Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lina AimolaNeurorehabilitation, Hemianopia, Neglect20082011 Daniel T. Smith (post-doc)
Marie A. AlkanEpisodic Memory Psychology20152019 Alexander Easton (grad student)
Keira BallSpatial memory, Perception & Action20112012 Daniel T. Smith (post-doc)
Robert William Banksmechanoreceptors, muscle spindle, motor control, mechanotransduction19751978 David Faubert Barker (post-doc), Nigel T. James (grad student)
David Faubert Barkermuscle sensory receptors
Frances Louise Barrett
Lynda Boothroydattraction, face perception, body perception, evolution, cross-cultural psychology, gender, body image Department of PSychology Anne Campbell (post-doc)
Anne Campbell
Cristiana Cavina-Pratesiperception and action A David Milner (post-doc)
Paul L. ChazotNMDA, histamine, dopamine, GABA
Stephen DunneEye movements, Attention, Motivation20102014 Daniel T. Smith (grad student)
Alexander EastonLearning and Memory
John M. FindlayVisual psychophysics, attention, eye-movements
Adam GoodyLanguage development and disorders
Janna M. GottwaldMotor & Cognitive Development, Embodied Cognitive Science, Infancy Psychology20182018 Dorothy Cowie (post-doc)
charles a. heywoodvision20042007 Tanja CW Nijboer (collaborator)
Ian P. HowardSpatial vision, stereoscopic vision & eye movements1965 Fredrick Smith (grad student)
Robert KentridgeVisual system, Attention, Color Vision, Consciousness Tanja CW Nijboer (collaborator)
Yutaka KosakiAssociative learning, behavioural neuroscience Department of Psychology20082011 Anthony McGregor (post-doc)
Jamie F. LawsonSexuality, gender, identity
Gordon LoveAdaptive optics2003 Martin Banks (collaborator)
Eugene McSorleyVisual selection and inhibition in oculomotor control. John M. Findlay (post-doc)
A David Milnerneuropsychology, visual system
Evelyn Mohr20052010 Robert Kentridge (grad student)
Rachel Mowbray Psychology Dorothy Cowie (grad student)
James Negen Marko Nardini (post-doc)
Thuy-vy Thi NguyenSolitude
Tanja CW NijboerNeuropsychology, Perception, Vision, Synesthesia, Neglect, Agnosia A David Milner (research assistant), Robert D. McIntosh (research assistant)
Liam Norman Robert Kentridge (grad student)
Hiran Perera-W.A.Cognitive Neuroscience, EEG, ERP, Decision-Making, Poverty, Brain Disorders
Olena Riabininainsect neurophysiology and neuroethology, olfaction, hearing, vision, navigation
Thomas SchenkNeuropsychology, Perception & Action Josef Zihl (grad student)
Susanne SchuettEye-movements, hemianopia
Daniel T. SmithAttention, Eye-movements, Neurorehabilitation, Motivation20042007 Thomas Schenk (post-doc)
Fredrick Smith
Manuela StetsInfancy, EEG methods Vincent M. Reid (grad student)
Susanne WeisMemory, Sex Differences
Matthew Wheelwright Biosciences2020 Olena Riabinina (post-doc)
Stuart M. Wilson