University of Kansas Medical Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joy (Tina) A. Ahlgren-Beckendorf19981999 Beth Levant (post-doc)
Gregory N. Bancroft19941996 Beth Levant (research assistant)
H. Scott BarbayMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke20002000 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Randolph J. Nudo (collaborator)
Kyle M. BaumbauerNeuroscience, Pain, Spinal Cord Injury
Nancy EJ Bermanvisual neurophysiology
Mehmet Bilgen
William Brooks
David T. BundyLocal Field Potentials, Brain Computer Interface, Electrocorticography Rehabilitation Medicine2015 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Scott BuryMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke2004 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Paul Camarata
Steven Carl20132015 Russell H. Swerdlow (research assistant)
Rebecca J. ChambersDepression, Emotion, Music, fMRI2005 Cary R. Savage (grad student)
Carol L. CheathamDevelopmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Paul D. Cheney
Will R. ChertoffHistory of Science20122013 Mark E. Chertoff (research assistant), Dianne Durham (research assistant)
Julie A. Christiansonpelvic pain, stress, trp, hpa
Carmen Cirstea20052007 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Michael A CooperDiabetic Neuropathy
Stacey Dejong2011 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Vanja Duric20062007 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Olivia C. Eller-Smith Anatomy and Cell Biology Anatomy and Cell Biology2015 Julie A. Christianson (grad student), Kyle M. Baumbauer (post-doc)
Kevin Conrad ElliottMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke Rehabilitation and Medicine2016 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Pei-chun FangMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke2005 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Lisa Felzien19981999 Nancy EJ Berman (post-doc)
Rebecca J. Flietstra19961996 Beth Levant (post-doc)
Shawn B. FrostMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke20052005 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Randolph J. Nudo (collaborator)
Isabella M. Fuentes Anatomy and Cell Biology20132017 Julie A. Christianson (grad student)
Sarah L. Gilliland19961998 Beth Levant (grad student)
Kenneth W Grasing
David J. Guggenmos
Brenda Hanna-Pladdy
Page HayleyRehabilitation, Plasticity, Motor Maps, Stereology, Histology, Rat Model, ICMS Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology2016 Randolph J. Nudo (grad student)
Holly Hull
Leena Kader2020 Erin E. Young (grad student)
Anuradha Kalani2019 Russell H. Swerdlow (post-doc)
Jeffrey A. Kleim20052009 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Randolph J. Nudo (collaborator)
Scott J KoppelMitochondria, Neurodegenerative Disease, Ketogenic Diet, Neurons, Glia Neurology20152020 Russell H. Swerdlow (grad student)
Beth LevantNeuropharmacology
Jianghua Liu20102014 Russell H. Swerdlow (post-doc)
Kayla Raider, M.S. Molecular & Integrative Physiology20132014 John A. Stanford (grad student)
Kenneth E. McCarsonpain neurobiology
David W. McNealMotor cortex2008 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Blaise W. Menta Biochemistry2018 Russell H. Swerdlow (grad student)
Taylor Messer Anatomy and Cell Biology2021 Kyle M. Baumbauer (grad student)
Jill K. Morris, Molecular & Integrative Physiology20072011 John A. Stanford (grad student)
Opendra "Bill" NarayanNeurovirology
Mariko NishibeTraumatic brain injury
Randolph J. NudoMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke20062009 Theresa Jones (collaborator), Mehmet Bilgen (collaborator), William Brooks (collaborator)
Ahmad OzairNeuro-Oncology, Global Neurosurgery, Medical Education, Evidence Synthesis, Surgical Outcomes Department of Neurosurgery20222022 Paul Camarata (research assistant)
Judit Perez-Ortiz20182020 Russell H. Swerdlow (post-doc)
Erik J. Plautzmotor cortex, plasticity, motor learning20022002 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Randolph J. Nudo (collaborator)
Barbara Quaney20012004 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Andrew T. Ralyapain neurobiology
Nairita Roy20122016 Russell H. Swerdlow (grad student)
Rose A. Shafer19971998 Beth Levant (post-doc)
Danny D. ShenPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology
Peter G. Smith
Rena N StairInflammation, Pain, TIMP-1, hyperalgesia, electrophysiology, ephys Anatomy and Cellular Biology2020 Kyle M. Baumbauer (grad student)
John A. StanfordBehavioral Neuroscience, Motor Function
Ann StoweNeuroinflammation, adaptive immunityMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke, Ischemic tolerance20012006 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Barbara Quaney (post-doc)
Michael TaylorMotor cortex: plasticity and stroke20042007 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Edward Urban2007 Randolph J. Nudo (grad student)
Gustaf Van AckerNeuromodulation Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabiliation20132014 Paul D. Cheney (grad student), Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Gustaf M. Van Acker IIIMotor Control, Neuroprosthetics Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc)
Xiaowan Wang2017 Russell H. Swerdlow (post-doc)
William M Webb
Ian W. Weidling Neuroscience/Physiology20152020 Russell H. Swerdlow (grad student)
Amy M. Whitaker Biochemistry, Cancer Biology2015 Bret D. Freudenthal (post-doc)
Adam Willits Anesthesiology2019 Erin E. Young (grad student)
Pau Yen Wupain, stress, burn, HPA
Haiyang XuNeuropsychiatric diseases20142016 Kenneth W Grasing (post-doc)
Erin E. YoungGenetics of Pain
Elena V. Zoubina20042004 Randolph J. Nudo (post-doc), Randolph J. Nudo (collaborator)
Lejla Zubcevic