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Perceptual development

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2017 Boyer TW, Harding SM, Bertenthal BI. Infants' motor simulation of observed actions is modulated by the visibility of the actor's body. Cognition. 164: 107-115. PMID 28412592 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2017.03.014  1
2015 Boyer TW, Bertenthal BI. Infants' observation of others' actions: Brief movement-specific visual experience primes motor representations. The British Journal of Developmental Psychology. PMID 26206276 DOI: 10.1111/bjdp.12103  1
2015 Bertenthal BI, Puce A. A look toward the future of social attention research The Many Faces of Social Attention: Behavioral and Neural Measures. 221-245. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21368-2_8  1
2015 Bertenthal BI, Boyer TW. The development of social attention in human infants The Many Faces of Social Attention: Behavioral and Neural Measures. 21-65. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21368-2_2  1
2015 Puce A, Bertenthal BI. New frontiers of investigation in social attention The Many Faces of Social Attention: Behavioral and Neural Measures. 1-19. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21368-2_1  1
2015 Puce A, Bertenthal BI. The many faces of social attention: Behavioral and neural measures The Many Faces of Social Attention: Behavioral and Neural Measures. 1-249. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21368-2  1
2014 Bertenthal BI, Boyer TW, Harding S. When do infants begin to follow a point? Developmental Psychology. 50: 2036-48. PMID 24911570 DOI: 10.1037/a0037152  1
2014 Bertenthal BI. The insufficiency of associative learning for explaining development: three challenges to the associative account. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 37: 193-4. PMID 24775149 DOI: 10.1017/S0140525X13002215  1
2013 Bertenthal BI, Scheutz M. In praise of a model but not its conclusions: commentary on Cooper, Catmur, and Heyes (2012). Cognitive Science. 37: 631-41; discussion 6. PMID 23607707 DOI: 10.1111/cogs.12039  1
2013 Bertenthal BI, Gredebäck G, Boyer TW. Differential contributions of development and learning to infants' knowledge of object continuity and discontinuity. Child Development. 84: 413-21. PMID 23121643 DOI: 10.1111/cdev.12005  1
2012 Rohlfing KJ, Longo MR, Bertenthal BI. Dynamic pointing triggers shifts of visual attention in young infants. Developmental Science. 15: 426-35. PMID 22490182 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7687.2012.01139.x  1
2012 Boyer TW, Longo MR, Bertenthal BI. Is automatic imitation a specialized form of stimulus-response compatibility? Dissociating imitative and spatial compatibilities. Acta Psychologica. 139: 440-8. PMID 22326448 DOI: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2012.01.003  1
2011 Boyer TW, Pan JS, Bertenthal BI. Infants' understanding of actions performed by mechanical devices. Cognition. 121: 1-11. PMID 21723548 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2011.05.012  1
2009 Longo MR, Bertenthal BI. Attention modulates the specificity of automatic imitation to human actors. Experimental Brain Research. 192: 739-44. PMID 19034438 DOI: 10.1007/s00221-008-1649-5  1
2008 Beilock SL, Bertenthal BI, Hoerger M, Carr TH. When does haste make waste? Speed-accuracy tradeoff, skill level, and the tools of the trade. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Applied. 14: 340-52. PMID 19102617 DOI: 10.1037/a0012859  1
2008 Longo MR, Kosobud A, Bertenthal BI. Automatic imitation of biomechanically possible and impossible actions: effects of priming movements versus goals. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 34: 489-501. PMID 18377184 DOI: 10.1037/0096-1523.34.2.489  1
2008 McNeill D, Duncan SD, Cole J, Gallagher S, Bertenthal B. Growth points from the very beginning Interaction Studies. 9: 117-132. DOI: 10.1075/is.9.1.09mcn  1
2007 Bertenthal BI, Longo MR. Is there evidence of a mirror system from birth? Developmental Science. 10: 526-9. PMID 17683338 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7687.2007.00633.x  1
2007 Bertenthal BI, Longo MR, Kenny S. Phenomenal permanence and the development of predictive tracking in infancy. Child Development. 78: 350-63. PMID 17328710 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8624.2007.01002.x  1
2007 Levow GA, Waxmonsky S, Bertenthal B, McNeill D, Hereld M, Kenny S, Papka ME. SIDGrid: A framework for distributed, integrated multimodal annotation, archiving, and analysis Proceedings of the 8th Sigdial Workshop On Discourse and Dialogue. 231-234.  1
