University of Southern Denmark

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christian BrandtHearing, Auditory processing, neuro biology, Auditory Brainstem Recordings, ABR20072010 Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (grad student)
Alexander BremCreativity, Innovation
Jakob Christensen-DalsgaardAuditory neurobiology Axel Michelsen (grad student)
Coen P.H. Elemansvocal control mechanism of songbirds, bats, and toadfish
Taffeta M. ElliottAuditory neurobiology, acoustic communication Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (grad student)
Kayleigh Fawcettauditory neuroethology John Morgan Ratcliffe (grad student)
John Hallam
Auke J. Ijspeert John Hallam (grad student)
Ole Naesbye LarsenVocal Production, Sound Propagation, Hearing19761980 Axel Michelsen (grad student)
Axel MichelsenBioacoustics
John Morgan RatcliffeBats, acoustic communication, insects2007 Annemarie Surlykke (post-doc)
Annemarie Surlykke Christian Brandt (collaborator)
Travis Joel Wiltshirecognitive science, dynamical systems, psychology, team cognition