Selena E. Bartlett - US grants

Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, Emeryville, CA, United States 
Alcoholism, Addiction, Translational Research

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High-probability grants

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Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2009 — 2010 Bartlett, Selena E.
White, Raymond L (co-PI) [⬀]
RC2Activity Code Description:
To support high impact ideas that may lay the foundation for new fields of investigation; accelerate breakthroughs; stimulate early and applied research on cutting-edge technologies; foster new approaches to improve the interactions among multi- and interdisciplinary research teams; or, advance the research enterprise in a way that could stimulate future growth and investments and advance public health and health care delivery. This activity code could support either a specific research question or propose the creation of a unique infrastructure/resource designed to accelerate scientific progress in the future.

Characterizing Alpha5* Nicotinic Receptors in Alcohol and Nicotine Co-Dependence

@ Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center

2010 — 2011 Bartlett, Selena E.
Cosford, Nicholas David
R21Activity Code Description:
To encourage the development of new research activities in categorical program areas. (Support generally is restricted in level of support and in time.)

Identifying Chemical Modulators of Crf-Binding Protein and Crf Receptor Complexes

@ Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center

2010 — 2014 Bartlett, Selena E.
R01Activity Code Description:
To support a discrete, specified, circumscribed project to be performed by the named investigator(s) in an area representing his or her specific interest and competencies.

Long-Term Ethanol Exposure and Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

@ Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center

2011 Bartlett, Selena E.
UH2Activity Code Description:
To support the development of new research activities in categorical program areas. (Support generally is restricted in level of support and in time.)

Developing Medications For Nicotine Cessation

@ Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center