2006 Bertenthal BI, Longo MR, Kosobud A. Imitative response tendencies following observation of intransitive actions. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 32: 210-25. PMID 16634666 DOI: 10.1037/0096-1523.32.2.210  1
2006 Longo MR, Bertenthal BI. Common coding of observation and execution of action in 9-month-old infants Infancy. 10: 43-59. DOI: 10.1207/s15327078in1001_3  1
2005 McNeill D, Bertenthal B, Cole J, Gallagher S. Gesture-first, but no gestures? Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 28: 138-139. DOI: 10.1017/S0140525X05360031  1
2004 Beilock SL, Bertenthal BI, McCoy AM, Carr TH. Haste does not always make waste: expertise, direction of attention, and speed versus accuracy in performing sensorimotor skills. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. 11: 373-9. PMID 15260208  1
2004 Longo MR, Bertenthal BI. Automaticity and inhibition in action planning Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 27: 44-45.  1
2002 Golinkoff RM, Chung HL, Hirsh-Pasek K, Liu J, Bertenthal BI, Brand R, Maguire MJ, Hennon E. Young children can extend motion verbs to point-light displays. Developmental Psychology. 38: 604-14. PMID 12090489  1
2002 Booth AE, Bertenthal BI, Pinto J. Perception of the symmetrical patterning of human gait by infants. Developmental Psychology. 38: 554-63. PMID 12090485  1
2002 Bertenthal BI. Challenges and opportunities in the psychological sciences. The American Psychologist. 57: 215-8. PMID 11905124 DOI: 10.1037//0003-066X.57.3.215  1
2002 Witherington DC, Von Hofsten C, Rosander K, Robinette A, Woollacott MH, Bertenthal BI. The development of anticipatory postural adjustments in infancy Infancy. 3: 495-517. DOI: 10.1207/S15327078IN0304_05  1
2002 Bertenthal BI. Visual occlusion and infants' predictive tracking Journal of Vision. 2: 95a. DOI: 10.1167/2.7.95  1
2002 Bertenthal BI, Longo MR. Advancing our understanding of early perceptual and cognitive development. Essay review of Emerging Cognitive Abilities in Early Infancy by F. Lacerda, C. von Hofsten and M. Heimann (eds.) Human Development. 45: 434-440. DOI: 10.1159/000066258  1
2001 Grèzes J, Fonlupt P, Bertenthal B, Delon-Martin C, Segebarth C, Decety J. Does perception of biological motion rely on specific brain regions? Neuroimage. 13: 775-85. PMID 11304074 DOI: 10.1006/nimg.2000.0740  1
2001 Banton T, Dobkins K, Bertenthal BI. Infant direction discrimination thresholds. Vision Research. 41: 1049-56. PMID 11301078 DOI: 10.1016/S0042-6989(01)00027-X  1
2001 Berthier NE, Bertenthal BI, Seaks JD, Sylvia MR, Johnson RL, Clifton RK. Using Object Knowledge in Visual Tracking and Reaching Infancy. 2: 257-284.  1
2000 Jouen F, Lepecq JC, Gapenne O, Bertenthal BI. Optic flow sensitivity in neonates Infant Behavior and Development. 23: 271-284.  1
2000 Bertenthal BI, Boker SM, Xu M. Analysis of the perception-action cycle for visually induced postural sway in 9-month-old sitting infants Infant Behavior and Development. 23: 299-315.  1
1999 Banton T, Bertenthal BI, Seaks J. Infants' sensitivity to statistical distributions of motion direction and speed. Vision Research. 39: 3417-30. PMID 10615506 DOI: 10.1016/S0042-6989(99)00100-5  1
1998 Eizenman DR, Bertenthal BI. Infants' perception of object unity in translating and rotating displays. Developmental Psychology. 34: 426-34. PMID 9597353  1
1998 Bertenthal B, Von Hofsten C. Eye, head and trunk control: the foundation for manual development. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. 22: 515-20. PMID 9595563 DOI: 10.1016/S0149-7634(97)00038-9  1
1997 Bertenthal BI, Rose JL, Bai DL. Perception-action coupling in the development of visual control of posture. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 23: 1631-43. PMID 9425672  1
1997 Bertenthal BI, Boker SM. New paradigms and new issues: a comment on emerging themes in the study of motor development. Monographs of the Society For Research in Child Development. 62: 141-51. PMID 9411212  1
1997 Banton T, Bertenthal BI. Multiple developmental pathways for motion processing. Optometry and Vision Science : Official Publication of the American Academy of Optometry. 74: 751-60. PMID 9380373 DOI: 10.1097/00006324-199709000-00023  1
1997 Banton T, Bertenthal BI, Scaks J. Development of sensitivity to statistical distributions of motion direction Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 38: S63.  1
