Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andreja Bubic20062009 Ricarda Ines Schubotz (grad student)
Falk Eippert
Marcel Falkiewiczneuroscience Neuroanatomy & Connectivity Research Group20162017 Daniel S. Margulies (post-doc)
Martin GrundAttention, Consciousness, Perception, Structural connectivity2014 Arno Villringer (grad student)
Gesa Hartwigsencognition, plasticity, language, TMS, neurostimulation, NIBS
Christoph S. HerrmannPsychology, EEG, gamma oscillations19972003 Angela D. Friederici (post-doc)
Jing Jiangsocial and affective neuroscience20132017 Katharina von Kriegstein (grad student)
Jim Parkinsonvision, action, motor cognition, action-perception link, biological motion, prediction, action simulation20082010 Wolfgang Prinz (post-doc)
Yulia RevinaVisual system, perception, top-down signals Pain Perception Group2020 Falk Eippert (post-doc)
Daniel SenkowskiMultisensory Integration; Attention20012004 Christoph S. Herrmann (grad student)
Chun Siong Soonpattern analysis
Hsing-Fen TuVisual search, visual working memory, child development, cross modal
Emiliano ZaccarellaLanguage