Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Farah H. BardaiNeurodegenerative diseases, HDACs, Parkinson's Disease
Fengfeng Bei Neurosurgery Zhigang He (post-doc)
P. Bryant ChaseMuscle physiology and biophysics; cell & molecular biomechanics of cardiac and skeletal muscle; bionanotechnology Radiology19841988 Martin J. Kushmerick (post-doc)
Hyemi Chong Kirk R. Daffner (research assistant)
Kirk R. DaffnerCognitive aging, attention, novelty processing
Timothy S. Moerland Radiology1988 Martin J. Kushmerick (post-doc)
Jenna Riis Kirk R. Daffner (research assistant)
Xue Sunattention, decision20082010 Kirk R. Daffner (research assistant)
Elise Tarbi Kirk R. Daffner (research assistant)