1996 Banton T, Bertenthal BI. Infants' sensitivity to uniform motion. Vision Research. 36: 1633-40. PMID 8759464 DOI: 10.1016/0042-6989(95)00216-2  1
1996 Bertenthal BI. Origins and early development of perception, action, and representation. Annual Review of Psychology. 47: 431-59. PMID 8624139 DOI: 10.1146/annurev.psych.47.1.431  1
1996 Pinto J, Bertenthal BI, Booth AE. Developmental changes in infants' responses to biological motion displays Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 37: S742.  1
1996 Banton T, Bertenthal BI. Motion-defined grating acuity in infants and adults Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 37: S749.  1
1995 Bertenthal BI, Rose JL. Chapter 15 Two modes of perceiving the self Advances in Psychology. 112: 303-324. DOI: 10.1016/S0166-4115(05)80017-2  1
1993 Bertenthal BI, Banton T, Bradbury A. Directional bias in the perception of translating patterns. Perception. 22: 193-207. PMID 8474844  1
1992 Bai DL, Bertenthal BI. Locomotor status and the development of spatial search skills. Child Development. 63: 215-26. PMID 1551326  1
1992 Bertenthal BI. Implicit Versus Explicit Origins of the Self Psychological Inquiry. 3: 112-114. DOI: 10.1207/s15327965pli0302_2  1
1992 Bertenthal BI, Bradbury A. Infants' Detection of Shearing Motion in Random-Dot Displays Developmental Psychology. 28: 1056-1066.  1
1990 Proffitt DR, Bertenthal BI. Converging operations revisited: assessing what infants perceive using discrimination measures. Perception & Psychophysics. 47: 1-11. PMID 2300419 DOI: 10.3758/BF03208159  1
1990 Gilden DL, Bertenthal BI, Othman S. Image statistics and the perception of apparent motion. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 16: 693-705. PMID 2148586  1
1989 Bertenthal BI, Bai DL. Infants' Sensitivity to Optical Flow for Controlling Posture Developmental Psychology. 25: 936-945.  1
1987 Bertenthal BI, Campos JJ. New directions in the study of early experience. Child Development. 58: 560-7. PMID 3608640  1
1987 Bertenthal BI, Proffitt DR, Kramer SJ. Perception of biomechanical motions by infants: implementation of various processing constraints. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 13: 577-85. PMID 2965749 DOI: 10.1037/0096-1523.13.4.577  1
1987 Bertenthal BI, Proffitt DR, Kramer SJ, Spetner NB. Infants' Encoding of Kinetic Displays Varying in Relative Coherence Developmental Psychology. 23: 171-178.  1
1986 Kramer SJ, Bertenthal BI, Bai DL. A computer-controlled laboratory for studying infant event perception Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers. 18: 257-262. DOI: 10.3758/BF03201033  1
1985 Bertenthal BI, Proffitt DR, Spetner NB, Thomas MA. The development of infant sensitivity to biomechanical motions. Child Development. 56: 531-43. PMID 4006565  1
1985 Bertenthal BI, Proffitt DR, Keller SE. 3-D graphics animation program for the Apple II Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers. 17: 195-202. DOI: 10.3758/BF03214382  1
1984 Bertenthal BI, Proffitt DR, Cutting JE. Infant sensitivity to figural coherence in biomechanical motions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 37: 213-30. PMID 6726112 DOI: 10.1016/0022-0965(84)90001-8  1
1984 Proffitt DR, Bertenthal BI, Roberts RJ. The role of occlusion in reducing multistability in moving point-light displays. Perception & Psychophysics. 36: 315-23. PMID 6522226 DOI: 10.3758/BF03202783  1
1984 Bertenthal BI, Campos JJ. A reexamination of fear and its determinants on the visual cliff. Psychophysiology. 21: 413-7. PMID 6463173  1
1984 Bertenthal BI, Kramer SJ. The TMS 9918A VDP: A new device for generating moving displays on a microcomputer Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers. 16: 388-394. DOI: 10.3758/BF03202464  1
1983 Bertenthal BI, Haith MM, Campos JJ. The partial-lag design: A method for controlling spontaneous regression in the infant-control habituation paradigm Infant Behavior and Development. 6: 331-338. DOI: 10.1016/S0163-6383(83)80041-1  1
1980 Bertenthal BI, Campos JJ, Haith MM. Development of visual organization: the perception of subjective contours. Child Development. 51: 1072-80. PMID 7471916  1
1979 Haith MM, Bertenthal B. Programmable calculator as timer, storer, and decision maker in psychology experiments Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation. 11: 349-354. DOI: 10.3758/BF03205675  1
1978 Bertenthal BI, Fischer KW. Development of self-recognition in the infant Developmental Psychology. 14: 44-50. DOI: 10.1037/0012-1649.14.1.44  1
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