Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alice Burston20112013 Guy Julian Curtis (grad student)
Marjorie Anne CollinsHemispheric specialization, priming, cognition and emotion
Jeffrey R. Coneycognitive psychology, hemispheric processes
Guy Julian CurtisPsychology
Evelyn de Silva-RossdeutscherPain Psychology2000 Peter D. Drummond (grad student)
Lynda Folan2020 Guy Julian Curtis (grad student)
Ashley K. FrewPain Psychology2005 Peter D. Drummond (grad student)
Bethanie J. Gouldthorpcognition, language comprehension, neuropsychology Jeffrey R. Coney (grad student)
Izumi Hart Psychology2013 Guy Julian Curtis (grad student)
laurence r. hartleyhuman factors, stress, drugs
Barbara Hewson-BowerStress Psychology1995 Peter D. Drummond (grad student)
Robert P. O'SheaVision, vision research, binocular vision, visual consciousness, cognitive neuroscience
Jacqueline PhillipsSympathetic nervous system, Hypertension, Phaeochromocytoma, Catecholamines, Neuroreceptors and transmitters
Jon B. PrinceCognitive psychology, music cognition Mark Schmuckler (grad student)
Lucy J. RobertsonPain Psychology2003 Peter D. Drummond (grad student)
Theodore TeowExperimental psychology, EEG, Music, Linguistics Psychology Psychology Psychology20162019 Urte Roeber (grad student), Jon B. Prince (grad student), Bethanie J. Gouldthorp (grad student)
Matthew B. ThompsonPerceptual expertise
Matthew Walford Psychology2016 Guy Julian Curtis (grad student)