Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yingshing ChanNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Tao ChanRadiology, Neuroscience Biology2007 H.K Huang (grad student)
Chetwyn C. ChanCognitive Psychology
Richard Chang Ching YuGeneral Business Administration, Recreation2007 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Xi Chenmemory, auditory20072011 Jufang He (grad student)
Fung Y. CheungManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2005 Warren C. K. Chiu (grad student)
Yvonne W. ChowPsychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Public Health2011 Andrew M. Hong Siu (grad student)
Allen DorcasPsychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Public Health
David D. FengBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, Radiology
Jingjing GuanMarketing Business Administration, Recreation2012 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Shanshan GuoSpinal Cord Injury 2012 Jufang He (grad student)
Yiping GuoAuditory 2008 Jufang He (grad student)
Sau Y. HoMarketing Business Administration2008 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Andrew M. Hong SiuPsychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Public Health
H.K HuangRadiology, Neuroscience Biology
Warren C. K. ChiuManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
David KemberCurriculum and Instruction Education, Educational Psychology Education
Chih C. KuoCognitive Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2012 Chetwyn C. Chan (grad student)
Samuel C. L. LoRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology
Hon S. LaiRehabilitation and Therapy, Occupational Health and Safety2008 Chetwyn C. Chan (grad student)
Bick H. LamArt Education, Secondary Education2000 David Kember (grad student)
W.B LeeIndustrial Psychology
Ngai W. LiuManagement Business Administration2008 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Sheung T. LoSocial Psychology, Recreation2012 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Bob McKercherSocial Psychology, Recreation
Mason C. Pang LeungRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology
Zhong-Ming QianAnimal Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Kit SinclairHigher Education, Education, Rehabilitation and Therapy2003 David Kember (grad student)
Ka W. SiuRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology2005 Samuel C. L. Lo (grad student)
Grail TaylorCognitive Psychology, Design and Decorative Arts
Yuling WangRehabilitation and Therapy2012 Chetwyn C. Chan (grad student)
Ningqian Wangauditory2009 Jufang He (grad student)
Gaofeng Wang Zhong-Ming Qian (post-doc)
Louisa W. YanCurriculum and Instruction Education, Educational Psychology Education2001 David Kember (grad student)
Libo YanRecreation, Asia History, Medieval History2010 Bob McKercher (grad student)
Kan-Shing YipClinical Psychology
Yanqin Yuauditory2003 Jufang He (grad student)
Yanfang Zhangmemory, auditory Applied Mathematics2013 Xi Chen (grad student)
Zhuo Zhangauditory2008 Jufang He (grad student)
Xiujuan ZhengElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Radiology2011 David D. Feng (grad student)
Xiao P. ZouIndustrial Psychology2011 W.B Lee (grad student)