Rochester Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joseph S. Baschnagel
Jessica Bayliss
Nathan Cahill
Roxanne L. CanosaComputer Vision, computer science19982003 Jeff B. Pelz (grad student)
Benjamin A. DarlingVIsion Science, Computer Graphics Color Science2013 James A. Ferwerda (grad student)
Matthew W. DyePlasticity in the visual system
James A. FerwerdaVIsion Science, Computer Graphics James E. Cutting (grad student), David J. Field (grad student), Donald P. Greenberg (grad student), Eleanor J. Gibson (research assistant)
Josa Hanzik Kathleen A. Lamkin-Kennard (grad student)
S M Kamrul HasanMedical Image Analysis, Cardiac Image Analysis, Image Segmentation, Surgical Tool Recognition Center for Imaging Science20182022 Cristian A. Linte (grad student)
Amanda Hautmann Psychology20172019 Rebecca J. Houston (grad student)
Tyler L HayesMachine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Mathematics Nathan Cahill (grad student)
Andrew M. HerbertVisual System, Attention, Pattern Perception2004 Jeff B. Pelz (collaborator)
Rebecca J. HoustonPsychophysiology, Impulsivity, Aggression, Addiction, Neuropsychology
Kushal Kafle Imaging Science2015 Christopher Kanan (grad student)
Christopher KananComputer Vision, Machine Learning, Object recognition, Neuromorphic algorithms, Theoretical neuroscience
Ronald Kemker Imaging Science20152018 Christopher Kanan (grad student)
Siddharth Khullar Imaging Science2013 Vince D Calhoun (grad student)
Feng Lieye movements, high-level vision, natural tasks, imaging science Imaging Science2011 Jeff B. Pelz (grad student)
Cristian A. Linte
Andrew M. Michael Imaging Science2009 Vince D Calhoun (grad student)
Susan M. Munneye movements, high-level vision, natural tasks, imaging science Imaging Science2009 Jeff B. Pelz (grad student)
Jeff B. Pelzeye movements, high-level vision, natural tasks, imaging science2011 Poorna Kushalnagar (collaborator)
Anthony S Perumasoftware quality
Vincent Joseph Samarcognitive neuroscience, electrophysiology, deafness, wavelets, deaf health research, lateralization
Marshall L. SmithSocial Work, Social Policy, Educational Assessment
Preethi Vaidyanathan Carlson Center for Imaging Science20112017 Jeff B. Pelz (grad student)
Chun L. Wongeye movements, high-level vision, natural tasks, imaging science Computing and Information Sciences2010 Jeff B. Pelz (grad student)