunah KimVision, Touch, Multisensory Integration, Neuroimaging, Shape, Motion, Direction, Color, Space Perception20022004 Chan-Sup Chung (grad student)
Kamin Kim Psychology Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Min-Shik Kimattention, memory19861988 Chan-Sup Chung (grad student)
ShinWoo Kim Young-Woo Sohn (grad student)
So-Yeon Kim Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Yun ji Kimattention, cognitive processing
Chai-Youn Kimvision, synesthesia
Hankyul KwakSensory information processing, glia, astrocyte, thalamus, synapse
Yongmin KwonMemory
Heeseung Lee Young-Woo Sohn (grad student)
Hyunkyu Lee20012003 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Juhyung LeeNeurodegeneration
Hongmi Leememory Do-joon Yi (grad student)
Kwang LeeElectrophysiology, Optogenetics, Neural circuits, Neural dynamics, Dopamine Biotechnology20082011 Hyungil Jung (grad student)
John S. Leecognitive psychology
Seok Jun J. Moon
Su Hyoun ParkVisual learning, Memory, Attention, Reward20112013 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Jeongho Park Psychology20102013 Do-joon Yi (grad student)
Kyungja Park
Yoonjin Rho Young-Woo Sohn (grad student)
Won Mok ShimVision, Attention, Working memory, Cognitive neuroscience19982000 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Young-Woo SohnMemory, Skill Acquisition, HCI
Moritz JK StolteVisual Perception, Awareness, Attention20082008 Sang-Chul Chong (research assistant)
Kyeong-Jin TarkExecutive control20032005 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)
Do-joon Yi19982000 Min-Shik Kim (grad student)