University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alexander Halim Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at UC Irvine Health19961998 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Kimberly D. AndersonRNA stability, GAP-43, HUD, forelimb behavior, cervical SCI, consumer preferences, cell transplantation, outcome measures
Zane Anwar Cornea & External Disease20092010 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Negar Asdaghi Neurology20122015 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
John R. Bethea
Briana Bohannoninterneurons, plasticity, neuroscience Physiology and Biophysics20152019 H Peter Larsson (grad student)
Brian D. Burrell Kenneth J. Muller (post-doc)
Alejandro CaicedoDiabetes, Neuroscience19992004 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Francisco Javier Carod Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Susana R. CerqueiraBiomaterials, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuroinflammation, Drug Delivery20182017 Mary Bartlett Bunge (post-doc), Jae K. Lee (post-doc)
Ren-Shiang ChenCav, BK channels2008 Karl L. Magleby (post-doc)
Lasse Christiansenelectrophysiology, brain stimulation, spinal cord injury, motor learning, plasticity Miami Project to Cure Paralysis20152017 Monica Perez (post-doc)
Charles cohen Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine20162018 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Rosie Curiel
Gavriel DavidPhysiology and pathology of Calcium handling in motor axons and terminals19891991 Ellen F. Barrett (post-doc)
Chuanhui Dong Neurology Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Lucy Funk20132016 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Richard A Gan
Hannah Gardener Neurology20072009 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Carolina Marinovic Gutierrez Neurology Ralph L Sacco (research scientist)
Philip D. HarveySevere mental illness; technology; genomics Martin Strassnig (collaborator), David Loewenstein (collaborator), Rosie Curiel (collaborator)
Sunil Iyer20142016 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Mackenzie T Jones Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Judith D Krigman
Thomas W. Lategan
Hye-Sung Lee University of San Fransisco Health20042006 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Jae K. LeeSpinal cord injury
George C. Lingpsychiatry, fMRI, psychosis, cognition
David Loewenstein
jessica Loring Neurology20082010 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Erika Marulanda Neurology20162018 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc), Mitch S. Elkind (grad student)
Matthew Markert, MD Neurologist at Sutter Health - Palo Alto Medical Foundation20082013 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Alan MecaIdentity Development, Acculturation,Cultural Identity
Michelle L Miller Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Simone Y MohiteTBI, neuroscience, neurodegeneration Neuroscience2022 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Teshamae Monteith Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Ioan OprisCognitive Neurophysiology, Spinal Cord Injury, Neural Technology
Nidhi Patel Neurology2021 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Alberto R Ramos Neurology Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Brad S. RothbergK+ channels19941999 Karl L. Magleby (post-doc)
Michelle Rudman20142017 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Ralph L SaccoNeurology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Neuroscience
Constantine D. SarantopoulosPain, Neuropathic, Ion Channels, ATP-sensitive K+ channels
Juliet Silberstein Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Amy K. StarosciakNeurological diseases and disorders20102011 Sari Izenwasser (post-doc)
Martin Strassnig
Christine K. Thomas
Serge Timsit neurology19891990 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Seth M. TomchikLearning & memory, Drosophila20062007 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Ephraim F. Trakhtenbergaxon regeneration, neural stem cells Neuroscience Program20082013 Jeffrey L. Goldberg (grad student)
Claude-Henry VolmarDrug Discovery, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Precision Medicine, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Center for Therapeutic Innovation and Department of Psychiatry2011 Claes Wahlestedt (collaborator)
Qiang Xu Biostatistic20042006 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Mehdi Youbi  Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)