Queen Mary, University of London

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zachary BellNeurogenomics 2013 David F. Clayton (grad student)
Nathan J. Emeryanimal cognition, social neuroscience
Ian W. Jones
Elisavet Moschopoulou
Catarina Owesson-Whiteelectrochemistry, drug abuse, reward 19982002 Jonathan A. Stamford (grad student), Daniel McLaughlin (grad student)
Matthew L. Roweneuropeptides, GPCRs20052010 Maurice R. Elphick (grad student)
Dean C. SemmensEchinoderms, Neuropeptides School of Biological & Chemical Sciences20112015 Maurice R. Elphick (grad student)
Alan Thorpe
Martina ZoliVisual system in bees, study of the photoreceptors.